Socorro Police Department

The following reports were taken from the city police blotter

July 12

• An officer on patrol checked out an open gate at a home in the 700 block of Reservoir. A backpack was found outside the home and a rear door was open, but no one was around. Suspecting that an unknown suspect may be inside, the officer called for assistance. The home was cleared and no suspects were located. The officer met with the owner of the property who said the home was vacant and no one should be in the yard. Officers collected evidence and lifted fingerprints from the scene. The case is under investigation.

• A traffic stop was conducted in the 1200 block of El Camino Real by an officer who recognized the driver as someone who had an arrest warrant. The officer obtained the suspect's information and completed an NCIC check which confirmed a valid warrant. The officer arrested him and a search turned up marijuana and paraphernalia in his possession. The suspect's vehicle was towed and the suspect was processed and booked into SCDC.

• Officers were called to a home in the 400 block of NE Frontage Road home on a report of a fight involving three females. The victim said that suspect 1 and suspect 2 came to the house and that suspect 1 began arguing with her and struck her. She said when she started fighting back then suspect 2 entered the fight. The victim stated she was fighting with both suspects as other females watched, and a juvenile was recording the fight. She said she fought with suspect 2 for a short time before being punched by suspect 1 and another female. All suspects left after the fight. Scrapes to the victim’s knees and back were noted. An officer met with suspect 2 who admitted she went to the victim's home to talk with her. Suspect 2 said when the victim came outside she attacked suspect 1, so suspect 2 helped restrain her so she would not hurt suspect 1. Suspects also denied a video was taken of the incident. Charges were filed on both suspects.

July 13

• A driver was pulled over on Fatima. The officer identified him as someone who was known to have a suspended/revoked license. The driver admitted to having a suspended/revoked license and he was arrested. During the tow inventory the officer located an open bottle of beer and drug paraphernalia. The suspect was booked into the SCDC.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 1200 block of Main on a report of an assault where a man had a cut on his hand from stopping another man from trying to hit his mother with a metal pipe. The mother said the suspect was trying to hit her with his fist, not a pipe. The officer was told the suspect had left the area after he tried to hit the woman. Officers have not yet spoken to suspect in the case at the time of the report.

July 14

• An officer met with a man on California Street who said someone had attempted to break into his taco trailer. He said they were not able to get in, but he wanted to report it.

• An officer was called to Reservoir Road for a man who had been pushed down the stairs of his residence by his son. The son said he thought his father was going to hit him because they were arguing, so when he was walking up the stairs he pushed him down. When the father was told his son was going to jail, he became upset and told officer he didn’t want his son arrested, but instead wanted the officer to talk to him about his behavior. The officer explained that by law he had to be arrested. The son was placed under arrest and incarcerated at the SCDC.

• A complainant reported that her ex-boyfriend has been following her and demanding to talk to her by text. She explained to the officer she does not want to speak to him but he continues to harass her. The complainant wants the suspect to be told to stop and wants the incident documented at this time.

July 15

• A complainant at Walmart reported that a man who had been banned from the store was back on the property. The suspect claimed he had been to the store several times since the last incident and did not have any problems. The officer told the suspect he was not allowed on the property and he would have to contact the main corporate office with any complaints he had on the store.

• A female subject was involved in an accident on California and required medical attention. She was taken to Socorro General to be seen and then was released. The officer met with her and issued her three citations and advised her that there were also three outstanding warrants for her arrest. She was placed suspect under arrest for warrants and later incarcerated at the SCDC.

• An officer was dispatched to John Brooks for a shoplifter. The manager showed the officer a video of a male stealing Tide Pods. The officer was able to locate him and took him back to the store to sign a trespassing form. The Tide Pods were returned to store unopened. Suspect was issued a non-traffic citation for shoplifting.

July 16

• A woman on Mt. Carmel reported arriving home and finding a gray Toyota truck in her yard with four males sitting in it. The victim said one male was Hispanic and slim and was wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey. She said she blocked the vehicle from leaving and spoke with the male who claimed he was lost and was looking for Terry Street. As they left she realized that she was missing a green extension cord valued at $75, and wrote down the license plate number of the vehicle. The officer was not able to locate the vehicle and occupants at time of report.

• A woman on Lewis Drive reported someone egged her car, causing damage. On inspection the officer did see cracking to the paint on the car. The victim listed a person of interest, but there was no proof of who damaged the car.

• A car was pulled over at Spring and Highway 60 for equipment violation. The driver could not provide a driver’s license or any paperwork for the vehicle. She was cited into court and the vehicle towed.

July 17

• An officer was called to Chaparral for a highly intoxicated male who was standing near a fence attempting to unzip his pants. He was issued a non-traffic citation and released to go home.

• Officers responded to the 700 block of California on the report of a child locked in a car. The mother said another child exited the car as she was throwing trash and the door locked. The officers attempted to break the window on the car but could not. The caller was able to break a window and entry into the car was made. The child appeared to be OK. The mother took the child to the hospital to be checked by medical staff.

• Police were called to the 700 block of Texas Avenue for a domestic. The victim told the officer the suspect struck her repeatedly and kicked her, accusing her of dating another man while he was in jail. The officer noted she had visible injuries. She said the suspect left heading north from the area and had been using methamphetamine. The officer checked the area and did not locate the suspect. The officer filed charges on the suspect.

• A woman in the 100 block of Peralta reported that the suspect entered her room and was threatening to harm her. She said she told the suspect to leave her room, but the suspect continued to threaten her so she left the home. The officer arrived and checked the home but he was not there. The officer documented incident filed charges on suspect.

• An officer was dispatched to Walmart and met with the manager who reported there was a male who had exited the Garden Center carrying a speaker and some other items. He was seen running out to the parking lot where a white sedan was waiting for him. He jumped in and they fled. The officer was given a possible plate number and when the plate was run it came back not on file. No suspects at this time.

• A complainant came to the Police Department to report he was having problems with some teenagers hanging around the Val Verde Hotel property who had no reason to be there. The complainant gave the name of the boys and the officer said when he found them they would be told to stay away.

July 18

• A caller reported that an unknown suspect entered his fenced property in the 500 block of Otero and attempted to take an air conditioner and wheel barrows. The victim stated nothing appeared to be taken but items had been moved. The officer recovered a ladder and rake used by the suspect, and obtained fingerprints on the items touched by suspect. At this time the suspect is not known.

• Officers were called to home in the 700 block of Lucero for a break in and the theft of oxycodone. The victims told police the arrived home and found a broken window and the medication gone. The officer checked the window and attempted to lift fingerprints and obtain a DNA sample. The evidence was logged to be sent to the lab for testing.

• A complainant in the 1100 block of California reported that a letter was sent to the suspect informing him he was no longer welcome at the hotel due to his unacceptable behavior towards the staff. The caller then received a phone call from the suspect who threatened to sue the hotel and come back with police in the next few days. The incident was documented.

• A caller reported being given custody of a child after the child's mother was arrested, and needed proper documentation showing she had custody of the child so the child could be registered in school and taken to the doctor. The officer completed a report and called in CYFD report.

• A man on Franklin called in to report a theft. He told the officer he had taken out five gallon cans of paint and two 1-gallon paint cans and put them on the porch, and then inside for a while. When he came back outside and noticed three of the five gallon cans were gone. The amount of loss is $200. No suspect at this time.

• An officer was dispatched for a female contacting the crisis line. The caller told the officer she did not want to harm herself but was upset over another female making rude comments to her on Facebook. She was advised to block the female and notify police if the incidents continue.

July 16

• An officer called to a home on Sean for a dispute between a father and child. The father said his son was being disrespectful due to having another family member in the home. The father asked that the family member to be taken home. The officer removed the family member from the home.

• An officer called to the 100 block of Fifth Street where the property owner reported a trespasser. He said the man was on his property and had since walked into a wooded area next to his property. The suspect was located in the lot and was found to be highly intoxicated. He was so intoxicated he was unable to give the officer a location to be taken to. The victim's property was posted with a no trespassing sign. The suspect was arrested and later booked into SCDC.

July 19

• An officer was called to the 200 block of Manzanares where a female subject said she was attempting to locate a friend on the property when the male victim knocked the phone out of her hand. The male victim stated the female was on the property banging on doors of apartments and was told to leave, and she started yelling at him. The female was advised she was no longer allowed on the property and was released with a citation.

• A suspect was contacted on Mt. Carmel for having a valid warrant. NCIC confirmed warrant and the suspect was arrested and booked SCDC.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence on Otero for a battery. The juvenile victim told the officer she was hit by her sister’s ex-boyfriend. The officer noticed blood around here mouth and she said she was not feeling well. EMT's were called and transported her to Socorro General Hospital. Charges were filed on the suspect.

• An officer was dispatched to Walmart for an EBT card was lost and used by an unknown person. The officer was able to view video of a male using the EBT card. The male was questioned and claimed his wife bought the EBT card from a female she works with. The case was turned over to the New Mexico State Police.

• A vehicle was stopped in the 100 block of Manzanares for a traffic infraction. The driver’s information was run through NCIC which showed the driver to have a suspended driver’s license with an arrest clause. He was arrested and incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 1300 block of Lopezville Road for a battery report. The victim stated his son was angry and was trying to batter him. He was in fear of being battered. The suspect, who was under the influence, was arrested and incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

• Officer was dispatched to a local gas station for a female with a warrant. She was run through NCIC which confirmed the warrant for her arrest. She was arrested and incarcerated at the Socorro County Detention Center.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence on Nicholas for the removal of the male suspect. The female victim stated her husband was a jealous man and said she was asleep on couch and he grabbed her by her ankle asked her to sleep on the bed with him. She said she did not want him in her residence. He was asked to leave and no charges were filed.

July 20

• An officer responded to a breaking and entering report in the 200 block of Sixth Street. The male victim told the officer he found a man in his residence when he woke. He said he threw him out, but the suspect had left a ball cap and pants on the property. The officer took all items as evidence, and prepared a photo line-up for the victim. The victim was able to identify the suspect in line-up.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 500 block of Fifth Street for a breaking and entering. On arrival the officer noticed a window was broken and items from the home in the yard. The officer cleared the residence and was told by the victim nothing was missing. The officer collected clothing from inside the residence that the victim stated was not hers. The officer followed foot prints from the home to Otero Avenue. No suspect at this time.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence on C Street for damage to property where a door was damaged and copper was stolen. A report was made and more patrols through the area were conducted.