Alamo climbers

The group receives additional instruction from Scott Roberts at the site of the climb.

Students from Alamo Navajo High School just got their first taste of the sport of rock climbing. The climbing class was hosted by BLM’s Socorro Field office at The Box Special Recreation Management Area, and taught by an expert from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, better known as New Mexico Tech.

The climbing instructor was Scott Roberts, a faculty member at NM Tech, who is a true professional, and has climbed all around the world. He was assisted by members of the NM Tech Climbing Club, who had set the ropes before the group arrived, and performed demonstration climbs. It meant a lot to the Alamo students to have Scott and the New Mexico Tech students come out for the day.

Alamo Climber high five

A high five marks the end of a successful climb for this Alamo student.

The school has a four-day school week, so the teachers and students volunteered for the event on a scheduled day off. The rock formation selected for the climb is called The Waterfall by climbing enthusiasts.

At the end of the event, the group had an after action review. They discussed trust, and how they had to place trust in their equipment, the climbing instructors, and each other. They also discussed the importance of communication, and encouraging each other and cheering each other on. When they go back home, they can take this knowledge with them.

“As they go through life, they’re going to have to trust people, they’ll have to help each other out, set goals and work to reach them. That’s what the kids got out of it” said Comiskey.

Story and photos by Brenda Wilkinson, Archaeologist, Bureau of Land Management, Socorro Field Office