County Sheriff's Office

Socorro County Sheriff’s blotter

July 25

• A deputy was dispatched to Dollar General in Veguita in reference to a female shoplifting. The manager had told dispatch the female arrived at the store with her 15-year-old and was wearing a red t-shirt and black sweat pants. The officer arrived and saw the suspect and daughter in the checkout line, and went to the back to speak with the manager. The manager believed the woman had stuffed items into the large purse she was carrying. Outside the store the officer stopped the female, who stated she didn’t have any stolen items on her and gave permission to search her purse. The officer found some make-up and unopened toothpaste in the purse. She said she stole those items from a Walmart, but not Dollar General. She admitted her intention was to steal a bottle of shampoo from this store but got scared and put it back on the shelf. The manager just wanted her trespassed from the store and the property.

July 26

• A deputy was dispatched at 11 p.m. to Valley Loop Road in Polvadera in reference to a delayed report of domestic violence. On arrival the officer encountered a male subject standing in the driveway to his home with several bruises and fresh blood on his face. He explained to the officer that he was inside his home drinking with his girlfriend and she started accusing him of cheating on her because she gets jealous. He said she then struck him in the face several times with her hand, then picked up a glass beer bottle and smashed it in his face, causing the blood and bruises. The victim said he did not want an ambulance but just for her to leave the house and not bother him. The deputy then went into the residence but could not find the girlfriend inside the home or anywhere on the property. Charges were filed against the girlfriend for Aggravated battery against a house hold member.

July 28

• A deputy was dispatched at 1:30 a.m. to a residence on Highway 304 in reference to a domestic. The officer met with a male and female outside the house where the female said she was having an argument with her boyfriend when another woman – the reporting party – intervened, yelling at them to stop arguing, but got the door slammed on her by the arguers. She said the door pushed her but that she was not hurt in any way. The incident was documented and no charges were filed against any parties at this time. End of report.

• An officer was dispatched at 11:30 p.m. to 10 Mel’s Road in reference to threatening text messages. The victim showed the officer the expletive-laden phone message from her grandson where he threatened to put sugar in his father’s gas tank and break all the windows. The victim said she does not want his back at her house and will be getting a restraining order on him.

• A deputy on patrol at 11 p.m. observed an unoccupied Honda Civic in the parking lot of the Veguita Dollar General after business hours. A check with NCIC showed the car had been reported stolen in Belen. The car was towed and owner of the car was notified. No suspect at time of report.

July 30

• A male victim came to the Sheriff’s office at 2 p.m. to report that his vehicle had been damaged. He said he noticed two small dents to the driver’s side door as he was leaving a store in Los Lunas. His insurance representative found a third dent while assessing the damage. Geico quoted the repair at approximately $500.

• A deputy was contacted by the detention center administrator to take possession and dispose of drugs that were recovered at the jail. The request stated that there were no pending charges in relation to these drugs. The officer arrived and told the inmate that if he gave up the drugs voluntarily, no charges would be filed against him. The inmate then handed over some methamphetamine. No mention of the inmate’s name was made during the conversation. The drugs were tested, sealed and placed into evidence.