The Magdalena arts community continues to grow by attracting artists and artist run venues from around the country.

The annual Magdalena Gallery and Studio Tour will be held on Saturday and Sunday, May 4-5, featuring sixteen art venues and over 40 participating local, regional and national artists. This is an opportunity to meet the artists working in a variety of disciplines including painting, ceramic, print making, photography and fiber arts while enjoying a festive environment of food, musical performances and afternoon and evening receptions.

Two new artist-owned venues include La Posada Art Gallery and kind of a small array.

La Posada was opened by Fritz Kapraun and John Sakel, and highlights works by local artists and artisans.

kind of a small array at 106 N. Main St. is an art and music venue opened by San Antonio, Texas, artist Hills Snyder. Snyder’s venue will start off the art weekend on Friday, May 3, with a performance by Jo Carol Pierce called “Bad Girls Upset By The Truth,” with music and storytelling from 7-9 p.m. Reservations for the $15 show are recommended.

Highlights around town for Saturday and Sunday include:

• Painting and drawing exhibition at Warehouse 1-10 by three prominent New Mexico artists; James Hart, Phillis Ideal and Larry Bob Phillips, with an evening reception 6-8 p.m. with jazz music by local musician Tom Hunt. 110 N. Main St.

• Exhibition of paintings by Michael Bisbee at Warehouse 1-10 ANNEX at the corner of Main and Second streets.

• Award-winning astrophotography exhibit at the Astronomical Lyceum and its impressive collection of antique telescopes. 402 S. Main St.

• Blacksmith demonstrations at ZW Farnsworth’s smithy (Richard Rumpf, the mayor of Magdalena). 908 W. Main St.

• Outdoor sculpture exhibition by Sigrid McCabe on the old Magdalena hospital wall at 201 S. Main St.

• Paintings and pottery by Barbara Moore at Blue Canyon Gallery, one mile east of town on Highway 60.

• Open studio and exhibition by Estelle Roberge. 500 Pine St.

• Printmaking and letterpress demonstrations at Atelier Studi0 605, a collective space containing the Village Press Print Studio (, and ES-PRESS-O. 605 W. First St.

• Photography by Cheryl Hastings and a fiber arts exhibition at CWB Gallery. 104 S. Main St.

• A group exhibition at 202 Spruce St. featuring work by Jenna Blomquist, Dona Nowicki, Loretta Lowman and other local artists.

• Painting exhibition at Realty One by Sharon Langford and Rickie Padilla, and silversmith work by Virgil Sandoval. 103 E. First St.

• Selection of paintings by Eddie Tsosie, Navajo rugs and jewelry at Bear Mountain Coffee House & Gallery. 902 W. Main St.

• Fiber art and vinyl art at the Weather Proof Gallery. 906 W. Main St.

• La Posada Art Gallery with ichnography by Grace Dobson, Santos by Mary Rose Pino and photography by John Sakel.

• kind of a small array features Jeff Wheeler and Daniel Johnston, “On Their Way To Heaven or Hell (No. 6)” from 6-8 p.m. Saturday.

Hours for Saturday and Sunday are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. with some venues having evening receptions and varying hours. For a downloadable list of locations and event details go to or call 575 -854-3253.