It’s been almost one year since accusations of malfeasance concerning extravagant travel expenditures by members of the Alamo School Board surfaced. The controversy was covered in depth by the Defensor Chieftain and the Navajo Times, which resulted in the Navajo Nation government in Window Rock, Arizona, to consider taking control of the reservation.

To that end, a special election was held last week.

Three members of the embattled Alamo Navajo School Board members lost their positions in a special recall election held on Tuesday, Mar. 12.

Bucky Apache, Hector Guerro, and Steven Apache all lost to challengers John R. Apachito Jr., Charlotte H. Guerro and Raymond Apachito Sr.

The final tally was:

Position 1: John Apachito 292, Bucky Apache 109

Position 2: Charlotte Guerro 228, Geneva Apachito 80, Hector Guerro 78

Position 3: Raymond Apachito Sr. 258, Steven Apache 123

According to a statement from Department of Diné Education, these three former ANSB board members will now be subject to an eight year ban from holding or running for any other Navajo Nation elected offices, because they lost their recall elections.

The three former ANSB school board members had until Friday, March 22, to file any election appeals with the Office of Hearings and Appeals.

These same three ANSB school board members are also under investigation by the federal government and Office of the Inspector General for a number of alleged violations of law, including misuse of funds.

The Department of Diné Education also assumed control of the Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc. because the school lost a legal quorum.

Three of their board members were removed by the Navajo Election Administration as a result of the recall.