Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reportsmat the Socorro Police Department

May 2

A caller at Walmart reported that the suspect was being watched for shoplifting. The suspect was upset over the incident and threatened the caller. The caller advised he wanted the suspect trespassed. The suspect was located and trespassed from the store.

A second suspect at Walmart was caught shoplifting. The suspect and stolen merchandise

were turned over to the officer. The suspect admitted to taking merchandise without paying. The suspect was taken back to the store where he was trespassed and issued a non-traffic citation and released.

May 3

A man on Hope Farm Road reported that his pickup was damaged sometime during the day, but was not sure how the damage occurred or where. The damage is from the rear of the truck bed to the cab of the truck. At this time there are no suspects.

May 4

A man reported someone had damaged the light outside of his business in the 700 block of California. The officer was shown the damage to the light bulb. At this time there are no suspects.

A woman on B Street reported the male suspect was calling her and came by residence trying to take their child. She said he was intoxicated and was throwing beer bottles in the yard. She said he was court-ordered to stay away from her after a recent domestic violence charge. The victim said he left the home in a vehicle with three others prior to the officer's arrival. The officer completed a report and filed charges on the suspect.

A caller in the 300 block of School of Mines reported seeing an unknown suspect in a tan vehicle with Texas license plates breaking a rear window and kicking open the back door to a vacant home. The caller said the person took a plastic bag from the home and left in the car. It was not known what was in the bag. The suspect was not located at this time.

May 5

An officer was summoned to the South Chevron in reference to a break-in. The officer met with the manager at the store who told the officer someone broke into the back shed and took a Troy-Bilt weed eater worth approximately $100, and a Troy Bilt leaf blower worth approximately $120. The security cameras did not pick anything up. No suspect at this time.

A woman in the 1200 block of El Camino Real reported returning to her apartment and finding a new hole in the wall along with her purse emptied out and a bag of clothes removed from a downstairs storage area. The victim said she suspects her ex-boyfriend of doing the damage but did not witness the incident. The incident was documented.

May 6

Officers were called to Walmart for a shoplifter. The suspect had gone through the self-checkout and did not pay for all his items. He was stopped at the door and his receipt was checked. The items not paid for, totaling $41, were removed. The suspect was trespassed from the store and issued a citation for shoplifting.

A man in the 500 block of Calle Bonita reported someone damaging items in his yard. He showed the officer several items that were damaged. The victim thought the neighbors may be damaging the property after his dog went after the neighbor's cat. The officer was able to meet with the neighbor, who said she was not damaging the property and said the dogs may be jumping on the fence causing fence poles to be loose. The neighbor was told at this time there are no suspects, and the incident was documented. The victim was advised to put up cameras to show who was damaging his property.

An officer met with a man who reported being mugged on California Street. He said he was pushed down on the ground by who he said were two or three Native American males who then took his wallet with money and Identification items. The victim did not have any dirt on his clothing or injuries to his body. The officer did note the victim was intoxicated. The victim gave a description of the possible suspects. The officer attempted to locate the males but was not able to do so at time of report.

A woman in the 800 block of Padilla Place reported the suspect's dogs chasing her goats. She said the dogs were chased away and went back to the suspect's home. The officer met with the suspect and issued the suspect citations for the dogs being loose and chasing the goats.

A man called police about being chased by dogs on Fairgrounds Road. He said he was riding his bicycle when the suspect's dogs began chasing him. The officer was given a description of

the dogs and the residence. The officer met with the homeowner and advised her to restrain the dogs, and if another complaint was filed on the dogs she would be cited.

May 7

An officer was called to the 100 block of Chaparral Drive for a dog running loose and being aggressive. The officer arrived just in time to see a male trying to restrain the dog. The officer was told the dog belonged to the male's brother in law. The brother-in-law arrived and was advised his dog was running loose. He was cited into court.

Police took a report from a couple on Caine Street about being the victims of fraud. The victims had contacted a company that told them they could make extra money. They received a check in the mail from the shopping survey company. They cashed the check and purchased gift cards according to instructions, and then sent images of the gift cards to an email account. A few days later their bank notified them that the check did not clear and they were responsible for the money that was withdrawn. The victims provided the information to the officers. The officer informed the victims the case was difficult to prosecute or recover the money.

An officer was called to the 400 block of Center Street for dogs running loose and being aggressive towards a male victim. The officer arrived and observed the suspect's dogs running loose and being aggressive towards the victim. The victim stated the two dogs were aggressive towards him and his pets. The officer met with the suspect, explaining the reason for contact, and she did admit to ownership of the dogs. She was cited for the violations.