Socorro Police Department

Socorro Police Department blotter

May 23

• Officers were called to a residence on Mariposa on a child custody dispute. The complainant claimed according to the custody agreement it was his weekend to take his child, and the mother would not let him. An officer spoke with the mother who stated – per the child custody agreement – that after the semester ended the father was supposed to get the child on the first Sunday of summer break, instead of on Friday for the weekend. After reviewing the custody order, the officer determined the complainant was for the father to get the child on Sunday due to summer break starting. The father agreed to pick up the child on Sunday. He added that the custody order also said that he could keep the child for two consecutive weeks for any two weeks of his choosing. The mother told the officers and the complainant that he had not made appropriate arrangements and could not keep the child for two consecutive weeks. Both parties were advised to speak with their individual attorneys in order to resolve the matter.

May 31

• A complainant at Cottonwood Valley Charter School reported playground equipment and a small bridge damaged by an unknown suspect. The victim estimated the cost to repair the vandalism at $200. No suspects at time of report.

• Police responded to a call from Sun Loans on North California where a male suspect had become upset when he was rejected for a loan. The caller had told the suspect which documents were needed to process the loan, but he became upset and began yelling at the staff before leaving the building. The officer located the suspect who denied that he was being loud and that he left the business when asked. The officer advised him not to return to the business and was released.

• An officer pulled over a vehicle on California for a traffic stop. The driver was found to have a valid warrant and she was arrested. The officer asked the passengers for a valid license so the vehicle could be released to one of them. The male passenger said he did not have a license and a check showed there was a warrant on him, too. He was arrested and the vehicle was released to the female passenger. The suspects were booked into the SCDC.

• Officers were called to a home on Manzanares to meet with CYFD staff on an emergency visit. There was a report of drug use and possible sexual abuse of a child in the home. The officer and CYFD staff met with the mother who was told of the reason for the visit. She claimed she does not do drugs in front of her children and only uses marijuana. The officer spoke with the female child who said her mom does have friends over who come into her room to talk. The officer noticed the home was a mess and had roaches. The mother said there was no running water at this time due to a broken pipe, but the landlord was fixing the problem. The mother agreed to take the children in for a drug test on the following day and the children were left in her custody. On the following day the mother took the children in for a drug test, and she and her children tested positive for methamphetamine. The children were removed from the mother's custody and placed with a family friend. At a forensic interview on June 5, the children did not disclose any sexual abuse, but did say that their mother and her boyfriend smoke drugs in the home. And one of the children found an object with a sharp point with blood. The case is still under investigation, and will be staffed with the District Attorney.

June 1

• Officers were called to Piñon Street on a report of a male acting suspicious. The area was checked and a female was located. A check with NCIC check confirmed she had a warrant for her arrest. She was arrested and later booked into SCDC. The male suspect was also located and advised to stay out of other people’s yards.

• A complainant at San Miguel Inn called police about a man who had rented a room and refused to leave. He said he checked on the suspect to advise him to leave and found several other subjects in the room smoking in the nonsmoking room. When the caller told everyone to leave, the suspect raised his arm as if he was going to strike him, but he did not, and then gathered his belongings and left the hotel. The victim provided a name and social security number for suspect who was now identified. The victim advised he did not want to press charges but did not want the suspect to return. The suspect was not located in the area and other officers were notified of the incident.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 800 block of Granada for a landlord wanting a tenant removed. The officer spoke with the tenant who told the officer she would be out in four days. The landlord said he will take the tenant to court.

• Police responded to John Brooks where a male suspect who had shoplifted at the store two days prior had returned to the store. The caller stated he wanted charges filed on the suspect for the theft and wanted the suspect trespassed out of there. The officer issued a citation for shoplifting. The suspect was trespassed from the store.

• An officer was dispatched to McDonalds for a male who was trespassing. The officer met with the male who was run though NCIC. He had two warrants for his arrest and was incarcerated at the SCDC.

June 2

• An officer conducted a traffic stop and noticed signs of intoxication on the male driver. The driver performed poorly on Standard Field Sobriety Tests and was arrested and transported to Socorro Police Department where he gave two breath samples. The driver was then taken to Socorro General Hospital for a blood draw. He was released pending blood test results.

• A woman’s pickup was egged while parked in the Arby’s parking lot. The officer met with the victim who thought the vandalism could have been done by a disgruntled employee or a female the family is going through a custody battle with. There were no witnesses to the incident.

• An officer was flagged down by a witness who was pointing at a male who had just urinated on some trees in the middle of Plaza Park. The officer met with the suspect who raised his hands and said, "I did it. I peed on the tree.” The suspect stated he thought it was unfair for a dog to be able to urinate in public and not him. He was issued a non-traffic citation and released.

• An officer was dispatched to the 300 block of Sixth Street on the report of a javelina running around. The officer noticed a kids’ party going on across the street. The javelina was trying to run out of the yard and the officer put it down. Game and Fish came and took possession of the peccary.

June 3

• An officer was called to a residence in the 200 block of Manzanares where a female who said when she arrived the front door open and she did not enter because she did not know if someone was still inside. The officer conducted a search of the building and surrounding area but did not locate anyone. The female said she was not missing anything.

• Police responded to a break-in at offices in the 600 block of California. The caller reported the suspect took money from a safe and caused damage to walls and windows in the building. The officer was shown the damage and the possible point of entry. The victim provided a list of money stolen and the officer obtained video showing the possible suspect. The following day the officer found and arrested the suspect, who was in possession of the cash and jewelry along with narcotics. He was interviewed and admitted to breaking into the victim’s office and taking the money. Also recovered were an I-Phone and a sheet he used to hide his identity. The suspect was processed and later booked SCDC.

• Officers were called to Clarke Field in reference a javelina running loose. On arrival they were hit with water balloons. An officer went to speak with the male water balloon thrower, but the suspect began to walk away. A female then stepped in between to block the officer from following. She was advised to move, and she refused. The officer handcuffed her and walked her to a unit where she was secured in the rear seat. The officer then spoke with the male and advised him to stop throwing balloons at the police. After speaking with the male, the female was un-handcuffed and informed that what she was did was obstruction. She was allowed to leave.

June 4

• A vehicle was pulled over in the 700 block of Sixth Street on a traffic violation. The female driver had a suspended license and was issued a citation. A female passenger was also checked through NCIC so she could drive the vehicle, but she had a warrant for her arrest. She was placed under arrest, cleared for incarceration and incarcerated at the SCDC on warrant.

• An officer pulled over a vehicle on Fisher because there was a male in the vehicle known to have a valid warrant. The officer had him exit the vehicle where he was placed into handcuffs. He was searched and was found to be in possession of narcotics. He was incarcerated at the SCDC.

• An officer at a residence in the 600 block of Grant Street arrested a male suspect who had a valid warrant for his arrest. He was incarcerated at the Socorro County Detention Center.

• Police were called to McDonalds on a report of a customer trying to fight with the staff. On arrival the officer met with the manager who was standing outside alongside the male suspect. The manager said the suspect tried to fight one of the employees after being asked to stop cursing. The officer then asked the suspect for his identification. He refused and was arrested. The officer was told the suspect was cursing in front of children and was asked to stop. The suspect then tried to fight the victim and followed him into the kitchen area of the restaurant. His identity was determined and a check with NCIC listed a valid warrant. The suspect was taken to the Socorro Police Department and while being processed he suddenly grabbed an officer by the genitals. He was charged with concealing identity, assault, and battery on a peace officer, a fourth degree felony. He was booked into the SCDC.

June 5

• An officer was called to a residence in the 1700 block of Fatima for an argument in progress where a man was intoxicated and had a gun on the wall. A woman met the officer outside, stating the male had pushed her out of the house causing her to fall to the ground. The officer then met with the male who said the female arrived at the home and began arguing with him and scratching him on the face. He said he was able to push her outside and close the door. Signs of battery were apparent on him. The officer learned the argument was over a title that belonged to the female suspect. The male victim turned the title over to her and the parties were separated. The case will be staffed with the district attorney.

• A suspect with a valid warrant was picked up on Lucero Avenue. He was arrested and taken to the jail to be searched, due to the fact that he was leaving a known drug house. No drugs were found on him and he was taken to the hospital for medical clearance and later booked into the SCDC.

• A man called police because his wife hit him with a frying pan. Officers met with him at a residence in the 1100 block of Richardson and saw he had a scrape on his face, but the injury was from another incident that occurred earlier in the day. The officer met with his wife who stated he was upset because she would not go out and buy more liquor for him. Officers were also advised that he had fallen earlier in the day due to intoxication. He was still intoxicated and continued to claim he was hit with a frying pan. He was arrested for abusing 911 and making a false report. He was booked into the SCDC.

June 6

• An officer served the suspect with valid arrest warrant at the Socorro County Detention Center where he was being held on another crime.

• Officers were called to the vicinity of the 900 block of California for an argument between a male and female, with the female leaving in a maroon SUV and the male walking north on California. The officer spotted the male walking and watched him throw an item in the bushes as the officer was approaching. He was detained and was asked what occurred in the parking lot. He admitted to arguing with his girlfriend but did not hit her, and that she had driven to the McDonalds’ parking lot. The officer met with her who said he had approached her vehicle in the parking lot of China Buffet. He confronted her and tried grabbing her while she was in her car, causing her to feel afraid of being hit. She said she was not hit and was able to get away from him. The officer returned to meet with the suspect and placed him under arrest. The suspect was booked into the SCDC.

• An officer was called to the scene of a female subject possibly needing medical attention. Two female suspects were highly intoxicated and causing a disturbance in front of a store. One suspect was identified but the other did not want to provide her information and tried to run away. She was captured and escorted back to a patrol car. The second suspect was cursing and highly intoxicated in public view. Both suspects were arrested and were found in possession of drug paraphernalia during a search incident to their arrests. Both were booked into the SCDC.

• A vehicle with no license plate was pulled over at Sixth and Baca. The officer met with the driver who did not have insurance or registration. The officer ran the paper temporary tag that was displayed in the rear window through NCIC. The temp tag did not match the vehicle. The driver was issued a citation and the paper plate was confiscated.

• An officer picked up a suspect known to have an arrest warrant in the 900 block of California Street. The warrant was confirmed through NCIC and the man was arrested and booked into SCDC.