Indian Days Honor Guard

Alamo Honor Guard from last year's parade.

The Alamo Navajo reservation once again is going all-out for its annual party with three days of activities at Walters Park. The 39th Annual Alamo Indian Days this Friday through Sunday, Oct. 11-13, is a real adventure into Native American culture.

This year's theme for Indian Days is Come Together and Reunite - Ahi'diniłnᾁᾁ gᾁᾁh' Ahn'h K ᾁᾁ h'."

One of the highlights of Alamo Indian Days is the big parade Saturday morning down Highway 169, from the Alamo Campground to the Chapter House. The parade beings at 10 a.m. Trophies for the parade will be awarded at Walter's Park at 11:30 a.m. The rest of the day Saturday will feature a line-up of competitions and contests, arts and crafts, Indian Market, pow-wow, mud bog, traditional Navajo song and dance, and the Miss Alamo Indian Pageant.

MeKaylah Apachito has been crowned as the 2019- 2020 Miss Alamo Navajo. The coronation was held at the community wellness center on September 30. Many spectators, some dressed in traditional regalia, packed the gymnasium to witness great competition.

Miss Alamo 2019

MeKaylah Apachito (center) poses with Miss Ramah Navajo and Miss To'Hajiilee.

Rikia Apachito took First Runnerup, while Nyesha Padilla, took Second Runner-up.

"It was a great and close competition," organizers said, but only one of the three was crowned the title of Miss Alamo Navajo 2019-2020.

The first round of the competition took place on September 25 with the Fry Bread Making Contest. Hundreds gathered to witness this event at the Walter's Park, where the three young ladies demonstrated their fry bread making skills.

During the first round of competition, the three ladies displayed this year's theme for both the coronation and Indian Days; Come Together and Reunite - Ahi'diniłnᾁᾁ gᾁᾁh' Ahn'h K ᾁᾁ h'.

"They each had fun, supported each other, cheered each other, and helped each other when needed," organizers said. "They exemplified teamwork and shared ayóó'óó'ní (love/ care) throughout the competition."

Alamo Chapter President Buddy Mexicano was on hand to indulge in freshly cooked – golden crisp fry bread.

"I really enjoyed the fry bread contest; challenging our young women to demonstrate our day-to-day lifestyle of tradition and culture. I like it," Mexicano said. "We need more events like this to promote culture and language."

Alice S. Apachito said that this type of activity is an example for other young ladies and that she enjoyed it thoroughly.

This year's candidates offered various experiences, but shared the common theme of setting an example for other young ladies in the community to seek opportunities as such where they could represent their home community.

Second Runnerup Nyesha Padilla shared that she is the first young female to play varsity football for the Alamo High School Cougars. She also enjoys artistic talents, whether it's painting on an empty canvas or sketching on paper. She encourages others not to doubt their ability to succeed.

"It takes confidence and self-discipline," she said.

The pageant consisted of entertainment from Miss Ramah Navajo, Charmiqua Smith, Miss To'Hajiilee, Donata Secatero, and Manuel Guerro Sr. This year's Miss Alamo Committee was Veronica SmithPadilla, Alvino Sandoval, Mrs. and Ms. Laureen Apachito.