Socorroans now have the opportunity to purchase the Historic Plaza or M Mountain. Even Etscorn Observatory. That’s in funny-money, of course. Thanks to a company called Late For The Sky, there’s a new twist on the conventional Monopoly board game.

It’s Socorro-Opoly, and instead of Boardwalk and Park Place, players can own Neel Street, Bullock Boulevard, and California Streets. Instead of the traditional houses and hotels, players can buy their favorite Socorro properties, increase their rent by collecting city blocks, and trading them for Keys to the City.

Chance and Community Chest cards have been replaced by Big Fun and Contingency cards. For example, one card reads “You ate too man potachos from Bodega Burger Company. Lose 1 turn to recover.”

Michael Schulte, with Late for the Sky, the game's manufacturer, said the company has made city-themed games for smaller cities like Socorro.

Schulte said they looked at the City of Socorro and the Chamber of Commerce websites and social media for ideas for the game.

As far as the game pieces for each player, standardized items were chosen.

You can be a “high five” hand, smile, heart, dog, pretzel or gym shoe when you pass or land on the New Loma Theater or Socorro High School. But be careful of landing on “Traffic Jam.”

Players can choose traditional play, or a version that just take about an hour.

Socorro-Opoly is available at the local Walmart store in Socorro.