Roger D. Simkin November 13, 1938 – January 21, 2019

Roger D Simkin, 80, was lost while hiking in the dessert on the outskirts of Socorro, N.M., on November 17, 2018. He was found on the morning of January 21, 2019, by his son, Benjamin and some close friends who had been searching for him for 65 days. He apparently died of hypothermia soon after he was lost.

Roger was born in Sherwood, N.Y. on November 13, 1938, to Chester D. and Clara M. Jacobs Simkin from Poplar Ridge, N.Y. He is survived by his brothers Paul of Poplar Ridge, and Donald, of Rochester, and his sister Linda of Aurora, N.Y, and by his sons Daniel and Benjamin and his wife Susan M. Smith Simkin, all former residents of East Lansing and Okemos, Mich.

He studied to be a chemist at Earlham College in Richmond, Ind. He learned to enjoy group singing and long distance running while at Earlham, and was active in both running marathons and bicycle touring well into his late 70s.

He went on to study at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., and taught chemistry at St Peter's College, N.M. and studied the structure of insulin and hemoglobin for several years. He eventually obtained his MD in 1976 from Michigan State University, and went on to practice medicine as a Pediatrician in Mason, Michigan, until he retired on January, 2004.

Roger eventually moved to Socorro, N.M., where he had vacationed for several years, and where he worked with his wife on designing and building a home.

Roger loved children and continued to work as a local volunteer MD until his health prevented him from driving in the early months of 2005.

His family is not asking for specific support for Alzheimer’s research, but that people who wish to, help others with Alzheimer’s as well as help their families and friends who are caregivers since there are no cures on the horizon.

There will be a memorial service at the Poplar Ridge Friends Meeting house on May 4, 2019, at 2 p.m. with refreshments to follow. Roger's ashes will be buried at Ridgeway Cemetery, N.Y.

French Funerals and Cremations in Albuquerque, N.M., was in charge of his cremation.