Socorro Police Department

These items were taken from officer's reports at the Socorro Police Department

June 9

An officer called to an apartment complex on Otero for an argument. The caller said the suspect's dog was loose and ran towards her, nearly biting her before a witness was able to pick up the dog and return the dog to the suspect. The caller said she told the suspect to keep the dog on a leash, to which the suspect began threatening to harm the victim. The officer met with the suspect who said she was taking her dog for a walk, but the dog somehow got loose from the leash. She also claimed her dog does not bite and only barks. The suspect stated that when the victim and witness began to threaten her, she made threats back. The manager of the complex was notified. The officer documented the incident, as neither party wanted charges filed.

A caller from a hotel on California Street said a guest was violating hotel policy and they wanted the suspect removed. The officer escorted the caller to the room where contact was made with the suspect. The caller told the suspect he needed to leave the room. The suspect, who was smoking a vapor cigarette, gathered his property and blew smoke on the caller as he was leaving. The officer was called back later when drug paraphernalia was found in the room. The officer collected the items of paraphernalia. The caller asked that the suspect be trespassed from the property. The officer documented the incident.

A man reported an unknown suspect entered his office on Church Street and took a Wells Fargo checkbook and silver HP laptop. The victim advised the items were in the office when the victim left for the weekend. He did not see any forced entry into the office. At this time there are no suspects.

June 10

An officer was called to a home on Loma Encantada for an argument. The officer met with the male suspect outside, who said the victim was upset and was trying to make him leave the home. He did have scratches on his arms. The officer met with the female victim, who advised the suspect was upset over his younger brother scolding him for leaving the stove on. She said he began pushing her and making threats. She was asked about the scratches on the suspect's arms and she denied scratching him. The male homeowner who is bedridden said he saw the two arguing and pushing each other, but no strikes were thrown. The officer noticed the home had an odor of urine and had some items on the floor. The suspect who lives with the owner had items of paraphernalia in his room. The male advised the officer his mother is the caretaker of the homeowner and does not come to the home but once a day to change the homeowner. The officer completed an NCIC check which showed the suspect to have a valid warrant. He was arrested and later booked into SCDC. A separate report was made to Adult Protective Services.

A business owner in the 700 block of California arrived for work and found his chain-link gate cut and damaged. The officer was shown the damage to the gate where the chain-link material was cut with some type of cutter. There are cameras in the area but did not show the gate area. At this time there are no suspects. The damage is estimated to be under $100.

June 11

An officer completed a traffic stop at Otero and Frontage Rd. NE after seeing a passenger with her head out of the sunroof. The officer met with the driver who displayed signs of intoxication. He admitted to drinking alcoholic beverages and the officer had him complete field sobriety tests. He provided two breath samples with the results being .06, .06. He was later taken home and released. Charges are pending at the time of the report.

A driver was pulled over for a traffic violation at California and Frontage Rd. On approaching the officer noticed the driver appeared to be under the influence and was asked to exit the car. Once the suspect and the passenger exited, the officer asked for consent to search the car. The suspect granted consent, but as the officer was walking to the car the suspect started to runoff. After a foot chase, he was caught. The officer searched the suspect and located a glass pipe with drug residue which was collected as evidence. He was arrested and the vehicle towed. The suspect was booked at the SCDC. The residue in the glass pipe was later field-tested to be positive for methamphetamine.

Officers were called to the vacant motel in the 200 block of California on the report of a male subject on the property. The officers arrived and located the suspect crawling out of a room through a hole in the door. He was identified as a person who was previously arrested for breaking into the same property. The suspect was detained and revealed that another man was still inside. The second male was contacted and detained. Both suspects were arrested and booked into SCDC.

A business owner reported that he arrived for work in the 200 block of Spring Street and finding the bay door damaged. He checked inside the building and noticed that a chainsaw, a reciprocating saw, and a few other items were missing and that food had been removed from the refrigerator. The victim provided a list of stolen items and the officer collected evidence from the scene. A suspect who was in the area was later contacted and questioned. He admitted to breaking into the building and eating the donut and taking the saws outside.  During the contact an assisting officer had the suspect remove a backpack where a loaded syringe continuing a brown liquid was seen in a mesh pocket. The suspect was placed under arrest and the syringe was collected as evidence. During a search incident to the arrest the officer located methamphetamine in the backpack. The suspect was processed and later booked into the SCDC on burglary and narcotics charges.

An officer was called to a home on Tierra Bonita for a trespasser. The officer arrived and met with the caller who said the female suspect forced entry into the home and began fighting with the female victim, and that they were in a back room. The officer went to the back room and found them still fighting. The two women were separated and the suspect detained. The suspect was taken to the police department and cited for battery and released. The caller said he did not want charges filed on the suspect for the unlawful entry.

A woman reported that someone stole her 2004 Oldsmobile SUV from where it was parked in the 400 block of Eaton sometime between February 22 and March 4 of this year. She was not sure if the car was locked but a set of spare keys was kept in the glove box. Inside the car was a Sig Sauer 1911 22 cal. handgun. She provided the officer with paperwork for the car and handgun. The officer entered the items in NCIC as stolen.

Officers on patrol were informed by police dispatch that several calls of shots fired came from witnesses on Tierra Bonita. As the officer arrived in the area a light color SUV was seen leaving the area. The officers completed a traffic stop on the vehicle and searched the vehicle. No guns were located and the driver was released. The officer was then advised by dispatch a light color SUV was seen on Second Street driving at a high rate of speed. The officers located the vehicle and met with the occupants who said they had been shot at. The driver stated she was on Tierra Bonita driving west to drop off a family member when a vehicle driving east was passing and had their high beams on. She said as the two vehicles passed each other she asked the driver of the suspect vehicle to turn off the high beams. As she headed to the end of the road she saw the suspect vehicle turn around. She dropped off her family member and headed back east, but the suspect vehicle was stopped in the roadway, blocking the street. She then heard several gunshots. The driver described the suspect vehicle as a light or silver color SUV. The officer was advised several shell casings were located on Tierra Bonita. The officer went to the area where the shell casings were located and photographed and collected six 40 caliber gun shell casings. Witnesses described the SUV, and one witness believed the front passenger put a gun out of the passenger window and fired several shots before driving off. At this time the suspects are not known.

A woman on Santa Fe Lane reported that when she arrived home she discovered her 55 inch TV was missing. She also said someone was hiding in a wall where the water heater was stored. The officer checked and did not see anyone other than the water heater. The victim was not able to provide a make or model for the TV. At this time no suspects were identified.

June 12

An officer was called to a business in the 200 block of California for burglary. The victim had arrived to work on Saturday morning and found a door had been damaged. She also located a hole in the wall of the mechanic shop that had been covered had been pried loose. She said she had the damages repaired, but then after checking around she noticed a total of four weed trimmers were missing. Two of the weed trimmers were hers and the other two belonged to a second victim. She valued her Stihl weed trimmers at $150 each. The second victim arrived and said his Troy Bilt weed trimmers were valued at $120 each. The officer checked the surrounding businesses for cameras. At this time the suspects are unknown.

A man reported his tool box and $500 worth of Matco tools had been stolen from the property in the 500 block of Second Street. He believed one of his son's friends who visited might be responsible. At this time no suspects have been identified.

A caller reported that the suspect, a male juvenile, left the home when she was out. She said he was not supposed to leave the home because he was on conditions of release. The caller said the juvenile was upset over not being allowed to attend a party this weekend and that may be the reason he left the home. The officer obtained the suspect's information and completed a report, entering the suspect as a missing person.

Officers were called to the Comfort Inn on a report that drugs and a gun were found in one of the guest rooms. The manager showed the officers the room in question, and contact was made with the two occupants. They denied having a gun or drugs. The manager told the male and female they were no longer allowed to stay and they gathered their items and left. Once they left, the manager allowed officers to complete a check of the room. The officers located a handgun under the mattress and several syringes in the bathroom trash. The officers collected the evidence and also located a small baggie of a brown substance and pills in the trash bag. A foil was located in the trash bag containing methamphetamine. The items were logged as evidence and will be sent to the lab for further testing.