County Sheriff's Office

Socorro County Sheriff’s Blotter

September 9

• Officers were dispatched at 10:30 a.m. to Schmittle Road in Lemitar in reference to a male reporting that someone was trespassing on his property. The trespasser was found to have an active warrant for his arrest. He was placed into handcuffs and transported to the SCDC and incarcerated without incident.

• An officer was informed by Sheriff Armijo at 1:30 p.m. that a suspect wanted on a warrant was driving a grey Chevy passenger vehicle with an Oakland Raiders sticker on the back window. The deputy located the car parked behind the Super 8. Sheriff Armijo spoke to the manager, who stated that the suspect had been walking around with one of the employees. The warrant was confirmed, and the suspect was taken into custody. He was transported to the Socorro County Detention Center where he was booked and incarcerated without incident.

September 10

• While booking a suspect into the Socorro County Detention Center, an officer was told that contraband had been recovered from cells. The first item of evidence was a small amount of heroin taken from a female inmate’s cell. The second item was a small amount of heroin taken from another female inmate’s cell. The third instance was cigarettes and a lighter taken from another cell. The suspected heroin was placed into evidence at the Sheriff's office. The cigarettes and lighter were disposed of.

September 11

• A deputy took a male suspect into custody at District Court. The suspect had been sentenced to serve two weeks in the Socorro County Detention Center. He was booked and incarcerated without incident.

• A woman came to the Sheriff's office to report an incident concerning possible narcotics use in her home. She stated she suspected her ex-boyfriend had been using narcotics because he had been acting strangely, and that his parents, who had been living with her, were using methamphetamine. She said she recently noticed a chemical smell in the home, and that her ex-boyfriend's parents had people over whom she believed to be narcotics users. She gave the officer the names of the people who were known to the officer as methamphetamine users. She said that a few days ago, she came home and saw her exboyfriend’s parents using narcotics in her home and heard her exboyfriend make a sniffing noise as though he was inhaling something through his nose. She said that she left the home and went to El Camino Restaurant, where she met with two deputies, telling them she wanted everyone out of her house because they were using narcotics. The deputies accompanied her to the home, where they had everyone leave. The deputies located articles of drug paraphernalia in the house. She said the ex-boyfriend thought his parents were trying to kill him, and also that he believed his co-workers were trying to kill him with knives. The victim stated that he had used physical violence against her on at least eight occasions over their three-year relationship. She was advised to obtain a restraining order.

• A deputy was requested at the Socorro County Detention  Center, where heroin was found on a female inmate. The narcotic was discovered by a detention officer during a clothing change out. She told the deputy that she was in court, and other females there asked her to take it because they did not want to get caught with it. She said she took it not knowing she was going to be arrested. When asked who the other females were, the suspect did not give a clear answer. The substance was taken to the Socorro County Detention Center where it was tested, showing a positive result for heroin. The substance was sealed and sent to the New Mexico state crime lab for further testing.

• An officer was patrolling on Michigan and noticed a female subject known to have a felony warrant run into a home when she saw the deputy. The deputy pursued the suspect and located her in the house. She was arrested without incident and transported to the SCDC.

September 12

• A deputy was at the Socorro County Detention Center booking in a female on an arrest warrant and while there met with two detention center officers, who both stated that they had contraband to be turned over to the Sheriff's Office. The contraband consisted of Suboxone taken off an inmate on two separate occasions. The Suboxone was transported to the Socorro County Sheriff's Office, where it was logged in as evidence.

• An officer was notified by dispatched at 7 a.m. to head over to the Santa Fe Diner in reference to a delayed report on a breaking and entering. The owner of the diner said someone had broken into the store earlier that morning. An employee had shown up for work at 7 a.m. and noticed the door was opened. She entered the business to see if anyone was inside and then immediately called her boss. The suspect had entered by breaking a window in the bar area. The owner claimed that five bottles of liquor were missing from the bar. He also noticed that a display of phone chargers was taken, and the cash register, with no money. He then noticed that one of the U-Haul trailers was missing. The trailer was a 2019 Silver trailer with orange U-Haul decals on the side. The trailer was entered into NCIC, and the reporting party filled out a theft declaration. The total damage to the convenient store is approximately $800. No suspects at this time.

September 13

• An officer was assisting the Socorro Police Department with locating a female who had tried to run away from an officer at Walmart. The female was found in a field on Fifth Street south of Walmart. She was wanted for questioning about a separate matter, so she spoke to the Socorro police, but while she was talking to them, she stated that she was almost thrown out of a moving vehicle by Escondida Lake. Being that the incident occurred in the County of Socorro, the female victim told the deputy that she was in Socorro at a friend’s house with her three children. Her boyfriend came to her friend’s house and picked up her and her three children to take them home to Lemitar. She told the deputy that she was in the front passenger seat, and the boyfriend was driving with her youngest daughter in between them because they did not have a car seat. She told the deputy that they were going north on County Road 91, and an argument started between them. It is unclear what the argument was about; however, she told him to pull the car over and let them out. She said that the boyfriend then reached over her and opened her door while the vehicle was still moving at about 50 miles per hour. She said he tried to push her out without slowing down, but her seatbelt was still on, so he couldn't force her out. However, her feet were outside the vehicle and were dragging on the ground. She was yelling at him to bring the car to a stop so she would get out. Her three children were all screaming for the suspect to stop trying to push her out. She said that the vehicle was brought to a stop by Escondida Lake, and she did not get out but continued arguing. She told the deputy that she texted a friend of hers and told them what had happened and they called the police in Socorro. She said that after the incident occurred, she was taken back to Socorro and dropped off at Walmart and left there. She said none of her children were hurt during the events, and that they were all with her family at that time. The victim was advised to check in with El Puente, and she agreed. The officer will confer with District Attorney on any charges to be filed.

September 16

• A male subject came into the Sheriff’s Office at 12:30 p.m. to report harassment. He said he felt a Facebook post was threatening, and that his ex-girlfriend had posted a comment containing his home address. A report was taken.

• An officer was called at 9 p.m. to La Joya about a theft. The complainant explained that before her father died, his female caregiver had been stealing from him before his death. She told the deputy that she reviewed the bank statements for her father’s bank accounts and found several unusual purchases. These purchases were strange because her father was very sick and bedridden, so he could not leave home, and he was not physically able to make those purchases. The complainant said that during the last few months of her father’s life, the caregiver had permission to use her father’s bank account and make purchases. And that as far as she knew, the caregiver was even allowed to buy things for herself using his bank account. A bank statement showed $556.56 was charged to the Socorro Electric Co-op, and the complainant said her father’s bills were never that high, so she suspected the caregiver must have made that purchase to get her own power turned back on. There was also another purchase made to the Dollar General store in Veguita for $15. More expensive purchases were made using her father's bank account in Belen and Albuquerque. There was also a reclining chair that the father always sat, which the caregiver took out of the home. The complainant said her father kept a .357 Magnum pistol stuffed in the cushion, and she did not know if the caregiver knew the handgun was in the chair when she took it, but she could not find it anywhere in the home now. The deputy took down the serial number of the pistol. The bank account information has been changed, and there is no new activity on it.

September 18

• The Sheriff’s office received a Child Protective Services intake report regarding two minors and an incident that occurred three nights prior where the female told her parents about the male’s inappropriate touching. A sheriff’s department detective spoke with both teenagers and their parents. The incident was documented.

• A woman came to the Sheriff's office to report multiple issues she was having with the male suspect. She said she wants him to leave her alone and is considering going through the process of obtaining a restraining order. The deputy spoke with the suspect, who said neither of them wants contact with the other. The deputy told them that from this point on, if the unwanted communication continues, it may result in charges for harassment being filed.

September 22

• A deputy was in the Walmart parking lot while assisting the Socorro Police Department in locating a shoplifter. The loss prevention officer approached and said there was a female inside the store who had shoplifted some merchandise. The deputy waited outside the store and saw a female known to the officer walk out of the store, and she was the shoplifter who had merchandise in her purse as described by the Walmart loss prevention person. The suspect was told that if she had stolen anything, to be honest about it and take the merchandise out of her purse. She admitted to not paying for some items, and took out of her purse, a box of fake nails, and a small bottle of hair oil conditioner. The officer took the things back inside and got a receipt for them in the amount of $14.62. Charges were filed against her for shoplifting, and she was released from the scene.

September 23

• An officer patrolling on Highway 85 at 11:15 p.m. noticed a black Scion in the median in the vicinity of Puerto Seguro with front end damage. On investigation, the deputy saw that a street light pole had been hit and was lying in the left lane of the road. The vehicle was still running, and a male who appeared to be asleep and groaning was in the driver's seat. The deputy turned off the ignition and attempted to wake up the driver, who was drooling on himself and gave the impression he was overdosing. An ambulance was sent for, and the male was pulled out of the vehicle and set on the ground, where the deputy administered Narcan to reverse the OD. A patdown on the male was conducted, which turned up a syringe cap in his left front pocket. The male, still unconscious, was taken by ambulance to Socorro General Hospital for treatment. The deputy continued processing the scene, and a small baggie containing a black tar-like substance, suspected to be heroin, was found during the inventory search. A check with NCIC showed that his driver's license privileges were suspended, and he was on probation. His probation officer was contacted, and an arrest warrant was issued. The light pole was removed from the roadway, and Quick and Easy towed the Scion. At the hospital, the male was awake and told deputy he was at Jess's Car Wash and admitted to injecting heroin into his arm and putting his car into reverse, but didn't even remember leaving the parking lot at all. He was arrested on the warrant from his parole officer and charged with possession of a controlled substance, driving under the influence of drugs, and driving on a suspended license. He was cleared for incarceration and booked into SCDC for the above-listed warrant and charges. The baggie with the black tar-like substance was sent to the lab for testing.

September 24

• An officer was contacted by the Socorro County Detention Center and told that they found drugs in possession of one of the inmates. The detention official said he went to check on an inmate who was reported to be acting strange. He was asked if he was OK, and the inmate said yes, but was having an issue with the toilet in the cell. While officers were trying to fix the toilet issue, the inmate handed the guard the fingertip of a rubber glove and inside was a crystal substance and Suboxone strips. The substance tested positive for methamphetamine, and the drugs were placed into evidence.

• An officer was dispatched to Jaramillo Loop in Veguita in reference to attempted vehicle theft and gunshots being fired. When en route, the deputy learned that the suspects left in a small white or gray pickup truck, fleeing north on a ditch bank. The vehicle was not spotted, and the deputy proceeded to the victim's residence. The male victim said that he was staying up late and walked outside because a small pickup was driving back and forth on his street, which was strange. He then heard a noise coming from the back and stood outside his back door, looking into his yard for about 15 minutes. He said that he suddenly saw a male running away from his gray Ford F250. He described the man as being approximately 5'08'' and about 140 pounds with a camo style hoodie jacket and black pants and was running while crouching with his head down to hide his face from being seen. The victim then pulled out his 9mm Taurus handgun and fired one round into some large bales of hay, which was the general direction that the male ran. He said he aimed the pistol up above the male’s head because he did not want to hit him. He simply wanted to scare him. The victim told the deputy that about two minutes after he fired his gun, he heard another gunshot coming from the ditch about a quarter-mile from his property, but couldn't say if it was from the suspect or someone else. The deputy checked over the victim's Ford F250 and found both driver’s side and passenger side door locks had been broken, and the ignition was broken off. There was a metal object jammed into the ignition of the truck. The door handles and ignition cover were not suitable for lifting latent fingerprints. The serial number of the victim’s pistol was recorded, and the deputy took photographs of footprints where the suspect had jumped over a small fence. The victim said he did not know who the man was who tried to steal his truck, and he could not think of anyone who would want to steal his things. No suspects at this time.

• An officer was advised of a possible stolen vehicle in Alamo. The reporting party stated he and his wife had broken down on the side of the road approximately one year prior to this date. The victim reported a couple of males stopped to help him and told him to use their vehicle while they took his vehicle to have it worked on. He said he didn’t know the two males, and that they never brought his vehicle back, and he was still in possession of their car. The victim provided the VIN to the vehicle, and it was entered into NCIC as stolen. The vehicle was recovered and towed to Leseberg’s Auto. The suspects are unknown at this time.

September 26

• An officer was told by dispatch at approximately 8 a.m. that there was a delayed report from an individual who hasn’t been to his residence in Veguita in about a year. The victim told the deputy that whoever it was that broke into his house took about $5,000 worth of his property. No suspects at this time and the victim is not aware of the time and date of the robbery.