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Two plaza businesses will close their doors by year's end while another abruptly closed its doors in late June. Vertu Gallery and Sundance Gifts began sporting "closing" signs on their windows this spring, but neither plans to shut down immediately.


You can see a lot from the top of a forest service lookout tower. For one, and this is primary, smoke from a distant fire. And two — if you look in the right direction — you may be able to spot remnants of New Mexico’s past in the distance.

The murder trial of Jo Hill, originally scheduled to be heard by District Judge Mercedes Murphy on January 27, 2020, will now be heard by Judge Shannon Murdock on November 4, 2019. Hill, 39, of San Antonio, Texas, pleaded not guilty to the charge of first degree murder at his arraignment in …

Socorro Municipal Airport is set to receive $150,000 as part of the Federal Aviation Administration’s $3.18 billion airport infrastructure package. Ninety percent of the projects will be federally funded; the remainder will come from state and local government dollars.

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A regional official with the U.S. Forest Service has upheld the cancellation of a grazing permit belonging to a New Mexico rancher who killed an endangered Mexican gray wolf.