Socorro Police Department

Socorro Police Department blotter

July 26

• An officer was dispatched to the 500 block of Old Highway 85 to take a report. A male worker there told the officer he removed a stove in a yard at the trailer park. The man explained the trailer park does not allow old appliances in the park.

July 27

• A woman on Eastwood Loop told an officer she was contacted by the male and female suspects and asked if they could take her child fishing. She said she agreed to let the child go fishing with the understanding it would be locally. A short time later a man came to the door and served her with child custody paperwork. The victim said the two suspects were filing for custody. She said she wanted the incident documented at this time, with possible charges filed at a later date.

• An officer picked up a man on California Street who was known to have a warrant. He was arrested and incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

• An officer was dispatched to the 400 block of California on the report of someone breaking things. The mother advised the officer the suspect was in the room and became mad because she was smoking. He broke a TV, and on his way out he broke an Xbox gaming system and a second TV. The suspect had left prior to the officer getting to the residence. Suspect was not located at time of report and the officer filed charges on the suspect.

July 28

• A complainant in the 1100 block of California called about a male suspect being on the property and had damaged an outlet and a window, and broke a different window. The suspect was seen on video punching and arguing with an outlet, then picking up a rock and throwing it at the door. And picking up the same rock and throwing it through the window. The male is seen going to a shed and attempting to open the shed door and going around the back and opening the window causing to go off track. The suspect was identified and charges are filed.

• An officer was dispatched to Dollar Tree for a shoplifting. The officer was able to identify the female on surveillance video. The female was located and detained, and taken back to the store where the items were returned. She was taken to the Socorro Police Department and given non-traffic citations on the incident. She was trespassed from Dollar Tree and released.

July 29

• An officer spotted a male who was known to have an arrest warrant at Sixth and Vigil streets. The suspect began to resist arrest and the officer had to wrestle him to the ground. An assisting officer had to threaten the suspect with being Tased if he didn’t stop resisting. A check with NCIC confirmed two valid warrants. During a search of the suspect the officer found burglary tools in his possession. He was incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

• A male subject on Baca Street contacted police about going through his gun collection and finding that one was missing, a .22 caliber Stoeger Luger. He said he did not know when the gun went missing. The victim signed a theft declaration and the gun was entered into NCIC.

• An officer was summoned to the 500 block of Park Street to answer a domestic call. The victim said her boyfriend had asked her to set the alarm for 7 a.m. When the alarm went off she woke him up, but he told her he didn’t want to go to work today. She told him he really needed to go to work, and when she started crying he started telling her to shut up or he was going to hit her. Then he struck her several times, leaving red marks and bruises on her person. He had left before the police arrived. The victim said he was supposed to be checking in with compliance. The officer checked with the compliance office and was told he did check in but did not mention the incident at home. The suspect was not located at time of report, and charges were filed.

• Officers were called to a house on Calle de San Miguel on a report of a deceased person. On checking the home, officers located the deceased lying on the floor after a cable broke that the deceased had been hanging from. The deceased person had been in the home for a few days. OMI was called in and the deceased was processed and removed from the home. The following day a suitcase was found in the 300 block of California belonging to the deceased. The suitcase contained prescription pills and was logged in for safe keeping.

• A female suspect was trespassing on property in the 800 block of Spring Street. She was known to police as having outstanding arrest warrants. She was arrested and at the Police Department the officer found that she was in possession of heroin and methamphetamine. She was processed and booked into SCDC.

• Officers were called to the area of Sixth and Otero for a female subject running in traffic. She was located but denied being the person running in traffic, adding that she could take care of herself. A beer can had been thrown in the street and the female admitted the beer being hers. She was placed in a patrol car, and as the officer was meeting with a witness, the suspect began kicking the car door. An assisting officer had the suspect exit the car and was moved to the other side. As she was being placed back in the car she leaned back and began kicking the officer, then spit on the officer. A spit mask was placed on her and she was taken to the Police Department for processing. All the while she continued to make threats to the officers. She was booked into the SCDC.

• Police received a call about a male being asleep at an ice machine. The officer met with the suspect, who was intoxicated and sleeping next to an ice dispenser. He was awakened, and he told the officer he was just taking a nap. He was taken to the Police Department where he was issued a non-traffic citation and released.

• An officer was dispatched to the Plaza to check on two male suspects who were lying on the sidewalk. When they were asked to leave, they said they did not have to leave as they were already home. Then one suspect began yelling at someone who was not present. The officer told them to stand up because they were being arrested but were unable to stand due to being highly intoxicated. After being assisted they were taken to the Police Department for processing and to the hospital for medical clearance before being booked into jail.

July 30

• An officer pulled over a PT Cruiser with no windshield on Chaparral for speeding. The driver was shown to have a suspended driver’s license and no paperwork for the car. The vehicle was towed from the scene and the driver cited.

July 31

• An officer was called to the 500 block of S. Fifth Street where a man said he had parked his 1984 Ford pickup in front of a friend’s home. He went inside and when he came out the truck was gone. He was not able to list any possible suspects. A theft declaration was signed and the truck entered into NCIC as stolen.

• A woman flagged down an officer on California Street to report that someone had taken her old bank card and attempted to use the card at Walmart. She said the card was deactivated and was declined. The victim does not know who could have tried to use the card, but did not want any charges filed as no money was taken.

• A female victim reported that she arrived for work in the 900 block of California Street and saw a juvenile male walking toward her with a baseball bat in his hand. She felt in fear of her life due to the fact that he was holding a baseball bat, and she exited her car with a can of mace handy. The male then tossed a cell phone in her direction. She tried catching the phone unsuccessfully, and when the phone hit the ground the screen broke. It was a phone she had lent the suspect. The victim said the suspect left after throwing the phone in the air.

• A man came to the Police Department to report that he was staying at a local hotel while he was in town for first responder training at New Mexico Tech. He said that yesterday he returned to his room and noticed prescription pills were missing. The victim said he notified the staff about the theft but has not heard back from them. At this time there are no suspects.

• An officer picked up a male suspect on Sixth Street who was known to have a warrant. A check with NCIC confirmed the arrest warrant and he was arrested. A search of his person turned up a pill that was later determined to be a narcotic drug. The suspect was processed and booked into SCDC.

• Officers on patrol located a male and a female walking on Highway 60. A check with NCIC showed both to have arrest warrants. They were arrested and taken to the Police Department, where a search turned up syringes and a suboxone strip on the male suspect. The two suspects were processed and later booked into SCDC.

• An officer on patrol on Bullock stopped a male known to have a valid warrant. Pursuant to arrest the suspect was searched and found in possession of a loaded syringe and a cotton saturated with drug residue. The two items will be sent to the lab for testing. The suspect was booked on his warrant.

Aug. 1

• A caller reported a suspect who took a bank card from the victim. The caller and another family member located the suspect and retrieved the card. The officer met with the victim who said he did not want charges filed and only wanted his card back. The officer told the victim his daughter (the caller) had the card and was going to return the card to him. The suspect was not located at his time.

• A woman on Texas Avenue reported being struck and bitten by another woman after not giving her a drink of whiskey. The victim stated she did not want charges filed against the suspect and only needed a ride to the hospital. She was taken to the hospital and no charges were filed.

• An officer was called to a business on Winkler for phone harassment. The caller told the officer she received repeated calls from a male and female who were upset over a report listed in the newspaper. The caller said the suspects would make repeated calls and were cursing at her. The officer was provided with the numbers for the two suspects. The officer contacted the male suspect who said he was upset over an article in the newspaper. The male said his wife was the female calling on the other phone. The male was advised not to contact the paper any further.

• A caller reported noticing vehicle batteries placed near a fence at the NewMexico Firefighters Academy and the fence was laid over. The caller said he had the fence fixed and the batteries were taken back to the original location. However, after the fence was fixed a subsequent check of the property revealed the fence cut and more items missing or moved. The caller said he did notice a Honda Generator was missing from the property. And several locks on storage containers were cut or unlocked and the items inside had been gone through. At this time there are no suspects.

• A man reported being in the coffee shop on Manzanares when the suspect walked in and had coffee and food. The victim said he had a protection order against the suspect that specified that the suspect was to stay away from him. The victim later provided a valid copy of the order. The suspect was not located.

• A woman in the 300 block of Second Street reported the theft of five goats from her property. She said she last saw the goats yesterday and when she checked on them at 6 a.m. today they were gone. She found tracks leading from her property headed east on to the railroad tracks and followed the tracks southeast, but soon lost their trail. The goats were valued at $150 each. At this time there are no suspects.

Aug. 2

• Officers were called to Garfield on a report of a man chasing two female victims. The victims told police the male suspect was upset at his girlfriend and began chasing her and her friend as they were driving. During the chase he was dangerously close to their car and nearly ran them off the road while passing on the oneway street. An assisting officer located the suspect and detained him while the other officer was obtaining the victim's statement. The suspect was arrested and brought to the Police Department but declined to make a statement. He was booked into SCDC.

• An officer was called to the 900 block of Sean and met with the victim who reported that as he was going through his home, noticed several items missing after another man was at the residence. The victim listed the items that were stolen, including two hard drives, six flash drives and a screwdriver set. The officer has not located the suspect at this time.

• An officer met with a caller from the Socorro County Detention Center who reported that a mother, the suspect, was having her children blow into the interlock device in order to start her car. When the first child could not get it started another sibling blew into the interlock and was able to get the car started for her. The suspect is on probation and the probation officer was notified.

• Police responded to a report of battery where the female victim was walking to Walmart and being confronted by another woman asking about the police being called on her husband. The suspect yelled at her and struck her on the arm. The suspect was contacted and admitted to striking the victim on the arm. She was cited into court.

• Officers were called to Clark Field for a fight. Witnesses stated that as they were driving past Clark Field they saw a man punching a woman in the face. The male witness said he exited his vehicle and stopped the suspect from hitting her again. The victim told the officer the suspect did hit her but she was not sure why. The suspect was arrested and later booked into SCDC.

• A caller in the 400 block of Bullock reported a situation where the father brought their children to her after he lost his home. The caller said the father has custody of the children by court order. She stated the father later called and wanted to have the children back, but she was concerned that since he did not have a home, the children would be sleeping in the car. The officer attempted to call the father to confirm there was a home. The father was not able to be contacted and the children stayed with the caller. A SCI report was called in.