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Rationing health care

Now that so many more people are going to be eligible and able to afford health insurance, there's a big worry. There won't be enough doctors, enough nurses, enough clinics and hospitals. There will be long waits for an appointment with a doctor, long waits at clinics, waiting lists for surgeries, shortages of drugs and medical equipment. It's going to be a disaster. There's going to have to be rationing of health care.

Letters to the Editor (7/4/2013)

Highway 60 a tourist attraction
Several issues ago you published an article concerning a newcomer who proposes that U.S. Highway 60 west become a tourist attraction.
That is an idea whose time has come. U.S. Highway 60 was originally known as “The Ocean to Ocean Highway” and went from Virginia Beach, Va. to Santa Monica, Calif., passing through New Mexico, from Clovis to Arizona, through Socorro.

Songs of darkness, melodies of light

What’s the appeal of heavy metal music?
That’s a question barely worth the asking. Musical tastes are subjective. You might as well ask the same of country, or rap, or folk, or pop, or any genre you like. It comes down to personal taste. But let’s entertain it anyway.

July skies, Venus bedazzles

In the early evening skies, Venus continues to bedazzle us with its brilliance at magnitude -3.9. At about 10 degrees above the western horizon it sets about an hour and a half after the Sun. One thing to watch for is its close encounter with the bright star Regulus in Leo "The Lion." On the evenings of July 21 and 22 Regulus will be just one and one-quarter degrees from Venus. At magnitude +1.4, Regulus will be 130 times dimmer than Venus. Nevertheless, a good pair of binoculars should reveal this close encounter.

Austerity foundations shaky

A major upheaval took place recently in the world of economic theory. Yet while a sacred cow took a mortal hit, its legacy of social impoverishment and unrest continues unabated.

Letters to the Editor (6/20/2013)

Augustin Plains Ranch project hearing should be allowed to take place

I am writing about the dire water situation that the village of Magdalena now finds itself in as its well has dried up and the possibility that other communities in the area could follow suit. New Mexico is running out of water and unfortunately, conservation alone cannot solve this problem.

Mosquito season brings diseases

Mosquito season is getting close, assuming we get some rain. West Nile virus is a potentially serious disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control, "About one in 150 people infected with WNV will develop severe illness. The severe symptoms can include high fever, headache, neck stiffness, stupor, disorientation, coma, tremors, convulsions, muscle weakness, vision loss, numbness and paralysis.

Letters to the Editor (6/13/2013)

Fight for SEC control absurd
This ongoing battle for control of the Socorro Electric Cooperative is as ridiculous as it is outrageous. The simple fact is this — if this were a financial institution rather than a power utility, most of the board and the removed officers and administrators would be in jail.

Mexico horrors affect everyone else too

Our minds are on Mexico a lot these days, but we usually don't "think" very far past the border. The cartels' horrors likely stop us right about there or just a Mexican state or two south. Our neighbor's cataclysms have caused us to recoil. ¡Dang! I miss those street tacos!

State economy not flying high

That wild and crazy Richard Branson says New Mexico's space future will roar into reality on Christmas Day when he will blast into orbit – wheee! — himself and others who coughed up a couple of hundred thousand bucks. Rich promises a soft landing.

Letters to the Editor (6/6/2013

Wagner supports co-op members
I have digested El Defensor Chieftain articles titled, “Co-op investigation finds Wagner at fault” (Page 5 May 15 edition) and “Wagner censured at co-op meeting” (Page 6 May 30 edition). Both, by my standards, are the end result of Wagner having the courage of his convictions.

Letters to the Editor (5/30/2013)

SEC trustee questions chair’s decisions
Dear Editor:
Your coverage of the subject Socorro Electric Cooperative annual meeting reported details which recognized the desperate efforts by some SEC trustees through their attorney to prevent the surprisingly high number of members from completing the business it is their exclusive right to transact in a meeting regularly held for that explicit purpose.


I don't trust them. They do not cheat, they do not steal, they do not hit when angry, they do not murder — because they know it's against the law. They act well from fear. So if the fear is gone, if they think they can get away with it, they will act with greed and hate. Only the fear of punishment keeps them upright citizens.

June skies take Jupiter out of sight

Going, going, gone! Jupiter passes Venus on May 28 and then is lost to visible sighting as it enters the glare of the setting Sun June 4. Jupiter reaches conjunction with the Sun on its far side on June 19.