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County Sheriff's Blotter

October 29

• A Sheriff’s Department Detective met with a male victim concerning several items missing from his ranch. He stated he had a man working for him on the ranch and he first noticed his son’s brand new Stihl chainsaw valued at $589 missing and then noted two firearms missing, a Ruger .22 Caliber 8 shot revolver and a .22 Caliber Lever Action Rifle. He stated man told him he did not know anything about the missing items, but he would ask around and find out. He contacted the victim contacted him later with the name of a person in San Antonio. That person told the detective he did not know anything about the firearms and allowed the officer to look inside his shed and residence. However, it was learned that the person was trying to sell the firearms. One of the guns, the rifle, was recovered as well as some of the items missing from the farm; an OEM power box valued at $250, a set of air impact tool set valued at $250, a Dewalt drill set valued at $250 and miscellaneous hand tools. A theft declaration was completed for the revolver and the chainsaw and the items were entered into NCIC as stolen.

October 31

• A Sheriff’s Department detective was contacted by an officer of the Socorro County Detention Center in reference to three females possibly having narcotics. The SCDC officer said there had been a full shakedown of the H pod and contraband was found that morning in the laundry room area. The female inmates were escorted in a single file line to the sally port. Each female inmate was pat searched and then escorted to the recreation room. Each female inmate was then strip-searched one at a time. Two small black tar-like substances suspected to be heroin were located. A third inmate was transported to the New Mexico State Corrections Facility in Los Lunas to have a full-body scan conducted. She was scanned and showed to have a foreign object in her lower abdomen area.

November 8

• An officer took a telephone report at 4:10 p.m. from a female about possible extortion. She said she had been messaging a man who called himself Omar she met online and in due course had sent him several provocative photos of herself. He then messaged her back saying if she did not send him $2,000, he would be posting her pictures on his Facebook page. She became scared and deleted all messages between herself and the man. She was unable to provide any information about him other than a phone number and that he possibly lives in North Carolina. She found out he lied about his birthday multiple times, and also told her his name was Omar. The suspect’s Facebook page doesn’t have any information besides a picture of a male, which appears to be fake. The officer wrote up a report on the incident and turned it over to the DA’s office for follow-up.

November 18

• An officer was dispatched at 8 a.m. to the Lemitar auction yard in reference to property being damaged. The reporting party said three of his tractors which were to be auctioned off had ignition switches damaged. Damaged were two Massey Ferguson models and one John Deere, and the ignition switches on each were punched in using a flathead screwdriver. The victim did not know of anyone who might have done it, but suspected that the damage was done as sabotage to drive the auction price of the tractors down for the buyers. Estimated the damage to the three tractors is $2,000. He said they were insured and he needed a report to get them fixed.

• An officer was called at 8:30 a.m. to the Dollar General store on Highway 304 in Veguita for a shoplifting. The store manager had identified the suspect as someone who had shoplifted before and was legally trespassed from coming back. The security camera video showed him taking a pack of Bic lighters valued at $4.79 and then walking out of the store without paying. The deputy attempted to locate the suspect. Charges were filed on him.

• An officer was patrolling at 3 p.m. and was notified that there was a possible stolen vehicle at the corner of West Place and Blue Canyon. A truck which matched the description of the stolen vehicle was spotted in a yard. The owner of the truck was notified and stated that a male had dropped off the truck several months prior. The vehicle was recovered and towed.

November 19

• An officer was dispatched at 10:30 a.m. to the 1400 block of Kimble in reference to someone screaming and yelling and playing loud music. The deputy knew of the suspect from a previous complaint. The television was on and it was very loud. The suspect said that his neighbor walked out of her home and got mad at him and an argument ensued. He called her La Llorona as an insult. He was advised to leave his neighbors alone and to not antagonize them or he could be charged with disorderly conduct. He said he understood and turned his TV down. The reporting party told the deputy she had come out of her house and the suspect was calling her names and she called 911 to report him. She requested a report to document the incident as this was not the first time deputies had been called.

• A Sheriff’s Department detective received information that a male subject was in the Socorro area attempting to sell firearms out of the trunk of a gray Dodge Stratus. The officer knew the subject from a prior criminal investigation and that a search warrant had been conducted on the Dodge Stratus several months earlier involving burglaries in Catron County. The subject was a convicted felon and could not possess a firearm. The detective received information at 1 p.m. that the suspect was currently moving firearms from one car to a gray Dodge Stratus on Santa Fe Lane, and on arrival, the barrel of a firearm was observed in the open truck. At that point, the suspect spotted the officer, looked into the trunk, then back at the officer, shut the trunk and began to walk away. He was ordered to the ground and taken into custody. Several other subjects were also taken into custody. The Dodge Stratus was towed and searched. During the search numerous automatic rifles, AR-15s (some with full automatic capability), shotguns, pistols, and other rifles were located in the vehicle, along with heroin and methamphetamine. Shortly after the arrest, the source who initially informed the detective about the guns relayed information that these were not all the guns that the suspect possessed and that he had more guns hidden at a location in Catron County, but did not know exactly where. On Nov. 20, the officer along with an FBI agent questioned the suspect about the guns located in his car. The suspect did not disclose whether he had more guns, but through the interview, the officer got several indications that he may have more guns, as he did indicate that he had access to more firearms. The detective was subsequently contacted by a source who stated they had information on the whereabouts of the rest of the firearms and said that they had direct knowledge that the additional firearms were located at a residence in a subdivision off Highway 12 in Catron County. The source said that they saw these guns at the home two days ago. This location was recently searched by the Catron County Sheriff’s Office as part of burglaries that the suspect had been linked to recently. Stolen property was, in fact, located at this property during that search. A search warrant was served on the residence by deputies from both Catron County and Socorro County, who breached the door after getting no response. Deputies cleared the residence but did not locate anyone. Once the residence was cleared deputies cleared the numerous outbuildings and automobiles surrounding the residence, and a formal search was initiated. Deputies located in the north bedroom of the home numerous articles of tactical gear which matched the tactical gear taken from the Dodge Stratus. A Bolt Action 300 Win Mag Tikka rifle was also located under the bed in this room. On the west side of the home was an addition where a large black safe was located. The safe had been pried open. Also located in this room was more tactical and medical gear. Throughout the home, there was similar medical and tactical gear, and several pieces of paper including legal documents with the name of the suspect on them.

• An officer received information from a Sheriff’s Department detective at 9:30 p.m. that a man known to have an active arrest warrant out of Probation and Parole was located inside a residence in the 200 block of Santa Fe Lane. The suspect’s mother told the officers that he was in his bedroom and would not come out. At this time the detective knocked on the door to announced himself as a law enforcement officer and telling him to come to the door. The suspect did not come to the door and the detective repeated this statement three more times. During this time the suspect was saying that he was walking towards the door but refused to open the door. The officers then made entry into and encountered the suspect standing in the middle of the bedroom with a knife in his hand. He was summarily arrested and transported to the Socorro County Detention Center where he was booked and incarcerated without incident.

November 21

• A deputy was called at 11:30 a.m. to back-up a Sheriff’s Department detective at Jess’s Car Wash who had identified two male subjects in a parked vehicle suspected to be engaged in narcotic activity. Both officers approached the vehicle and immediately saw one of them with a syringe filled with a brown substance, which later tested to be positive for heroin. The suspect was placed under arrest.

• An officer on routine patrol at 4 p.m. in the area of County Road 91 off the Escondida exit noticed two vehicles parked on the ditch bank. On approaching the vehicles it appeared that a male individual was trying to hide something in the back of one of the vehicles. All subjects were asked for their ID and a check with NCIC showed that a female suspect had a warrant out of Dona Ana County. She was immediately placed under arrest, taken to the sheriff’s office for processing and then transported to SCDC for incarceration.

November 22

• An officer patrolling the area of Highway 60 and Spring Street at 9 a.m. pulled over a yellow Chevy SUV that was displaying a license plate known to the deputy that actually belonged to a white 2005 Chrysler. The driver was unable to produce a driver’s license or any other vehicle documentation. A check with NCIC showed he had a warrant out of Magistrate Court. He was arrested and transported to SCDC for incarceration.

November 23

• An officer was dispatched to a residence on old Highway 60 in reference to a male making vague suicidal remarks, saying that he would go on his last walk and it would all be over soon. He was asked by the deputy if he felt suicidal and he said no. He was asked if he had any intentions of harming himself and he told the deputy no, he does not. The subject refused to show the deputy certain messages from his cell phone that were reported to dispatch. A routine check with NCIC came back with a valid warrant for his arrest. He was placed under arrest and transported to SCDC on the warrant.

• A deputy was informed by dispatch at 9:46 p.m. that a car had been stolen from the Walmart parking lot, and that Socorro city police was handling the call. All suspects involved were identified by witnesses. At approximately 11:45 p.m., dispatch advised that one of the suspects had returned to Walmart, and the deputy along with a state police officer arrived at Walmart. Walmart employees pointed out a suspect, as he was walking out of the store. He was placed in investigative detention by the State Police officer. The suspect stated he attempted to help the man getting robbed. Walmart employees showed video of him and the identified suspects walking around the store together. The suspect was taken to the Socorro Police Department for questioning. Later on that night, the sheriff’s office received information that the suspects in the robbery were in a gray/silver PT Cruiser. This PT Cruiser was located and was stopped on State Road 1 and Raychester. The suspects were not in the vehicle but the male and female occupants both had active arrest warrants, and narcotics were located in the vehicle. Socorro Police Department took over the incident and arrested the two occupants. Shortly after the PT Cruiser was pulled over, a white Kia drove off from Raychester northbound. The Kia turned south and got on the Interstate 25 northbound onramp. It was stopped but the suspects were not in the vehicle, and driver did not know where they were.

• An officer was dispatched at 1:30 p.m. to a residence in the 1100 block of Cassidy on the report of a stolen vehicle. The victim said his Dodge Charger was stolen on the previous night at Walmart. He said Socorro city police officers handled the call and the vehicle had been entered into NCIC as stolen. He said that an acquaintance of his told him this morning that his car was parked at the Best Western, and that his keys could be found on the side of the road on Interstate 25 at mile marker 163 at the San Acacia northbound exit ramp. He went to the location and found car keys and then went to Best Western and recovered his vehicle. He said that nothing was missing and nothing was tampered with. There was cash and valuables inside the vehicle when it was taken and nothing was stolen out of the vehicle. He told the deputy that he did not know who actually took it but that he spoke to his friend and it was not him. The vehicle was removed from NCIC as stolen.

November 24

• An officer was dispatched at 9:45 p.m. to a residence on Granillo Street in Veguita in reference to a man stealing a trash can. The victim stated that a man in a blue jacket, blue jeans and black hair had stolen the trash can, and had headed north down Granillo. The trash can was black and had “UW” in white lettering on it. Deputies did a patrol of the area but were unable to locate any suspects.

November 25

• A man called the Sheriff’s office to report his that his trashcan owned by Universal Waste Management had been stolen from his front yard two days ago at around midnight. He said that he was gone for the weekend on business but his son was home. His son observed someone in the front yard and was able to use the spotlight on the individual. The person was identified as a white male with black hair and wearing a blue hoodie. He ran off with the trash can.

• An officer was traveling south on Highway 304 at 11:36 a.m. and observed what appeared to be two male subjects fighting in a front yard. He stopped at the residence and made contact with Suspect 1 and Suspect 2. Suspect 1 was placed in handcuffs for officer safety. On questioning, he said that Suspect 2 came to his house to ask him to take him to Belen to pick up pellets for a pellet gun Suspect 1 owns so Suspect 2 could go shoot the pellet gun. Suspect 1 told Suspect 2 he would have to wait because he had other things going at the time, and Suspect 2 got upset because Suspect 1 would not take him immediately to go get pellets for the pellet gun. While Suspect 1 was on the phone talking to the Social Security Administration Suspect 2 and his little brother were making a lot of noise. Suspect 1 kept telling Suspect 2 and his brother to be quiet but Suspect 2 became more obnoxious. Suspect 2 was acting like he was going to hit Suspect 1 on the leg with a hammer. Suspect 1 kicked Suspect 2’s hand while Suspect 2 was trying to hit him with the hammer. Suspect 2 stood up and threw a plastic water container and a heavy metal rod at Suspect 1. One of the items hit Suspect 1 on the left ankle causing a minor injury to his ankle. Suspect 1 chased Suspect 2 out of the residence. Once outside, Suspect 2 threw a board and a rock at Suspect 1. While Suspect 2 was attacking Suspect 1 with a large tree branch, Suspect 1 threw a marker at Suspect 2. On the other hand, Suspect 2 told the deputy that he had been playing with his little brother in the living room and while they were playing he said Suspect 1 kicked him on his hand. During the statement Suspect 2 continually left out the details of him hitting Suspect 1 with the hammer, throwing items at Suspect 1, and that he attacked him with the large tree branch. After taking statements, Juvenile Probation and Parole was notified of the incident and advised the officers to take Suspect 2 into custody. Suspect 2 was taken into custody and Suspect 1 was released. Suspect 2’s parents are currently incarcerated and he was being taken care of by his grandmother who was informed that he was taken into custody. Suspect 2 was transported to Socorro General Hospital for a medical clearance and then to the Socorro County Sheriff’s Office where the Statement of Probable Cause was completed.

November 27

• A deputy was dispatched at 9 a.m. to a residence on Gardenia in Veguita in reference to an individual who claimed that someone had shot up drugs into his neck while he was sleeping. At the scene the subject stated that he would like to go to the hospital to get checked out because he was not feeling right. As he was given a ride to the hospital, a check with NCIC showed he had a warrant out of Valencia County. The suspect was medically cleared at the hospital and then transported to SCDC for incarceration.