County Sheriff's Office

Items taken from reports at the Socorro County Sheriff's office

October 5

An officer was dispatched at 11 p.m. to a home in Bosque for a welfare check on a child at that residence. The child’s mother had called police because her daughter who lives at that home had told her that her father was drinking and bleeding from his hand. On arrival, the child did not have any marks on her and appeared to be OK. The mother said there was a child custody in place. The father, who admitted to having several alcoholic drinks, displayed a fresh cut on his knuckles and said he was arguing and did not want to fight with her so he left the home and punched his car and left walking. The deputy informed the suspect that the children would be staying with their mother, and the suspect became upset and clenched his fists. He approached the deputy yelling and shouting, as if to physically fight, and was subsequently handcuffed following a scuffle. He was processed and incarcerated at the SCDC.

October 10

An officer was in Veguita in reference to serving a civil order with a male subject who had a court order stating he was awarded possession of a vehicle from the suspect who failed to pay him for the vehicle. Once at the property of the suspect, officers discovered several vehicles which were dismantled and being stripped. Several of the vehicles did not have license plates. One of the vehicles was parked next to the victim’s truck. It was a 2015 Kia 4 door. The vehicle had a license plate in plain view placed on the passenger seat. A check showed it was from a Kia stolen in Albuquerque. Officers also located a sawed off shotgun in an RV and a .22 caliber sawed off rifle in one of the vehicles. The weapons were secured by the officer for safety. The suspect was not located and the stolen vehicles were towed from the property. The weapons were taken to the Socorro County Sheriff’s office for safe keeping. A copy of the search warrant was left in the RV where it appeared the suspect was living.

An officer was dispatched at noon to the Socorro County Detention Center to serve an arrest warrant on a male inmate who was already in jail on a separate charge.

Officers arrested two suspects at a residence in the 1100 block of Highway 1 at approximately 9:40 p.m. The officers had knowledge that both the male suspect and the female suspect had multiple warrants for their arrest. After being given permission to enter the home, the female suspect was found hiding behind a door in the bedroom, and the male suspect was hiding behind a door in the bathroom. A check with NCIC showed that the female suspect had five active warrants. Both individuals were transport to the SCDC after being medically cleared.

An officer was called at 3 p.m. to the Socorro County Courthouse arrest a female suspect in Courtroom 2. The suspect was arrested on a minute order and transported to the SCDC.

October 11

An officer was contacted at approximately 5 p.m. by Sheriff William Armijo in reference to a female he located in Alamo who had an active warrant. The warrant was confirmed and the female was identified. Highly intoxicated, she was taken to the hospital for medical clearance and continued to slip out of her handcuffs and was non-compliant. After being cleared she was booked into SCDC.

October 12

An officer was patrolling the area of Otero and Sixth Street at noon and pulled over a white four-door passenger vehicle for a traffic infraction. The driver could not offer any credentials for the car and did not have a driver’s license. His social security number was run through NCIC which showed he had warrants out if both Magistrate Court and Municipal Court. The suspect refused to be medically cleared at the hospital prior to being booked at the detention center, saying he just wanted to be incarcerated. He was incarcerated.

An officer was dispatched to the 500 block of Manzanares in reference to a domestic violence which had occurred in San Acacia, but the female victim was coming to Socorro. She told the deputy she had been in an argument with her ex-boyfriend, with whom they have three children together, at her children’s grandmother’s home in San Acacia. She said the suspect had punched her on the right side of her face and then slapped her on the left side. That’s when she got the children into her vehicle and drove away from there. She said four children were in the home but they did not witness the assault. The deputy did not see any marks on her face, and she declined to be checked out medically. The victim was reminded she could contact El Puente to seek a temporary order of protection. Suspect not located at time of report.

An officer was dispatched at approximately 1 p.m. to a residence on San Lorenzo Road in Veguita in reference to a criminal trespass. The victim told the officer that her husband’s nephew had locked himself in the detached workshop on her property. She said earlier in the day he had walked onto the property, ignoring her requests for him to leave and seemed like he was under the influence of methamphetamine. She was afraid to approach him because he was acting erratically, and that several months before State Police had arrested him for breaking out windows on her property, and was warned not to come back. While the officer was speaking with the victim, the suspect came out of the shop and crawled to a water bucket. He was shirtless and shoeless, and yelling incoherently. He was and transported to Socorro General Hospital for medical clearance before being incarcerated.

October 13

An officer was dispatched to the San Marcial area in reference to a stolen newspaper dispenser. The machine was found lying on its side on Willow Springs Road and was covered in rain and dust. There were no footprints or tire tracks around the machine. The machine had been lying there for several days and the locking mechanism had been burned and the lock was on the ground underneath it. There was also a broken piece of a chipping hammer that was broken and laying with the lock on the ground. The evidence was logged and the box returned to El Defensor Chieftain. No suspects at this time.

October 14

A deputy was dispatched at 7:36 p.m. to the Dollar General Store in Veguita in reference to a male shoplifting. Upon arrival I an employee of the store stated that a man wearing a red and white biker helmet had entered the store and concealed four quarts of Pennzoil oil in his pants, and approached the cashier with a can of oil as if to purchase it. The cashier stated he was pretending to find his money and then immediately walked out the front entrance with the four quarts of oil in his pants, leaving behind the oil he had in his hand at the checkout. Some customers saw the man leaving in a black Nissan with no license plate. A Hispanic female was said to be waiting in this vehicle. Another cashier stated she observed that the man had a blonde beard, slippers, bell bottom jeans, and a large black Carhartt jacket. The total value of the items stolen was $21.28. There are no identified suspects at this time.

A Sheriff’s Department detective was conducting surveillance in the area of the carwash on S. Highway 85 after getting several complaints from citizens about a male subject engaging in drug use and providing narcotics to other individuals. The officer had knowledge that the suspect drove a black Ford SUV and kept narcotics in a black square case. At approximately 8:14 a.m. the suspect’s black SUV was observed pulling into the vacuum cleaner area of the car wash, but no one exited the vehicle for some time. The officer approached the vehicle on the driver’s side and noticed a syringe in plain view on the suspect’s lap. The suspect was asked to open the door. The suspect then put the syringe down and exited the vehicle. On the center console the officer noticed a bent measuring spoon with a clear liquid. Under the spoon was a black box the officer had been told about, and a blue rubber band (a tie off) was sticking out of the corner of the box. The box was found to contain several syringes, baggies and other paraphernalia associated with intravenous drug use; one of the baggies contained Suboxone. A wallet in the box contained the suspect’s ID, as well as a plastic baggie which contained a tar-like substance which was field-tested positive for heroin. The suspect was placed into handcuffs and transported for booking at the SCDC.

An officer was dispatched at approximately 4:09 p.m. to the 900 block of Highway 304 in Veguita in reference to a protection order violation. The female victim told the deputy her soon to be ex-husband was nonstop calling and texting her from different telephone numbers, and also was messaging her through Facebook. The officer was shown a copy of the judge’s order which did state there is to be no contact between to the two individuals. Then the deputy was shown text messages she had received and the phone records of him calling; 10 times on one day. He also texted her that was going to be in the Veguita area for a job, and he wanted to come over to talk. She believes when she left her home for the weekend, he went to her home and dropped off a trampoline. She reiterated she does not want any contact with him.

Officers arrived at the scene of a disturbance in the 200 block of S. Fifth Street where a group of young males and females who appeared to be of high school age were gathered. The manager of an adjacent trailer park had tried to intervene with a male and female arguing. At that point the male became confrontational with him, so he was ordered off the property. According to a witness, at this point the female involved in the dispute had walked across the street into the Miranda Trailer Park. The officer met with her and saw she was bleeding from her eye and her eyes were severally bruised. She was intoxicated and very belligerent and it was learned that she was previously at Clark Field and had been punching herself in the face while arguing with her boyfriend. The officer attempted to contact JPPO on her case, but after four hours there still was no reply, and she was taken to Socorro General Hospital for a medical clearance. She was released to her boyfriend’s mother.

October 17

Officers were traveling northbound on Highway 304 at approximately 8:07 p.m., and observed a vehicle traveling toward them with one headlight out. They caught up with the vehicle to pull it over and the car appeared to be coming to a stop off the road, but then came back onto the road and proceeded southbound. The vehicle, a black Dodge passenger car was failing to maintain its lane and kept slowing down and speeding up. The vehicle turned left into a driveway to a residence, coming to stop. The officers conducted a high risk stop giving loud and clear verbal instructions for the driver to exit the vehicle. The driver exited the vehicle with his hands up, but did not put his vehicle in park causing it to roll forward into a parked vehicle. The driver then got on his knees and placed his hands on top of his head. After being handcuffed he was escorted to the rear of the patrol unit. The driver was read his Miranda warning and did agree to speak, stating that the reason he ran from us was because he had a revoked driver’s license. His information was run through NCIC which showed had an active warrant for his arrest and that his license was invalid/revoked. The suspect said he pulled into the drive way because that is where his girlfriend lived, however, there were not any people present at the residence. The parked vehicle his car rolled into sustained a dent to the front bumper, however the suspect’s insurance had also been suspended. He was transported to the Socorro County Sheriff’s Office for processing, then taken to the Socorro County Detention Center, where he was booked and incarcerated without incident.

An officer was dispatched to at approximately 9:32 p.m. to Bosquecito Road in reference to a domestic which involved a knife. On arrival, it was learned the female suspect had left the scene in the male victim’s vehicle. The victim explained that he was at home that day while the suspect was gone all day driving his pickup. He stated that she was under the influence of heroin when she came back home, he told her to leave the home and move out. He said she got very angry at this and spit in his face and began to throw things while walking outside the home. He went to his pickup because he knew she would try to take it, and told her she couldn’t take it. At that point the suspect pulled out a knife and held it in a threatening manner, saying she was going to take it and he wasn’t going to stop her. He backed off and she drove away in the pickup. The victim called police, but five minutes later she returned and attempted to drive onto the property through a gate. The victim was stranding close by and saw her hit a pole as she was driving away again. An arrest order for the suspect was issued.

October 18

An officer with an arrest warrant returned to the above residence on Bosquecito Road at 5:30 p.m., where the male victim said the suspect was in the back bedroom packing her clothes. The deputy entered the home and contacted her, who complied with being arrested. She was then transported to the Socorro General Hospital for a medical clearance because she was 16 weeks pregnant. After being medically cleared she was booked and incarcerated in the SCDC.