Horse Soldiers to wrap up here

Filming of the movie “Horse Soldiers” in the Socorro area is expected to wrap up today.

Filming of the movie “Horse Soldiers” in the Socorro area is expected to wrap up today.

Micheal Singer, unit publicist for “Horse Soldiers,” said filming in the Socorro area has taken place during the span of eight days, starting at the middle of last week. And he said the filming schedule is subject to change.

“Our work days are as a rule at least 12 hours,” Singer said.

Singer said about 50 extras from Socorro and the surrounding area have been used in the filming.

“Filming has been great here,” Singer said.

“Horse Soldiers” is based on the book by Doug Stanton, with a screenplay by Ted Tally and Peter Craig, and tells a powerful true story of events which occurred in the aftermath of 9/11.

The story centers on a U.S. Special Forces team and their untested captain who are sent to a rugged, mountainous region of Afghanistan, where they join forces with a Northern Alliance warlord to fight against overwhelming odds to drive out the Taliban.

The movie stars Chris Hemsworth, who has filmed in New Mexico before in his role of Thor in the Marvel movies. Michael Shannon, Michael Peña and Trevante Rhodes are also stars in the movie.

Hemsworth has been spotted at Socorro Springs, where he posed in selfies with area residents. He did the same at a restaurant in Alamogordo when filming was taking place there. The actor also posted on his Facebook page a video of a basketball shot he made at a court at New Mexico Tech’s gym.

At least part of the filming has taken place on White Sands Missile Range, White Sands Chief of Staff Glen Adams confirmed.

He said the set on the missile range has been closed – not because of Department of Defense policy but at the request of the production company. Cooperation from the Department of Defense has been critical to the production, according to Don Gray, the contract locations coordinator with the New Mexico Film Office.

He said filming is also taking place at Fort Bliss. Filming has taken place at White Sands National Monument and in areas around M Mountain in Socorro, according to reports.

“We’ve been shooting key elements of a climactic battle scene amidst the stunning and rugged landscapes just outside of Socorro,” Singer said.

Gray said areas around Socorro and other parts of New Mexico were selected because “it looked like Afghanistan.”

“It’s a lot safer to film here than in the Middle East,” Gray said.

“Horse Soldiers” put out a casting call for males with facial hair who were of Native American, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern descent in days leading up to filming in the Socorro area. The film crew was looking for people to play the role of Afghan Army members as well as Taliban and Northern Alliance members.

The average pay according to the “Horse Soldiers” Facebook page is $150 per day.

Members of the film production crews have been staying in hotels in Socorro, and have been eating at area restaurants.

Filming is expected to shift to the Albuquerque area after the production wraps up here.