Socorro Police Department

Socorro Police Blotter

November 9

• An officer was dispatched to Cooney’s liquor store on California Street for a shoplifter. The security camera video shows a young male taking a bottle of liquor and running out of the store. The officer had not identified the suspect at time of report.

November 10

• An officer was dispatched to Walmart for a trespasser. The suspect was under a trespass order and not allowed to be in the store. The male was issued male a non-traffic citation and allowed to leave.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 400 block of Terry where a woman said her boyfriend had stolen her Subaru hatchback. The officer was called back a short time later and was told she had her vehicle back and no longer wanted to pursue charges.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence on Mt. Carmel for a female asking for help. The woman told the officer that her boyfriend had dragged her across the street and stole her car. The female showed signs of battery, but denied medical attention. The car was entered as stolen into NCIC.

November 11

• An officer was called to the middle school to meet with CYFD staff members about a child making comments that her father was using drugs. The child said her father has several older males at the home and there was drug use that makes her uncomfortable. Officers met with the father at the home which was clean and no paraphernalia to be seen. The father said his daughter did not want to do what was asked of her and was always going to see her boyfriend. The father granted permission for his daughter to stay with the grandparents. The officer was informed later that there was a mutual agreement to allow the child to stay with the grandparents for a while.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence on Tornillo Court on a request by a woman to remove her son. She said he was throwing items around in the residence and had threatened to rape his mother. The male was arrested and incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

• An officer was called to Circle K for a shoplifter. The male suspect at the scene admitted to trying to walk off with four Red Bulls. He was given a non-traffic citation and allowed to leave.

• An officer was called to Parkview Elementary for a parent causing a disturbance. The officer was told that the suspect's daughter had lost her bus ID and had not been allowed to ride the bus. The complainant said they made three attempts to call the parent-suspect before she was finally contacted and arrived at the school. The staff stated that once the parent arrived she began yelling at staff members. The staff member advised this was not the first time the parent has yelled at them, and that they no longer wanted that person on school property. The officer met with the parent who said her child was not allowed on the bus and had been waiting for an hour before she was told about it. The parent was advised of the attempts to contact her. The parent said she was in contact with the superintendent of the schools. The officer advised her that she was no longer allowed on the school campus, and the parent threatened to pull her children from the schools if she was not allowed on the campus.

November 12

• A woman on Rocky Road reported that someone had cashed a check fraudulently. She said that one of their checks was cashed by a male not known by the victim. The victim added that the check was stolen from her vehicle recently and was used without permission. She confirmed that the signature was not her husband’s and the male to whom the check was made was not known by her and has not done any yard work for her. The victim provided a copy of the check that listed the suspect's name. The officer met with the suspect on the following day, who said a friend of his gave him the check to cash for work on property that the friend owned.

The officer spoke with the friend to set up a meeting. A subpoena was issued for video of the check being cashed. Charges are pending in the case.

• An officer was dispatched to Sofia’s Kitchen Restaurant for an intoxicated male lying on a bench. The male was highly intoxicated and could not care for himself. He was arrested and after medical clearance was obtained at the hospital he was incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

• A caller reported that a vehicle had been taken by the male suspect without permission. The vehicle was located on El Camino Real traveling at a high rate of speed. The officer was able to stop the suspect in a parking lot. The suspect was detained and a check with NCIC showed him to have a valid arrest warrant. He was arrested and the vehicle towed. Both the suspect and the caller claimed ownership of the car, which was registered to an entirely different female.

November 13

• A caller in the 700 block of Loma Encantada Street reported that his neighbor’s dogs broke their fence and were in his yard. He added that the dogs have a habit of getting out of their yard, and asked that the owner be notified and his dogs be placed back in their own yard. The officer was able to contact the owner who promised he would be home once he was free from work to get his dogs and repair the fence.

• An officer assisted New Mexico Tech Police on a search warrant at a residence in the 1300 block of Lopezville Road. The suspect was detained. Once the search was complete, the officer obtained consent to search the suspect's person and found heroin in his pocket. He was arrested, processed and taken to the SCDC and booked after obtaining a medical clearance.

• A shoplifter using an electric cart was reported at Walmart. The caller said the suspect drove the cart to the automotive section and placed a vehicle battery between his legs and covered the battery with a jacket. The suspect checked out with several other items but did not pay for the car battery. The suspect then left the store and waited for a second male in the parking lot before putting the items in a gray passenger car and leaving. The suspect in question was identified by store personnel after watching video. The suspect was contacted on the following day for shoplifting a second time and he admitted to taking the car battery. The car battery was recovered and returned to the store. Charges were filed on the suspect.

November 14

• Police responded to Walmart on a shoplifting report, where the suspect shoplifted a bottle of liquor, a knife and fishing gear from the store and left the stolen merchandise in the weeds nearby. The items were recovered by the caller. The suspect also returned to the store with the security cap from the liquor bottle, claiming he just found it and wanted to return it. The suspect was trespassed by the staff, and then cited into court for shoplifting and released.

• An officer was called to Chaparral Drive where a red Freightliner semi-cab was stuck on the ditch bank. The officer completed a check of the truck’s license plate, which was found to be stolen out of Colorado. No one was in the truck and a tow truck removed it from the area. The truck was taken off the NCIC stolen list and evidence was logged at the Socorro Police Department to be sent to the crime lab.

• A woman on Sean Avenue reported that her grandmother told her to expect delivery of an air fryer she had ordered for her when she got home. When she arrived home the item was not on her porch. The item stolen from her porch was valued at $150.

• Officers were called to Walmart for a shoplifter being back in the store. The officer located the suspect in the parking lot and he stated that he had been stealing from the store and had just stolen condoms. The suspect was searched and the stolen condoms were found in his pocket. The officer asked him about the shoplifting from the previous day, and the suspect admitted to taking the car battery and having the battery in use in his pickup. A tow truck was called and his pickup was removed from the scene. The battery was removed from the vehicle and returned to the store. The suspect was processed and booked into SCDC.

November 15

• A woman reported that a female tenant moved out of her rental home in the 600 block of Mariposa taking with her several appliances. The caller said she left with two air conditioners, a ceiling fan and smoke detectors. Several appliances were damaged by the tenant along with cabinets and a screen door. The caller said she has not been able to contact the tenant and does not know where she now lives. The officer attempted to contact the tenant at a number listed but it was disconnected. No contact was made with the tenant at time of report.

• An officer was called to the 1100 block of California Street for a fight with the male suspect leaving the scene in a vehicle. The officer met with the victim who stated she was meeting with the suspect to give him the car, but once she arrived he began to argue with her. During the argument the suspect grabbed her by the neck and hair, throwing her to the ground and kicking her. The victim said he then picked her up and tried to shove her into the car, but witnesses intervened and stopped him, and he drove away. Witnesses told the officer they did see the the suspect grab and throw the victim to the ground, and that when they confronted him, he released her and left the scene. The victim had signs of being battered and was seen by ambulance staff, but she declined to be taken to the hospital and instead was taken to her grandmother’s home. The suspect was not located and charges were filed. The officer met with the victim on the following day and returned a purse and package to her that she had left at the Chevron station. The victim was asked about her child being present at the scene. She said her child was at the scene but was not in danger. The child was present with the victim and appeared OK.

• Officers responded to a home alarm at a residence on Garden Circle. The home was secure and no one was home. The officers contacted the owner, who said she would be home later and would contact police. About one hour later officers were again called to the home for an alarm. Contact was made with a male and female who reside in the home, along with the female owner who was not in the home. The male and female stated they lived there and were allowed to be in the home. The female owner said the female was not wanted on the property and was trespassing. The female was known to live in the home with the male. The officers advised the owner to complete an eviction notice to have her removed and trespassed. The female caller advised she would do so and advised the female had taken several items from the home and sold them for money without permission of the owner. The female who lived in the home advised the items were hers and the males. The female caller advised she had put up four ring doorbell cameras and three were removed by the female and sold. The male advised they did not sell the cameras but destroyed them. The two were advised they had no right to destroy or remove the cameras. The female caller provided several emails to the officer showing the female was selling the items on line.

Items were one Hisense A/C unit, a futon bed, kitchen table and chairs, Whirlpool dryer, bed frame and bathroom stands, lamp and end tables. The female caller estimated her loss was $4,200. The female caller also provided images from the Will of her deceased husband who owned the home showing she was the owner of the home.