Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

October 20

Officers were called to the scene of a fight at a residence in the 800 block of Sixth Street. The female victim said the male suspect came to the residence and began to argue with her over drinking. The argument turned physical with the suspect slapping the victim when she made comments about him not being around for their father, who had passed away. The female victim stated he also struck her son when her son tried to intervene. She said he also threw a glass candle at her head. She was checked by ambulance staff along with her son. The officer was shown a broken screen door and items thrown around in the victim's room. The officer was later able to make contact with the male suspect, who stated he had been called to the home because she was feeling depressed. When he arrived he saw that she was intoxicated and when he told her that her problem was she was drinking too much she walked into her room and began hitting the walls and throwing items around. He then walked into the room to calm her down and she began kicking him and making comments about their father. He said she hit him and so he struck her back. And then as he was leaving, she threw a candle at him. He showed the officer his shirt that had wax on it. He said she threw a second object and missed, hitting the glass door, breaking the glass. The male advised he was again hit by the female, so he slapped her back. He said his nephew then started hitting him so he struck the nephew and exited the home, leaving. The female victim later brought in statements and a broken candle. The report will be sent to the DA for charges.

October 22

The minor female victim reported to police that on October 14 she went to the male suspect’s home to watch a movie. She stated the two laid down on a bed and started watching a movie together. She said the suspect began kissing and touching her. She said she advised him to stop but he continued. She said the suspect left marks on her breast during the incident and that she had him drive her home. The victim showed the officer text messages between her and the suspect where he apologized for his actions. The officer attempted to contact the suspect by phone with no answer. A SCI report was called in.

October 23

A shoplifter at Walmart was caught on video walking out a $10 bottle of vodka. The officer viewed the video and was able to identify him. The officer filed charges on the suspect.

• An officer pulled over a vehicle on McCutcheon and made contact with the two female suspects during traffic stop. A check with NCIC check showed the suspects had valid warrants and they were arrested. During a search officers located stolen checks from a recent burglary. The suspect who was in possession of the checks was Mirandized and admitted to entering a car and stealing the person’s checks. The suspects were processed and later booked into the SCDC.

• An officer was called to a home in the 800 block of Granada for an argument. The male met with the officer outside and said he was in an argument with his wife after she accused him of being unfaithful. He said he decided to exit the home when his wife began hitting herself. The officer met with the female who said she tried talking with her husband about their marriage but that he became upset and an argument ensued. She added that he did not strike her as the argument was verbal. The husband said he would leave the home for the night so things would calm down.

• A woman in the 900 block of Walkway reported that the female suspect came to her residence and picked up a vehicle that she was in the process of buying from her, but that she still owed her $1,000 for the vehicle. She said the vehicle was still in her name. The officer met with the suspect who only spoke Spanish, and checked the vehicle plate number. It showed the vehicle was still legally registered to the victim. Since the vehicle was only registered to the victim the suspect committed a crime by taking possession of the car. The officer called the victim and had her pick up her car. The case will be staffed with the DA.

October 24

A man on Fifth Street reported that someone had been trying to pry open his mailbox. He provided the officer with photos of the damage, which he said had been going on for several weeks. There are no suspects at this time.