Socorro Police Department

Socorro Police Department

October 1

• Officers were called to the scene of vehicle fire at Walmart. Witnesses said they saw the driver enter the parking lot with smoke coming from under the hood of the car. A witness said a male parked the car and then ran from the scene. The fire was put out and the car towed from the scene.

• An officer assisted on a medical call for an unresponsive male in the 500 block of Spring Street. The officer provided his Narcan spray to ambulance staff, who administered the treatment. The male was taken to Socorro General Hospital.

October 2

• An officer was called to the Socorro Storehouse on larceny call where a small scale which was stolen. A security camera video helped identify a male suspect who had taken the scale. The suspect is seen getting on the bike with the scale and leaving the area. The case is pending and charges have been filed. The officer has not been able to locate suspect at time of report.

• Animal control was called to a residence in the 1100 block of Cuba Road in reference to a dog running at large and on the victim’s property. The officer arrived and met with the complainant who told the officer the dog is always at her residence and urinates all over her outside furniture. She provided photos of the dog doing so. The officer met with the owner and issued three citations and advised him to keep the dog in the yard.

October 3

• An officer was called to home on School of Mines Road for a welfare check after children could not wake the mother. The officer met with the occupants of the home and the mother. The mother said she was now awake and getting the children ready for school. The officer met with the children who appeared fine and were getting ready for school. During a walk through the home the officer noted there were food items on the counter and household goods lying around the home. The mother said the family had moved into the home the day before and were still unpacking. The home did have food and water. A report was filed on the incident.

• An officer was given a set of keys by a female caller, who said the keys belonged to the sister. The officer returned the keys to the sister, who said she was not sure why the caller had the keys. The sister took possession of the keys. The officer was called back by the sister and advised the keys did not work on the car. The office checked the keys and they did not work on the car. The sister kept the keys at this time.

• A complainant reported that she checked her credit score and found an inquiry from Sprint. She called Sprint and was advised to file a report. The victim was discovered to be in the county, so the case was forwarded to the Sheriff’s Department.

• Two bicycles were stolen from a residence in the 600 block of Memory Lane. The victim reported an unknown suspect took the bikes from outside of the home, two days in a row. He stated the bicycles were on the front porch when they were taken. The victim could not provide a serial number for the bikes and listed the values. At this time there are no suspects.

• A complainant reported receiving several calls from a blocked phone number. She believes the caller may be her ex-boyfriend, who she has a protection order against. At this time there is no proof the calls came from the ex-boyfriend. No charges were filed.

• A man on Goad Street reported that a female suspect had taken a Smith and Wesson M&P from his home. He said that a friend told him that she admitted to him taking the gun. The victim said the friend offered to pay her to return the hand gun but the suspect had not returned the gun. Assisting officers were contacted by the victim, who repeated that the suspect admitted to taking the hand gun. The hand gun was later returned to the victim by the suspect's father. The gun was removed from NCIC. The victim was contacted and declined to press charges now that the gun was recovered.

October 4

• An officer was called to Walmart on a shoplifting call. The officer met with the male suspect in front of store. He claimed he was in the store but was not shoplifting. He gave his name and DOB and his information showed no warrants. The officer went inside and questioned a male and female who were with the suspect, and they identified the suspect by his real name. The suspect was contacted and placed under arrest for concealing his ID. A check with NCIC with his correct name confirmed valid arrest warrants. The suspect was also known to be trespassed from the store. He was arrested and booked into SCDC.

• Officers were called to Highway 60 for a male causing a traffic hazard and threatening to throw rocks at passing cars. The suspect had been contacted a short time before for sitting on the sidewalk. On arrival the officer witnessed the suspect drop a large rock. The suspect said he had been drinking and was detained while officers met with victims. The victims said they were traveling on Highway 60 when the male raised his arm to throw a rock at their vehicle, and they were in fear of being hit with the rock. The suspect was arrested and the softball-sized rock was collected as evidence. He was booked into the SCDC.

• An officer following up on a possible shoplifting at Walmart met with the manager at the store. The officer was able to view video of the male suspect in the store taking four cans of beer, a bottle of Crown Royal and a bottle of Jim Beam. The suspect was also known to be Trespassed from the store. The officer filed charges on him.

• An officer was advised that a suspect purchased marijuana purchase had been conducted in full view of an off duty officer. The officer was given a description of two suspects. The officer found them and advised them of the reason for contact. The female suspect turned over marijuana, and the male allowed a search of his person and the officer located the marijuana. The two suspects were cited and released. The marijuana was logged as evidence.

• A male subject reported that while driving on Spring Street he noticing the right rear tire went flat. The car was taken home and a check showed damage to the tire. He told police he recently had a tire damaged intentionally and thinks this tire was also damaged. The apartment complex where he lives has security cameras, and officers were able to view the video, but no one was seen around the car. At this time there are no suspects.

• An officer located a man known to have a valid arrest warrant at Walmart. Once the warrant was confirmed, the officer arrested him. The officer was also provided with a valid Trespass Notice from Walmart staff, confirming that he was also not allowed to be in store. Suspect booked into SCDC.

• An officer was called to the 700 block of Liles for an incident where a dog was loose and the suspect pushing the dog owner’s son. The officer met with owner of the dog who stated he was told his dog was in the suspect's yard and the suspect pushed his son. The officer met with the suspect who said the neighbor’s dog was in the yard, causing his girlfriend to be afraid of the dog, and he notified the neighbor of the dog being out. The suspect said the victim confronted the girlfriend as she was leaving and asked why she was afraid of the dog. The girlfriend drove off and the son hit the car. The suspect then pushed the victim's son away from the car. The dog owner was cited for dog at large. The suspect was cited for battery.