Eclipse gymnastics

Eclipse gymnastics head to Los Alamos.

The Eclipse Gymnastics team went south to the Los Alamos School of Gymnastics to kick off its February portion of the 2020 season. Seven young ladies represented Socorro during the event with Mckenzie Lea finishing third in her respective Bronze Class with a 9.0 score on bars and 8.8 beam which was a first place mark during the tournament that was comprised of athletes from around New Mexico.

“This team has performed so well together this year,” Eclipse Head Coach Aleta Gallegos said. “All of these girls have grown so much and make myself and others around our group of young competitors so proud. Abby Watkins to name just one of these amazingly talented girls for example has grown up before my eyes which as a coach makes you so proud to be part of that. Our team’s personal success is great because we never care about scores. As long as they are enjoying themselves out there.”

The young Abby Watkins finished with a 33.7 aggregate score with her top performance coming on floor exercises at 8.8. This was a large full one point improvement from her earlier performance at the ‘Beam Me Up Classic’ in 2019 while she was still competing at the SrB division level as opposed to her current ranking of Senior A.

Eclipse Gymnastics competitors faced off against 34 athletes from multiple gyms coming out of Albuquerque, Clovis, Farmington and Los Alamos. Albuquerque Gymnastics School member Adelia Proctor took home first place overall with an aggregate score of 37.050 with her best showing on bars at 9.6. Of the seven different divisions based on age, Mckenzie Lea had the best performance for Socorro, taking 3rd all around in the Bronze Child Division with a top score on the beam as well as two second place outings on the bars as well as floor exercises.  

Top Eclipse scores: 

McKenzie Lea - Bars 9.0. Beam 8.8 1st Place. Floor 8.6 2nd Place. Vault 7.5. 3rd All Around.

Payton Durkin - Bars 8.9. Beam 8.6 3rd place. Floor 8.5. Vault 8.4. 6th All Around.

Alaina Sanchez - Bars 9.25. Beam 8.65. Floor 8.4. Vault 8.6. 9th all around.

Alondra Appachito - Bars 9.1. Beam 8.3. Floor 8.8. Vault 9.0. 9th all around. 

Abby Watkins - Bars 8.7. Beam 9.2. Floor 8.8. Vault 9.0. 7th all around.

Iriana Valention - Bars 9.1. Beam 8.05. Floor 9.0. Vault 8.75. 5th all around.

Ixchel Valention - Bars 7.8. Beam 9.15. Floor 9.15. Vault 9.05. 4th all around.