Socorro Police Department

Items taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

August 30

An officer was called to a home in the 500 block of Maxwell for an argument over custody. The suspect who said he wanted to pick up his child, but the maternal grandmother would not allow him to take the child. The officer met with the mother and the maternal grandmother, and was advised the suspect was not allowed to take the child and was told to leave, but remained on the property. The maternal grandmother said she wanted charges filed on suspect for trespassing since he was told to leave but did not. The child remained with the mother who was now home. The suspect was advised of the decision left the property.

September 6

A woman in the 300 block of Fifth Street told police she woke up to find her Ford F250 truck missing. She said the last time the truck was seen on the property was at 11 p.m. this night before. She provided the officer with information on the truck. A theft declaration was signed and the vehicle was entered into NCIC as stolen.

An officer was called to the Probation and Parole Office to arrest a man for an outstanding warrant. He was booked into the SCDC.

A woman reported that after checking her bank statement she found that someone had cashed unauthorized checks on her bank account. The officer was shown a copy of the check that showed the suspect's name. The victim said she does not use those checks anymore and has since changed her name and obtained new checks. The officer asked that a copy of the check be provided so the date and time the check was cashed could be verified, so a security camera video could be obtained. The suspect has not been located at this time. The officer met with the person who cashed the check, who said he was asked to cash the check by the suspect. The witness agreed and cashed the check turning over the money to the suspect. A second check was also cashed and the victim provided a copy. The officer met with the female who cashed the check and she said she was contacted by the suspect and asked to cash the check. The money was turned over to suspect. The officer obtained video of transactions from the bank. The officer also obtained text messages between the suspect and the witnesses asking them to cash the checks. Charges will be filed on suspect.

A man in the 200 block of Tamarack reported that the female suspect came to his residence and the two argued over reconciling. The victim declined the offer to get back together, and the suspect began throwing items around the home, and was escorted outside. The victim said while outside the suspect struck a window with her hand and broke the window, then left. The officer did see the window was broken. The suspect was not located. Charges were filed on suspect.

Officers were called to Park Street for on the report of a female lying in the weeds. On contact she claimed she was told to run away by her caregiver. She has a disability and had left the home earlier in the day after arguing with her caregiver. She was taken back home where the caregiver told officers the female wanted to leave the home and started hitting the door. The caregiver opened the door and allowed her to leave. The caregiver advised she did not use force on the female. The female was left in the care of her caregiver.

A woman reported that she was in the parking lot on Ake Street leaving from work when the suspect drove up in his vehicle and nearly hit her vehicle. She began backing up but the suspect continued to drive forward nearly hitting her. The suspect stopped and exited his vehicle. The victim also stopped and exited her vehicle. The suspect asked her if she was going to be with him that night. She told him no and he became upset and stuck her car window with his arm, breaking the window. He then left the scene. The victim told police reported that he had been sending text messages to her, and she believed he was drinking. She asked him a text if that was so, and he did not answer. Officers obtained an arrest warrant for suspect and found him at his home. He ran inside and closed the door, refusing to exit. The officers made entry into the home. One officer was bitten by a dog and the dog was sprayed with mace and Tasered. The suspect was moved outside and continued to resist officers and he was Tasered and taken into custody. He was taken to the Police Department for processing and later booked into SCDC.

Officers were called to the 600 block of Alta Vista on a trespassing report. Officers arrived and met with a maintenance man who said he had just arrived and did not see anyone in the home. A neighbor said the two males had just left, and one male suspect was identified as a previous resident of the home, who had been evicted. The officer attempted to locate the male suspect but he was not found at time of report.

A woman called police about hearing a child crying in the Walmart parking lot and seeing the father push the child down. The caller confronted the father, who was yelling that the child had spilled a drink on himself. The father and child left in a red car. The officer was provided with the name of the male. The officer obtained video from the store that does not show the incident clearly. It shows the caller speaking with the father of the child. Two others walk past the two but do not stop. The officer was able to locate the father who said his son had spilled a liquid and had the liquid on his face and eyes and this was the reason for the crying. The father said he was cleaning his child off as the caller walked up. The officer was able to see the child who was in good health and did not have any marks on him. A SCI report was completed on the incident. No action was taken in this matter.

An officer was called to the 400 block of Memory Lane for a dispute in progress. The caller explained he came to pick up a vehicle that had been towed and the owner of the tow company was rude and charged more than he stated he would charge. The caller added that the company owner had blocked him in with the tow truck and had withheld a key. The officer met with the company owner, who stated he towed the vehicle in and when the caller came to pay he thought it was too much. The owner said he turned over all property to the caller and stopped his vehicle in front of the caller's vehicle because the caller’s female partner stopped him and was standing in front of the tow truck. The officer spoke with two witnesses who stated both the caller and the owner made the situation worse than it should have been. The caller now stated the valve stem was removed from the tire. The officer checked and noticed the valve step was intact. The vehicle was released to the caller.

Police responded to a call from Animal Haven, where someone had thrown rocks on the sidewalk and on plants in front of building. The reporting person said she also found two holes in the window of the business. She said also said an unknown person had been sleeping on the side of the building property because they left some belongings. The officer was shown the damage to the building windows. The damage was documented and a report was completed.

An officer was called to San Miguel Inn where a customer was threatening the owner. The victim said the suspect rented a room and had made a mess of the room, and then came into the office wanting a refund, saying he would not turn over the key card until he had his money. Then the suspect tried to walk around the counter brandishing a knife. The victim said he was worried about what the suspect would do but then the suspect left. The victim said he did not want to file any charges. The officer attempted to locate the suspect, who had been seen across the street, but then left the area. The information was passed on to the next shift.

September 7

An officer found a baggie with prescription pills in the back seat of a patrol car. It was not known who left the pills there. The pills were logged as evidence.

An officer was called to Grant Street for a suspect throwing a rock at a vehicle. The officer checked the area and met with the suspect, who stated the caller was driving past and flipped her off. The victim then turned around and stopped in front of the suspect's home where the two argued and the victim made rude comments about a sick family member of the suspect. The suspect said the victim began backing up towards suspect so the suspect picked up a rock and threw it at the victim's car. Officer met with the victim who said she was passing the suspect's home when the suspect flipped her off. The victim said she did turn around and confronted the suspect and the two argued, until the suspect threw the rock at the victim's car. The officer questioned the victim's daughter who said she saw the suspect flip off her mother, so her mother turned around and confronted the suspect. The two argued and the suspect picked up a rock. The child said her mother dared the suspect to throw the rock and the suspect threw the rock.

An officer was called to Burger King for a theft. The caller stated he had been wrongly accused of stealing and was terminated from his job. The officer met with the staff member in the business who said after speaking with a witness who had purchased the drinks he was mistaken and was going to notify the management of Burger King to clear up the situation.

An officer was called to pick up a bumper that was left in front of a business on the Plaza. The bumper had a New Mexico license plate and a check with NCIC showed the registered owner. The bumper and plate were logged into evidence.

September 8

A man on Tamarack reported an unknown suspect entered homes on his property and moved items around but did not take anything. The officer was shown the homes and saw where a rock was used to break a window. A door to another home was opened but had no pry marks on the door. At this time there are no suspects.

A man on Mariposa reported putting a hand gun in his truck and later driving around. Upon returning home the victim could not find his gun. The victim said he was not sure if someone entered the vehicle or if the gun just fell out of the vehicle. The victim provided the make and model of the hand gun, a Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum revolver, but could not provide a serial number. The incident was documented.

Police were called to Spring Street for a female attempting to jump out of car, and hitting and biting the victim. The caller told the officer she was driving with the female suspect in the back seat, when the suspect tried to exit the car, because she did not want to be in the car with the victim. The victim explained she was the caregiver of the suspect who was diagnosed with dementia. The suspect told the officer she did not want to be with the caregiver anymore and wanted to return to her home, adding that she was restrained and not allowed to leave. An ambulance arrived to treat the suspect. An officer met with a second victim who said as she was driving, the suspect began hitting her and tried to exit the car. The victim said the caregiver tried to stop the suspect and was hit and bit by suspect. The caregiver said she had power of attorney over the suspect and wanted her taken to the hospital for evaluation. The suspect agreed to go to the hospital but did not want to be treated. At the hospital the suspect reiterated she did not want to be treated and told the hospital staff she did not want the victim to have power of attorney. The caregiver said she wanted the suspect arrested for battery, and was advised it was a misdemeanor that was not witnessed, but charges would be filed. The victims stated they wanted the suspect sent to a mental health facility and could make that request due to having power of attorney. The caregiver was advised the power of attorney was only valid if the suspect was unable to make those decisions and incapacitated. The suspect was released from the hospital and taken to a friend’s home.

A woman came to the police department to report being harassed on Reservoir. She said she was leaving her home for work and was driving up the hill from Reservoir when a male on a bicycle unknown to her passed her and made a derogatory comment. At that point she stopped and tried to ask him to repeat what he just said. She said he yelled at her and told her he was the devil and she should not mess with him. She then drove in front of him to cut him off and confronted him over the threat, and saw him pick up an object. When she challenged him to throw it at her, she said he looked nervous now and left. She stated that she followed him to an address off of Nicholas where he rode his bike into a yard. The incident was documented and the officer is attempting to identify the male.

A woman in the 100 block of Chaparral reported that a man was calling her and leaving voice mails, threatening to damage her property. The officer listened to the messages and heard the suspect make the threats. The officer was provided with a phone number for the suspect. The officer called the numbert but received no answer.

September 9

An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 1100 block of Evergreen where a female victim stated her ex-boyfriend had been driving around her residence slow and texting her. The incident was documented.

An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 1300 block of Fairgrounds Road for a larceny. The victim who showed the officer a window in his trailer that had been damaged. The victim said a weed eater, an edger and a lawnmower were now missing from the trailer. The officer took inventory of the missing items. No suspect at this time.

Police were dispatched to the 700 block of Highway 60 for a report on a shooting. An officer met with male who handed the officer bullet casings. The male said his residence was shot at. No one was home but there were shell casings on the ground. They collected and turned over to police. The victim explained that the suspect had come over to the residence on September 6 and was upset over his girlfriend being in the home with another male. The victim said he talked to the suspect and told him to leave. The victim said the suspect then pulled out a handgun and then left the home. The officer went to a residence the suspect had been staying and located a bullet that was the same caliber as the ones at the scene. The officer later went to the home and removed one of the fired bullets from the wall of the home. The items were collected as evidence.

A woman in the 500 block of Calle Bonita reported that her wallet was missing from inside her home. She named a female suspect who was the only person in the home who could have taken the wallet. The suspect was not located.

September 10

A shoplifter was reported to police at Dollar General. The officer was told the suspect was seen placing items in her back pack. The suspect was contacted and told the officer she had purchased items this morning and left them in the back pack. When she opened the backpack the officer saw several items with tags still on them. The suspect was placed under arrest. The officer then noticed she was concealing something on her person. The officer recovered the items, and a search of the backpack turned up a folded up foil with a brown substance.  The suspect was transported for processing and booked into the SCDC. The substance field tested positive for heroin.

Police were contacted by a victim who reported that a male called the hotel to register as a guest. Once the reservation was completed the suspect asked the clerk to leave the phone line open so the suspect cold listen to the clerk and other employee while the suspect masturbated. The clerk told the suspect she was canceling the reservation and he was not welcome in the hotel. The officer was provided with a phone number for the suspect. The officer tried calling the suspect but received no answer. The address provided by the suspect was not a valid address. It is not know where the suspect was located.

September 11

A female was caught at Walmart for taking items he did not scan in at the self-check-out. She was escorted into the office, and claimed she made a mistake and thought she had. The remaining items were scanned. The total for the un-scanned items totaled $122, and she only paid $66. The suspect was trespassed from the store and cited for shoplifting.

A woman on Mt. Carmel reported a window on her vehicle had been shot out. The officer met with her and noted the vehicle window was shot out with a BB gun. There are no suspects at time of report.

A caller reported being advised of a group chat on social media where suspects were making threats to shoot students and faculty at the Socorro High School. The officer was shown text messages and audio messages of the suspects’ conversation. The suspects talk about shooting students at the school. The officer was able to locate the suspects and bring them in for questioning. Two of the suspects spoke with the officer and insisted the conversation was a joke and they were not going to shoot anyone in the school. The other suspects declined to make an initial statement. The officer obtained the suspects’ phones and obtained a search warrant and completed a search of the phones. The officer did not find anything different than he was already aware of, that two suspects had visited a website showing graphic violence. The officer later met with one suspect and her guardian. The suspect provided a statement where she was asked to be a part of a shooting but believed the comments to be a hoax. The officer staffed the case with the District Attorney's office charges were sent to JPPO for approval.

A caller on Lemitar Lane reported that a young child was walking in her yard. She said the child told her his grandmother lived at a home down the road. The caller walked the child to the home and contacted the home owner. The homeowner said they did not know who the child was so the caller notified police. The officer called in a SCI report and was notified by dispatch the mother of the child was calling to report her son missing and her description matched the description of the child with police. The mother came to the Police Department and identified her child. The mother said she recently had a baby and was taking a nap and thought her mother was watching the child, and when she was told by her mother the child was missing she called police. The mother advised she does not use narcotics. The officer completed a home visit, the home was clean and had food. The child was released back to the mother.

September 12

An officer was contacted about a female suspect had shoplifted from John Brooks and was walking away. The suspect was located in the area, but refused to identify herself. A witness at the store saw the suspect take a bottle of vodka from the store. Although the suspect dropped the vodka before being contacted by the police, it was located and she suspect was arrested. She was identified by paperwork in her bag and booked into the SCDC.

A man reported being confronted by the suspect over him walking his dog on the Plaza and around town, and the dog using the bathroom in the street and in the park. He said he threatened to kill the dog if he saw them walk past his home. The officer spoke with the suspect, who said he was upset over the victim not picking up his dog's feces and urine. He also told the officer he was going to harm the victim’s dog if the dog passed in front of his residence. The officer advised the suspect to stay away from the victim. And the incident was documented.

A driver was pulled over on Texas for a driving infraction and during the stop the officer noticed an odor of an alcoholic beverage. The suspect was given field sobriety tests by an assisting officer. He was advised of the implied consent warning, and he submitted a breath test, with the results being .05 and .05. The driver was later released pending approval of charges.