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Lovin’ Life: Looking for mister rebar

Lovin' Life

You never know what you're going to find by looking down on the ground in New Mexico. When the wind blows things seem to magically appear under one's feet. Whether from being blown in from Arizona or rising up out of the dirt, it's magical.

Lovin’ Life: Bright-eyed, not so bushy-tailed

Lovin' Life

You see it just about everywhere and at just about any time of day. I saw it while driving down Bullock one day last week. It was a young mother walking along the sidewalk with a little boy, presumably her little boy, who looked to be around three.

Lovin’ Life: Our hazy crazy days of newpapering

Lovin' Life

There's a blowup of an interesting old photograph in the reception area of our newspaper office. I don't know if you've seen it yet. It was taken by Joseph E. Smith in 1885, and it's apropos hanging here because it's of the Socorro Chieftain. In the photo you can see the printing press and the layout stuff and the two typeface cases, upper and lower.

The View From Here: Firestorm on the roof of the world


A deeply disturbing form of protest has been ongoing in Tibet the past seven years. I'm tackling this story during Lent, observed by many for its sacrifices. The season seems the only time I can bear to bring this report to the light of day, for it's a dark and sorrowful tale. But it belongs here, near Holy Week, when some will celebrate how intense pain might be transformed — or at least illumine others — through selfless hope.