Socorro Police Department

Socorro Police Department Blotter

November 16

• An officer on patrol pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation on Highway 85 and found the driver displaying signs of being intoxicated. The driver failed field sobriety tests, and verbally declined to provide a breath sample. Twice. He was processed and booked.

• A female in the 600 block of Park Street reported being kicked by another woman who was inside the residence. She said the other woman woke up and was in a bad mood. She went to get breakfast but when she returned the suspect seemed more agitated and began yelling at her and slamming a chair to the floor. When the victim began to call 911 the suspect rushed her and kicked her on her right leg. There was a male at the house who stopped any further actions by the suspect. The officer placed the suspect under arrest and she was incarcerated at the SCDC.

• An officer met with a female at the Police Department who reported being the victim of a domestic. She said she went to pick up the male suspect at Walmart and met him with a shopping cart in the parking lot. He began yelling and arguing with her and got into the vehicle. She said when they driving he began hitting her and loosened her teeth. Her lips were cut and she was bleeding everywhere. The victim said when they got to the house she stood outside in hopes someone would see her bleeding and help her or call police. She said he had made threats towards her before and was telling her to get inside the house. The victim went inside the house and when the suspect was done putting things away he left, telling her she had better not call police or he would damage her house, so she stayed home. She said today when she was coming to the Police Department the suspect told her she better not because she knew what he would do to her house. She told the officer she knows she has never followed through with charges on other cases but was going to do so this time and was going to get a protection order on suspect. The officer typed out a warrant which was approved and is entered into NCIC.

• An officer was called to the Capitol bar in reference to a male who was highly intoxicated and they wanted him removed. The male asked the officer for a ride to the El Camino, and was told they would give him a ride but he would have to ride in the back seat. He said no thanks and that he would walk. The officers left but were called back because the suspect had returned to the Capitol Bar. He was arrested for trespassing and incarcerated at the SCDC.

• An officer met with a female in the 400 block of Second Street who said she and her partner had been involved in a verbal argument. The female did not look as if she was in an altercation but was intoxicated. She said he had not been drinking and had left the residence before police arrived. The officer left the area and was asked to speak to a third person on the phone who was upset and told the officer the argument was physical. The officer advised her he had met with the female and she was not in a fight and admitted the incident was verbal. She said they fight all the time and the officer said when they do to call 911.

•A man was caught shoplifting a Hyper Tough LED pen at Walmart. He was run through NCIC which showed he had a warrant for his arrest. He was placed under arrest and since he had the warrant he was also served with a criminal complaint for shoplifting the $10 item and was incarcerated at the SCDC.

November 17

• An officer was summoned to the dirt lot near the Alamo Art Gallery in reference to a male passed out. He was highly intoxicated and was passed out near the roadway and side walk. The suspect had nowhere to go and was a risk to the public and could have walked into traffic at any time. He was placed under arrest and incarcerated at the SCDC on charges.

November 18

• Police were summoned to Walmart on a report of a female in the ladies restroom opening packages. On arrival the female was still inside the restroom and was the only person in there. The officer opened the door, announcing he was the police and she needed to exit the restroom and speak to him. The female came out and management told her they knew she had been opening packages in there. She denied doing so and gave the officer consent to look in her purse. Inside were a few items which she admitted taking. She was issued a non-traffic citation and was released.

• An officer was dispatched to john Brooks where a man had shoplifted $55 worth of cleaning products. The officer viewed the video and was able to identify the male and get a warrant for his arrest.

• An officer was called to Plaza Park where a man was yelling people and at cars passing by. On arrival the suspect began walking away from the officer. He was placed under arrest. The officer was advised he had also called 911 this morning and was yelling at the dispatchers. He was taken to the SCDC.

November 19

• An officer on patrol observed the suspect driving erratically on Spring Street and attempted to pull him over. The suspect turned off his lights to the vehicle and pulled into a driveway. He then exited the truck and fled on foot. The officer began to chase him but noticed the suspect's vehicle was rolling backwards into the patrol car. The officer went back to move the patrol car to avoid a crash but the truck struck the patrol car anyway. Backup was called for and officers checked the area but could not locate the suspect. An inventory of the truck turned up a wallet and the suspect was ID’ed. The pickup was registered to the person whose yard the vehicle was left in, and the officer spoke with the owner who confirmed the identity of the person using the vehicle. And that he has a history of running from police. The officer completed an inventory of the wallet and located a baggie with methamphetamine. The evidence was logged at the Socorro Police Department. Charges are pending in the case.

• An officer stopped a female who was walking in the vicinity of El Camino Real and Mariposa because of an incident the day before. She was run through NCIC which came back showing a warrant out of Valencia County. A search subsequent to her arrest turned up a small amount of marijuana. She was incarcerated on the warrant.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 800 block of Sixth Street for a disturbance. At the scene a female was telling and would not stop. The officer advised her multiple times to stop yelling, but she would not comply. The suspect pulled away from the officer and her son was trying to get between the officer and the suspect. Both the male and female were placed into handcuffs. Both received non-traffic citations.

November 20

• A caller from the Chevron station reported that a female was attempting to make a purchase with a counterfeit $100 bill. When the clerk told the female she was keeping the bill and calling police, the suspect and two others left in a white car. The officer was provided the bill and confirmed it was counterfeit. The suspects could not be identified from the security camera video and the officer logged the bill into evidence.

• Police received a call from a complainant to report a male suspect who had been using a company gas card to make fuel purchases that should not have been made. The caller said there were over 60 fuel purchases that were made after the suspect was terminated from his job and provided documents showing the dates and times of the purchases. The officer spoke with the suspect by phone who said he did not make any purchases after he was terminated and did not know who made them. The officer is obtaining a security camera video from the gas station. Charges to be filed.

November 21

• A female was stopped on Spring Street for impaired driving. She failed field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest. A baggie with a crystal substance and a foil with a brown substance was found the vehicle and they were sent to the lab for testing. A blood draw was obtained and kept as evidence. The suspect was brought back to the Police Department and family was called to give her a ride. Charges pending results of lab tests.

November 22

• A female came to the Police Department to report a stolen firearm. She said she left her Ruger 10-22 in her friend’s vehicle. When she went to get it, it was missing. The serial number was entered into NCIC as a stolen firearm.

• An officer responded to the 1200 block of Chaparral where a woman was trespassing in a vacant home. The female was located in the bedroom with various paraphernalia used for the ingestion of narcotics. Residue of narcotics used were found on the items. The suspect claimed she had permission to be there because her friend had worked out some kind of a deal with the owner to let her stay in the vacant home. The officer told her she was not allowed there and had to leave. The suspect did admit ownership of the paraphernalia. She was released and the home was secured. The narcotic related evidence was logged to be sent to the lab for further testing. Charges pending.

• Officers were called to the Walmart parking lot for a car theft. The officer met with the victim who said three men drove up and confronted him. The victim said he identified one suspect, who struck him. As he was being struck another suspect took his car. The officer was able to view video and identify the three suspects in the video. The vehicle was entered NCIC as stolen. The vehicle was later recovered by the Socorro County Sheriff’s Department. It was unoccupied. The car was searched for evidence and arrest warrants for the three men were obtained.

November 23

• An officer stopped a PT Cruiser on Highway 1 as part of an ongoing investigation. The driver and a female passenger were run though NCIC which showed a valid warrant for his arrest. Officer met with female who also had a valid warrant for his arrest. A tow inventory of the vehicle turned up substance which t3ested positive for narcotics and both the male and female were incarcerated.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 800 block of Sixth Street on a harassment report. The victim told the officer a woman was trying to get him to buy marijuana for her. He refused and the woman became angry and threatened him. The officer met with the suspect who claimed she did not ask for marijuana and was actually asking for piñon. She was told to stop calling him and she agreed to not contact him again.

• An officer was dispatched to the emergency room for a dog bite. The male victim told the officer he was bitten by a dog but did not know what kind of dog or what color it was. He was told a report on the incident could not be done if he did not know anything about the dog that bit him.

November 24

• Police were dispatched to a residence in the 800 block of Spring Street for a domestic in progress. On arrival officers could hear two people fighting. Inside an officer spoke with a male and female, who showed signs of battery. The officer spoke with the male, who began yelling and throwing himself on the floor. He was arrested and incarcerated.

• The owner if a trailer park on Fatima Road called police about a breaking and entering on a vacant trailer. While speaking to the owner of the park officers could hear someone walking around inside the trailer. Officers went around the back of the trailer where a back door was open and announced their presence. Inside were three subjects sitting on a mattress next to a tin containing a brown substance. They claimed an individual called PJ told them they could be there. They were informed the PJ individual did not own the residence. Their names were run through NCIC which showed they had warrants. One male suspect claimed ownership of the heroin. The suspects were issued trespass citations and arrested on warrants and dope.

• An officer was called to a residence in the 500 block of Simpson in reference to a female bleeding. She told the officer she got into an argument and the suspect punched her in the face, causing her to bleed from the cut. All subjects were run through NCIC, which came back with warrants. Suspect was arrested.

November 25

• A man tried to use a counterfeit $100 bill at Smoker’s Discount. Police arrived and a NCIC check showed he had a warrant for his arrest. The male was arrested and incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

November 26

• Police received a report that someone stole $1,000 worth of Christmas lights from the holiday display on the Plaza. The officer checked the area and noticed cameras at the Washington Federal bank building. No suspect at time of report.

• An officer was dispatched to McCutcheon for a disorderly male who was yelling and banging on walls. He was taken to Socorro Police Department where the officer found him in possession of a crystal like substance. It was logged into evidence and will be sent to lab for testing.

• Police were called back to Smoker’s Discount on California Street for another attempt to pass a counterfeit $100 bill. The officer met with the male who claimed his son found the money behind a building and he had no idea the bill was fake. The officer took possession of the counterfeit money and logged it into evidence.

• An officer was called to a home in the 900 block of Ake Avenue for trespassers. On arrival the officer observed the suspect exiting the back shed and locking the shed door. The male suspect claimed he had permission from the tenant to be there, but was told by the officer that the owner did not and wanted all persons removed from the property. On entering the shed the officer discovered the suspect was storing narcotics there. The narcotics were collected and taken to the police department. The narcotics showed a positive for methamphetamine and heroin. The officer filed charges on suspect.