County Sheriff's Office

Socorro County Sheriff’s Blotter

July 11

• A deputy was dispatched at 8:50 p.m. to a house near Las Nutrias in Veguita in reference to a welfare check. Upon arrival the officer met with a male subject who said his wife had been crying and arguing with him all day and was trying to kick him out of the house. He added that she had locked him out of the bedroom the night before. The officer spoke separately with his wife, who said she was being intimidated by her husband and he was treating her the way he treats his son. She asked the officer several times to remove him from the residence. The officer had no reason to do that, and the woman became very agitated. When asked if he had hit or shoved her she said no, that he was just treating her like he treats his son. Neither party wanted to leave the residence, so both of them were told to stay in separate parts of the home and not talk to each other for the rest of the night.

July 17

• An officer was dispatched to the cemetery in Lemitar for a theft. A woman at the scene said she came to the cemetery to do some maintenance and noticed trees missing from her family plot. The officer could see where one small tree had been removed from the ground, and where someone had tried unsuccessfully to remove two other trees from the same plot. About 50 feet west of the plot another tree was removed. The woman said the last time she was there was three days ago – the previous Sunday – and the trees were still there. The officer found tire tracks near the removed trees and photos were taken. The groundskeeper stated he had not noticed anyone in the area taking trees.

• A deputy was dispatched at approximately 3 p.m. to Chaparral Road where someone had been run over by a tractor. On arrival, the reporting party said the victim had already been transported to the hospital. She stated she had noticed the tractor going in circles in the field, and that no one was driving it. She immediately called for someone to come get the tractor, and just then saw the tractor collide with another vehicle, and push that vehicle into the field where it came to a complete stop. She ran toward the collision, and that’s when she noticed the male victim on the ground in pain. A witness reported that the victim had been working on the tractor’s starter located in front of the rear tire, and something happened to where the engine started. The victim was run over by the rear tire, and was caught by the racks and dragged for approximately 100 yards. An ambulance was called to the scene, and he was transported to Socorro Presbyterian Hospital.

• A man came to the Sheriff’s office at noon to report that his truck was damaged in the Post Office parking lot. He said he pulled into a parking space next to a light blue Ford 150. The owner of that vehicle opened his door to get in and in the process struck the victim’s door, knocking paint off. As the suspect proceeded to drive off, the victim took down the license plate.

July 19

• A deputy was dispatched at 9:30 p.m. to a property on Highway 304 in Veguita in reference to a damaged hay baler. The owner told the officer his 575 New Holland hay baler had been hit by another vehicle causing damage. Fresh skid marks coming from the road into the hay baler were documented. The officer located a white front bumper at the scene which belonged to a Hyundai. A witness stated he was looking in his rear view mirror and saw a white vehicle lose control and ram in to the hay baler. He said he attempted to get the license plate but every time he pulled off the road the white vehicle would stop behind him. He said later he noticed the vehicle had been pulled over by Belen police and a Valencia County Sheriff. The suspect was being arrested on charges out of Belen. The cost to repair the hay baler was estimated to be $700-$800.

July 20

• Officers were dispatched at 1:57 p.m. on the report of a fight, a vehicle accident and a stolen firearm in the Veguita area. The officers arrived at the intersection of Highways 304 and 346, where there was a white pick-up and dark SUV parked about 250 feet west of the junction and a blue Mustang stopped in the northbound lane of 304. The Mustang was disabled by damage to the front end, and a gray Ford F-350 was facing south on the opposite shoulder with damage to the driver side front and side. There were several people on scene, and the officers learned that three brothers and their father had been involved in a fight. Son 1 was estranged from his parents and two brothers, and he had been working on a farm in Torrance County. His brother, Son 2, a minor, began working at the same farm some time later. The previous day, Son 2 left the farm and Son 1 noticed that a black 9mm pistol was missing from the farm pick-up, and he believed that Son 2 had taken it. Son 2 was back at their parents' house on Highway 304. Son 2 gave the pistol to his father to return to Son 1. Son 1 arrived, parked his pick-up next to the porch, and began kicking and pounding on the door while yelling threats to his father and brother. The father opened the door, gave his son the pistol, told him to have some respect, and slammed the door. Rather than leaving, Son 1 continued to pound and kick the door while yelling insults and threats. The father opened the door again, and the two men immediately fell to fighting, while other family members – Son 2 and the mother – attempted to hold them back and protect the father. Son 2 threw a deck chair at Son 1 but missed and struck his father in the face, splitting his lip. Son 1 got into his pick-up and left. The father learned that Son 3 had been informed over the telephone of the incident, and believed Son 3 would be on his way to fight his elder brother. The father and Son 2 got in the Mustang and began to follow Son 3, who was following Son 1, going northbound when Son 1 turned suddenly west onto Highway 346 and Son 3 struck him from behind. Son 3 continued north on Highway 304, with the father and Son 2 followed him. Son 3 suddenly swerved to make a U-turn and the Mustang T-boned the pick-up on the pick-up’s driver side, crippling the Mustang. They and Son 3 stayed at the scene of the wreck, and were there when the officers arrived. Son 1’s girlfriend and then turned the handgun over to the officers. As of July 27, no enforcement action had been taken on this incident. None of the sons or the father accused the others of starting the fight which occurred in Socorro County; the minor taking the pistol occurred in Torrance County, and both vehicle wrecks occurred in Valencia County.

July 21

•A deputy conducted a traffic stop at 1:25 a.m. on a white SUV traveling north in a southbound lane of California Street. A strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was emitting from the interior. When questioned, the driver stated he was coming from a wedding party, but the last time he consumed alcohol was at 10 a.m. the day before. The driver failed field sobriety tests and at the office blew .16 BrAc on the IR-8000, twice the legal limit. Before being transported to the SCDC, he was checked over at the hospital and found to have high blood sugar levels. He was checked into the hospital until he could be medically cleared to go to jail.

• A deputy was dispatched at 6 p.m. to a residence on Adobe Road in Veguita in reference to a delayed report of domestic violence. The victim said that around 3:30 p.m. she was at home with her two children and her husband came home mad at her. He was yelling at her because he believed that she had stolen $500 from him and he wanted it back. She denied stealing the money from him and instead of fighting with him she put her two children inside her vehicle and tried to leave the home. She said her husband came out and picked up broken pieces of a brick on the ground and threw them at her vehicle. She said her two young children both became very scared and were yelling and crying, but were not physically hurt. She drove off and came back three hours later when her husband was no longer at the home and called police. The officer saw where the pieces of brick struck her vehicle. The victim said she is currently in the process of separating from her husband but they are still living together for the time being. She also said that her husband may be using drugs because he does not normally act like this. The officer advised her to go stay with a family member for the night in order to deescalate the situation and she did this.

July 23

•An officer was conducting a narcotic investigation involving a home located on Calle Bonita. The officer learned from an informant that traffic at the target residence was heavy at that moment and that several users that the source knew personally were now at the residence. The officer set up at an observation point and watched several known narcotic users come and go at the home. One vehicle in particular arrived at the residence with occupants known to the officer to be narcotics users. After a few minutes the two subjects returned to the vehicle and left. The officer pulled the vehicle over in the John Brooks parking lot and on approaching the driver’s side immediately noted that the front seat passenger was using his left hand to stuff something between the seat and the center console. Also noticed was a cap for a hypodermic syringe on the back seat. The driver admitted he had syringes in his possession, and a search of his pockets turned up a small tin cup known to be associated with heroin use. The passenger also admitted to carrying syringes, and a pat down revealed a plastic baggie with a crunchy substance inside, which turned out to be methamphetamine. The plastic baggie that had been shoved between the seat and center console contained a large ball of heroin. Both suspects were transported to the Socorro County Sheriff’s Office. While there a small amount of methamphetamine was found on the floor of the patrol unit. The passenger admitted he dropped it there. He was processed and then booked into SCDC on the charges.

• A deputy was dispatched at 9:06 p.m. to Mitchell Road in reference to a domestic that had occurred. The reporting party told the officer she was at her friend’s house along with her kids. She stated her ex-boyfriend came in through the front door and started arguing with her about a gun and was blaming her for it being missing. She stated he was very angry and grabbed her with both arms and put her in a headlock. With his right arm around her neck he grabbed her phone away from her. Her friend tried to get between them, telling him to stop doing what he was doing and to get out of her house. The suspect then punched the other woman in the face two times and slammed her to the floor. The reporting party said she was scared because she believed he would do the same to her, so she took her kids and ran out of the house to call 911 from another house. She told the officer she had custody of the kids on weekends and he had them on weekdays, but she did not want to return the kids to him based on what had just occurred. The ex-boyfriend had left the scene prior to the deputy’s arrival and was not located. State Police was also on scene and took a report from the other female.

July 24

• A deputy was called at 5:41 p.m. to a hit-and-run report from the state police on Interstate 25, where the suspect vehicle, a white Chevy Trailblazer, was last seen exiting at the Lemitar exit and driving south on the Frontage Road onto a dirt road. The Frontage Road came to a dead end and there are no roads once it hits dirt. The officer noticed a piece of bumper hidden in the mesquite bushes. The SUV’s tire tracks were followed down to an arroyo, where the white Trailblazer was parked and hiding in the arroyo. The driver saw the deputy pull up behind him and took off down the arroyo. The harsh terrain prevented the officer from keeping up and stopping the vehicle but the officer kept following the tracks of the tires. The Trailblazer had busted through the fence that runs alongside of the interstate and drove underneath the bridge. The vehicle was now on the east side of the interstate and again busted through the other fence line. The vehicle proceeded east down the hills through the tough terrain heading towards County Road 91. The officer was able to locate the vehicle tire marks again and it appeared the suspect made it to the paved road, but it was unknown which direction he went. At approximately 9:55 p.m., the officer was traveling south on Interstate 25 and observed on the 169 onramp a vehicle with a non-working headlamp. On closer inspection it turned out to be the same Trailblazer from the hit-and-run earlier that day. And the entire front bumper was missing. A check with NCIC came back with no information on the plate. When an attempt was made to pull the vehicle over, the suspect vehicle speeded up to 90 mph. It exited at the Bernardo exit, almost running a semi off the road, and proceeded east on Highway 60. The suspect vehicle then turned north onto Escobar Street, which is a dirt road. Once on Escobar the officer cancelled the pursuit, turned around and headed back towards Socorro. At approximately 11 p.m., the deputy was dispatched to Jaramillo Loop in reference to a SUV that was on fire. Veguita Fire department was already on scene and the officer recognized it as the same Chevy Trailblazer. The vehicle was completely burned and had no identifying VIN numbers. There was nobody in or around the vehicle.

July 25

• A deputy on patrol spotted a suspect who was known to have a valid arrest warrant out of Magistrate Court. The suspect had pulled into a residence on Grant Street and the officer saw him trying to make entry into the house, and gave him several verbal commands to come back. It appeared that the suspect was trying to cover the front part of his body and he was observed reaching in his pocket to take something out and throwing it away. As the officer approached the suspect turned around with a bottle of alcohol in his hand and asked if he could finish the bottle before he went to jail. As he was being handcuffed the suspect pulled away and began to drink from the bottle, but the officer grabbed it from his mouth and tossed it. He was transported to the Socorro County Sheriff’s office and then to the SCDC. The item dropped by the suspect at the front door turned out to be a plastic baggie containing methamphetamine inside a cell phone, along with a five dollar bill.

July 26

• An officer was called 1:35 p.m. to assist Probation and Parole officers with a home inspection on Kimball Road in Socorro. An assisting deputy sheriff was already on the scene and said the APPO officers had found a baggie of crystal powder and a 9mm pistol loaded with eight rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. The handgun – along with a folding knife – was located in a cabinet the home. The methamphetamine and weapons were seized and secured. The suspect was charged with Felon in Possession of a Firearm and was booked into jail with an APPO arrest order, and later a criminal complaint for the possession of meth and the firearm.

• A deputy was dispatched at 7 p.m. to Socorro General Hospital in reference to an assault which had taken place. The officer found that the female victim had been admitted into a hospital room. She had several bruises on her face which were black and purple in color indicating that they were several days old. She was able to tell the officer that three days ago she was walking toward the Alamo reservation on Highway 169 at about mile marker 5 when a vehicle stopped and five females known to her got out. They were accusing her of sleeping with one of their boyfriends. She said they all jumped her and started hitting and kicking her all over her body leaving bruises on her face and all over her body. The officer took some photographs of the bruises and asked her if she uses drugs. She said she uses meth and heroin every day and the last time she used was that morning. She said that she did not have any broken bones but was in a lot of pain from all the bruises. Charges will be filed against the other parties for simple battery.

July 27

• A deputy was dispatched at 1:30 a.m. to Third Street in Magdalena in reference to a male and a female fighting. Further information received while the officer was en route stated that the male was on top of the female hitting her and they were not able to separate them. On arrival the officer encountered a male come running around from the other side of the house with fresh blood on his hands and blood on his face. The suspect was given verbal instructions to stop and he complied. He appeared to be very drunk and told officers that he did not do anything and he did not know what was going on. Around the other side of the house the officer looked inside a small shed building and saw a female inside the structure on a mattress. She had a large amount of blood coming from her mouth and had an open cut on the left side of her face. She was clearly very intoxicated and was awake and mumbling something undiscernible. The officer returned to the back of the home and placed the suspect into custody concluding that the blood on his hands and face came from the female on the mattress. The officer then went back to check on the female and saw that she was only partially clothed. An ambulance arrived but she refused any treatment. She was asked what had happened but she was not able to answer because she was too intoxicated, saying only that he beat her up. She did not give any indication that she had been raped or molested at all and she was only able to say that the suspect hurt her. The suspect, who had been placed into the patrol car, was yelling and kicking the window from the inside. After he calmed down he told the officer he did not try to have sex with her but admitted to hitting her several times in the face because she was calling him names. He then said she actually struck him first and that’s why he started hitting her. The suspect was transported to the Socorro County Sheriff’s office and after getting a medical clearance he was booked into SCDC for the charge of battery.