Socorro Police Department

Socorro Police Department 

June 7

An officer was dispatched to a parking lot in the 700 block of California on a report of two suspicious males. On arrival, the officer smelled the distinctive odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Consent was given to search the car and a grinder and pipe were found. Both males were issued non-traffic citations and allowed to leave. The paraphernalia was logged into evidence at Socorro Police Department.

A known suspect was seen driving in the vicinity of Hefner and Lemitar Lane, and the officer tried stopping the vehicle by waiving the suspect down. The suspect drove straight by the officer to a residence where he attempted to flee from the vehicle before being captured. Officer obtained his information and completed a check with NCIC, which showed the suspect to have a valid warrant and he was arrested. The officer obtained consent from the owner to search the vehicle and found a plastic baggie with drug residue. The suspect was taken to the police department for processing and later booked at the SCDC.

A complainant called police about seeing a female walk past the tire shop at the corner of Spring and Park streets and fling a used tire into Spring Street traffic. The officer was directed to the area where the suspect lived and located a possible apartment and attempted contact. The female suspect did not answer the door and would only peek out the window and then close the curtain. The suspect has not been contacted time of the report.

A woman left her cell phone at Sedillo Park, but when she returned to retrieve the phone it was gone. She was told by a witness that some male juveniles had picked up the phone and were walking to the apartments on Bullock. She tried making contact with the juveniles at the apartments but could not, and spoke to a grandparent of the suspected juveniles. The grandparent stated the juveniles did not have the phone, and the victim called police. While the officer was meeting with the grandparent, an assisting officer received information that a cell phone had been turned in. The phone had been found near the apartments on Bullock and was returned to the victim. She did not wish to have charges filed.

A man known to have a valid warrant was arrested at a residence in the 500 block of Bullock. As the suspect was being escorted to a patrol car his family arrived. They were told to leave. The suspect was now upset and did not want to enter the car. The officer attempted to put the suspect into the car, but he refused to comply. The suspect was finally able to be placed in the car to be taken to the police department for processing and then to the SCDC.

An officer was dispatched to a residence on Mariposa in reference to a battery. A male at the scene said two other males were following him trying to fight. The officer then met with the two other males who told the officer they had been summoned to the residence to fight. An altercation then occurred between males. One of the males had a valid warrant for his arrest and he was incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center. The other male in the altercation was cited and released.

An officer was dispatched to the hospital for a female who had been battered and a male who wanted to report a stolen vehicle. The officer called for a BOLO (Be On the Lookout) for the car. A short time later the car was located at a residence in the 400 block of Terry Avenue and the officer met with the male suspect. The officer ran his information through NCIC which showed he had two valid warrants for his arrest. The suspect was arrested and incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

An officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle on Chaparral, where a check with NCIC showed the male driver had a suspended driver’s license with an arrest clause. During a tow inventory, the officer located an open container of alcohol in the vehicle and a coffee creamer with a false bottom. Narcotics were found hidden in the false bottom. The officer conducted standard field sobriety tests but the suspect refused to comply and he was placed into handcuffs. He was transported to the Socorro Police Department where narcotics were logged. The male was transported to Socorro County Detention Center where he was incarcerated.

June 8

An officer was dispatched to Walmart in reference to a male who was threatening customers. The officer was advised by another officer the male started to run away. He was stopped and his information was run through NCIC which came back with a valid warrant for his arrest. A search was conducted which turned up a syringe in his possession. He was transported to Socorro County Detention Center where he was incarcerated.

A complainant came to the police department to report she had lost her phone and purse, which is a case for her cell phone. The purse contained several bank cards and a social security card. The victim had last used her wallet when she was at Circle K. She had deactivated her bank cards and estimated the cost of the phone at $100.

An officer dispatched to Walmart for a physical altercation between two females. One of the females said she was attacked by the other female.  Witnesses stated both females went at each other, wanting to fight. One was requesting an ambulance for a heart condition. Each party was issued a summons to appear in court.

 June 9

A female suspect known to have a warrant for her arrest was spotted by an officer walking in the 800 block of California. The officer had dispatch do a hand search and confirmed the warrant was in hand. She was stopped and was told she had a warrant. The suspect disagreed, saying she did not have a warrant and started walking away. The officer caught up to her but she kept pulling away and had to be put on the ground and handcuffed. The suspect was arrested and incarcerated on the warrant.

June 10

A male victim on Richardson reported he was not sure if someone stole his license plate or it had fallen off, but wanted to report the plate missing.

An officer met with a woman on Reservoir and who said her dog, which was underneath her steps, was attacked by two gray pit bulls and was not able to come out from under the steps. The officer met with the owner of the pit bulls and asked if the dogs had their shots, and the suspect said she did not have any shot records for her dogs. The suspect was issued citations for not having the proper paperwork for her dogs. An animal control officer was able to catch one dog but was not able to catch the other, and set a trap for the dog. The one dog was taken by animal control.

An officer was called to Gibson Circle for a welfare check on a subject who had been calling the crisis hotline. The subject was highly intoxicated and said he was calling the hotline because he needed a ride to Albuquerque to get help for his drinking. The officer advised the male he was not able to give him a ride but would call an ambulance for him due to his intoxication. The subject was transported by ambulance to the SGH.

A male subject reported to an officer that he was at Walmart and was being yelled at by a male suspect who has been harassing him since his daughter has died. The victim said he ignored the suspect and got into his vehicle. At that point, the suspect got out of his vehicle and came up to his vehicle and punched the driver's side window, and when he backed out the suspect punched his back window. The victim said every time he sees the suspect he begins calling him names like “murderer.” He wanted to pursue charges on the suspect.

A traffic stop was conducted at Fisher and Blue Canyon officer where the driver did not have a driver’s license, insurance or registration. The officer issued three citations to the driver but let the driver take the vehicle on the condition that he does not drive the vehicle again without getting the proper paperwork. The officer saw the vehicle a little later and conducted another traffic stop. The driver still did not have the proper paperwork and was cited. The vehicle was towed by Hicks Towing.

An officer was called to the DWI compliance office where a subject was out of control and was banging on the walls and windows. The male walked out and when he saw the officer coming he took off running. The officer went around the Plaza to cut the suspect off and caught up to him, putting him on the ground. He was handcuffed, incarcerated at the SCDC and billed $200 for the compliance office broken window.

Officers were called to Calle Bonita for two men fighting. An officer met with the victim, who said the suspect fought with him and then ran off. The suspect was located by officers in a field behind the home. The suspect claimed the other man threw his tools in the ditch so the two fought. The suspect was cited into court and released.

June 11

A woman on Sixth Street discovered that the license plate for her vehicle was gone. She said she was unsure of what happened to the license plate. The officer obtained the vehicle’s license plate information and completed the report.

June 12

Police were contacted by a woman who found a bag of coins at Jess’s Car Wash. The bag containing $32.55 in coins was logged into evidence.

A complainant reported that someone smashed a window at the Dollar Tree store. The officer noticed a rock on the ground next to the broken window. No suspects were listed at this time.

A complainant at Socorro Auto Clinic reported arriving for work and noticing tables and chairs moved, along with a cooler. He also said an extension cord was taken from the property. At this time there are no suspects.

A victim reported that while at Walmart and when the victim was not watching, an unknown suspect took papers and a picture he had painted of a dragon and naked woman. The officer and store staff checked the cameras and did not see anyone take the papers and the picture as the cameras did not cover the area. The victim estimated value of the picture at $500.

A complainant on Baca St. reported finding a large bolt in a tire and believed someone put the bolt behind his tire so he would run over the bolt. He advised he also noticed his two trash cans had been knocked over. He asked that the incident be documented.

A trumpet and case were found in a yard in the 500 block of Calle Bonita. The caller said a neighbor advised him the trumpet was stolen and that he should get rid of it. The caller said he held onto the trumpet for a few days and called police after returning home. The trumpet was turned over to police and the serial number checked through NCIC. The trumpet was not listed as being stolen. A Social Security number was also on the trumpet, but the person who is listed for the SSN was not in the Socorro Police database. The trumpet was logged as safekeeping.

Officers were called to the 1000 block of Sixth Street on a domestic, and met the male suspect walking nearby. The suspect admitted there was an argument but claimed it was nothing physical. Officers met with the victim who said she and the suspect argued because the suspect was accusing her of cheating on him. During the argument he made verbal threats and pushed her into the wall of the home causing damage to the wall. The officer noticed drywall dust on the victim’s clothes as well as a wall that appeared to have been recently damaged. The victim also had an audio recording of the incident, on which the suspect could be heard making threats to hit her, and her telling him not to touch her. The officer was provided with a copy of the recording and placed the suspect under arrest. The suspect continued to deny touching her but did admit to yelling at her. The suspect was processed and later booked into the SCDC.

June 13

An officer was dispatched to meet with a New Mexico State Police officer in reference to an underage male who had made a call to the crisis hotline asking for help. The officers set up a meeting point, and the male arrived and identified himself to the officers. The male said he had been involved with his mother and had been staying with another family member and had tried to hang himself twice and couldn’t do it and wanted help. State Police said they would handle the case and transported the male to a hospital in Albuquerque.

A complainant reported that a male suspect had battered him and robbed him. He said the suspect came into his bar on South California and he confronted the suspect, telling him to leave and that he was not allowed on his property because he was on conditions of release through the court. The officer was not able to locate the suspect, and a copy of this report was sent to the District Attorney's office.

A woman in on Chaparral reported she had received a phone in the mail under her name, but she did not order the phone and believes someone may have stolen her identity. She also said she received a phone number for the possible suspect’s SIM card for the phone. The officer called the number but there was no answer. The victim filed a fraud report with the cell phone provider. The officer is filing a subpoena for the information needed

A male subject came to the Police Department asking for help, but then ran out of the building when he saw the officer. He began running towards the Plaza and was yelling and trying to stop cars telling them the police were trying to kill him. Officers had to stop traffic so he would not get hit. The suspect was finally able to sit down and told officers there were people trying to kill him. He was taken for a medical evaluation at the hospital.

A caller in the 600 block of Grant Street called police about finding a plastic tote with several hundred rounds of ammunition. The tote was turned over to police and logged into the police evidence room.

A woman in the 700 block of Fitch reported that her son’s bike had been stolen from her house. She described it as a Mongoose bicycle, orange and black in color and was worth $120.

An officer was summoned to a fight in the 500 block of Tierra Bonita. On arrival the officer noticed a male suspect was highly intoxicated and yelling, and had to be told to stop yelling or he would be placed under arrest. The officer also had information the suspect had been dealt with previously by other officers. As the officer was leaving the suspect started yelling again, and he was placed under arrest as he was causing a disturbance in the trailer park. He was booked into the SCDC.

An officer was conducting a welfare check on children on Sixth Street after CYFD received a phone call about the home not having electricity or running water. The officer met with a juvenile female who had answered the door, and when asked if her mother was home she replied that her mother was next door. The officer asked where her younger brother was and was told he was inside asleep. The officer asked if they had electricity and was told they had it turned off because they were moving. The officer met with the mother who stated she did have running water but did not have electricity because they were moving. She said had dry food and they were also eating meals at her neighbor’s house. She was told a report would be made to CYFD.

June 14

An officer met with a female victim who stated her ex-boyfriend hit her while she was at her cousin's house in the 500 block of Manzanares. The officer did notice a bump on her head. She said he was saying something about her seeing other men. She said the suspect had a screwdriver in his hand and he struck in the arm and head,  and that he was trying to stab her with the screwdriver but missed. When she told him she was calling the police, the suspect fled. The officer later located the suspect who said it was the other way around. and that he was the one who was hit and showed officer some old marks on his head. The officer advised the suspect he was writing him up and allowed him to leave pending charges.

Police were called to the bar on the Plaza about Suspect 1 who was trying to fight with people. It was learned that Suspect 1’s wife (Victim 1) was trying to stop him and he pushed her to the floor. Suspect 1 also pushed and punched another male (Victim 2). Another male (Suspect 2) was seen pushing Victim 2 as well. Suspect 2 was issued a non-traffic citation and Suspect 1 was placed under arrest and incarcerated at the SCDC.

June 15

An officer received a call about people sleeping in her vehicle in front of a residence on Spring Street. When the officer got to the residence he was advised the suspects were not asleep in her vehicle but were asleep across the street. The officer contacted two female suspects, and noticed one trying to hide a glass pipe in a purse. The officer told the female to stop and hand him the purse. Inside the purse was the pipe and what looked like crystal residue. One female suspect was given a non-traffic citation. The other female, who was in possession of two loaded syringes, was placed under arrest and incarcerated at the SCDC. The syringes were later tested positive for heroin.

An anonymous caller reported a female subject at the hospital who was involved in a domestic. The officer met with the female in question who said she was not involved in a domestic, and displayed no signs of being in a domestic. The officer also met with the male subject who also stated they were not in a domestic. The officer was not able to contact the caller as she did not leave a number.

An officer was called to Walmart for a shoplifter where the female suspect said she had not taken anything from the store today, but did steal from the store yesterday. The manager confirmed her story; that she did not steal from the store today but did yesterday. She was cited for stealing and was told never to come back on the property.

A woman in the 400 block of North California reported that she had refused to take her son’s girlfriend with them to a graduation party because she was not invited. She said her son got mad and began yelling at her and walked outside and broke a window on her vehicle. The male suspect was not located at the time. Charges will follow.

June 16

A female victim said she was asked to scan and activate a few gift cards by a male caller who said he was with tech support from Family Dollar, and that they do this from time to time. She said the male had her try 11 cards and was on the phone with him for four hours. But she did not realize what he was doing until today. The male caller got away with $5,140 dollars worth of cards from Family Dollar. The manager said the clerk should have known what she was doing, as they train on this stuff all the time. There are no suspects at this time.

An officer was dispatched to Sofia’s Kitchen for missing wallet. The female victim stated her wallet was left on a table. She said she moved tables around and looked for her wallet and never found it. An off duty officer was at the same business and stated he never saw a wallet.

June 17

An officer was dispatched to a residence for a possible child abuse. The officer met with the father, who stated the mother hit the child with a phone. The mother said she yelled at her daughter but never it her. The father became upset when the officer was shown custody paperwork. The officer advised the child her mother was OK and never hit the child. The mother said the child had been posting about harming herself on social media. The child was taken by her mother to the hospital for evaluation.

June 18

A complainant on Chaparral Drive reported to an officer the male suspect had called her and threatened her, and wants the incident documented in case the suspect did something. The officer was able to get the phone number and called the suspect, who did admit he had called her and told her to shut her mouth because she was spreading rumors about his teenage daughter. The suspect was advised to not call the complainant anymore and he agreed he would not.

An officer was on patrol on Chaparral Drive at 2:30 in the morning and noticed a male subject riding a bicycle and carrying a vacuum cleaner. He was stopped and asked for his identifiers, which were run through NCIC. It showed he had an active warrant and was placed under arrest and incarcerated at the SCDC. The vacuum was logged into evidence.

June 19

A complainant reported her caregiver had committed fraud and had written two checks to Wal-Mart she did not authorize and she never got the products on the receipt. The total amount for both purchase were $213.54. The officer viewed the video at Walmart which showed the suspect making both purchases and signing the electric console, using both checks in question. Officer was able to get receipts of the items that were purchased on each day by the female suspect. On the video you could see her sign the console, but on the receipt you could see she signed a different name.

June 20

A driver was pulled over on NW Frontage Road for a traffic infraction. A check with NCIC showed the driver had a suspended/revoked driver’s license with arrest pursuant. He was placed under arrest and the car was released. The suspect was processed and later booked into the SCDC.

Police were called to the 1200 block of El Camino Real to assist a female who was highly intoxicated. While at the scene the officer met with the parties involved and obtained their information. A male suspect provided a name of "Mikey." A check with NCIC on the suspect showed possible warrants out of Arizona, but under a different name. On questioning, the suspect denied being that person. The officer was provided with an ID card that confirmed the suspect's identity, and he was arrested and booked into the SCDC on outstanding warrants.

A caller in the 600 block of Alta Vista reported that he has not seen the male victim in several days and was told he was seen walking north on Interstate 25 near Lemitar. The officer had been to the victim's home just prior to meeting with the caller and spoke with the victim's neighbor. The neighbor said he had not seen the victim in two days. He was entered into NCIC as a missing person.

A woman contacted police about missing her pharmacy prescriptions. She said after picking up her medication from the pharmacy at Walmart, she inadvertently left the medication in a bag in the self-checkout area of the store and left. A review of security video shows a male beginning to check out his items and placing his items in the bag on top of the prescriptions. The officer was able to identify the male and make contact with him, who said he did locate the prescriptions and was going to take them back to the store. The officer met with him and recovered the prescriptions. The pills were counted, and accounted for. The pills were logged into the evidence room until the victim could return and pick them up.

Socorro County Sheriff's Office

June 19

A sheriff’s deputy responded to a dog bite call at Socorro General Hospital. The victim stated that the incident occurred on Cobb Road in Magdalena around 9 p.m. She said a white medium sized mutt was in the area where she had her dog. Both dogs were barking at each other and then the white dog was able to get inside the fence and that’s when she tried to break up the fight and she was bit. She was treated and released.

June 20

A vehicle was pulled over at mile post 3 on Highway 380 for going 65 mph in a 55 mph zone. The driver was advised of the reason for the stop, and her information was checked with NCIC which showed she had a bench warrant for her arrest. She was arrested and booked into the SCDC.

June 21

A sheriff’s deputy was en route at 1 a.m. to assist on a structure fire on Highway 60 and spotted a vehicle on fire at milepost 174. The vehicle was south of the road in a field and fully engulfed. A fire truck arrived and after the fire was extinguished the officer checked inside the vehicle and trunk. A license plate was found on the ground under the bumper and a check showed it had been reported stolen that morning to the Albuquerque Police Department. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and notified that his vehicle had been found, but it was still too hot to be recovered.

June 22

A sheriff’s deputy was on patrol in Socorro at approximately 2:25 p.m. and ran the plate on a green Ford Mustang. The plate came back as belonging to a white GMC pickup. A traffic stop was conducted at the intersection of Main and Otero streets. The officer told the driver the reason for the stop, and issued four citations. A passenger in the vehicle was asked for his I.D. and a check showed he had a warrant out of Socorro County Magistrate Court. The passenger was immediately placed under arrest, and transported to the SCDC for incarceration.

A sheriff’s deputy was dispatched at 6 p.m. to a residence on San Juan Road in reference to someone tampering with the electrical box. The owner of the home said she was evicting the people living there and they were in the process of moving out of the home. While she was inspecting the home, she noticed that the electrical box had been tampered with using a pair of jumper cables. She said Socorro Electric Co-op had come out and disconnected power to the box and that they needed a police report. The officer checked the box to the home and noticed a pair of jumper cables connected to it. The victim told the officer that the people who did this were the people who were moving out. Charges will not be filed against the tenants at this time because police will be called back to the home when they are finished moving out to assess home damage.

Warrants were served on two male suspects who were already incarcerated at the Socorro County Detention Center. One male individual, Anthony John Shanta, was being held at the detention center after being arrested for the June 22 murder in Ruidoso of Damian Kanseah, a Mescalero Apache tribe member. Shanta also faces charges of car theft, tampering and conspiracy in Lincoln County. The other male was served with warrants for tampering and conspiracy connected to the case.

June 24

Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched at 6:30 p.m. to a Bosque residence in reference to a reported child abuse. On arrival at the property the complainant told the officer the child’s mother has been mistreating her toddler for a long time now and that it is escalating. The complainant said he witnessed one incident where the child reached a hand into a trash can on an enclosed porch and the mother picking the child up by the wrist and throwing the child onto a wooden deck where the child landed on its back. The complainant also said the mother was potty-training the child and when the child dirties its diapers she will take the diaper and push it into the child’s face as punishment. The complainant said she will put the child in the bathtub for five hours while chain smoking next to him with the door closed. He said when the bathroom door was opened there was a wall of smoke inside. The complainant said she has a heroin and prescription pill problem and often sees her under the influence while the child is with her. The officer then went inside the home to speak with the mother, who became extremely angry that the officer was speaking to her and denying that the child is being mistreated at all. She claimed the child falls down all the time and that she sometimes disciplines her child, adding that she does not like having to answer these questions. No bruises were seen on the child. The officer contacted CYFD’s Statewide Central Intake and instructed the mother to remain in the home until CYFD arrived. The mother said she would not wait and several moments later she left the home holding the child and walking toward the road. The officer approached the woman and when given verbal instructions to stop, she said, “If you touch me, I’ll punch you in the face.” The officer was able to take the child while an assisting officer restrained the suspect. The child was placed in the care of a relative. The mother was transported to the Sheriff’s office where she kicked a chair, and then was booked into the SCDC on charges of resisting/obstructing and assault on a peace officer. CYFD will follow up with the child.

 June 25

A Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched at 1 p.m. to a residence on Windys Farm Road on a report of a theft. The victim stated he was burning some weeds along his property line on the northeast side of his house and noticed his irrigation pump was missing. The pump, valued at $579, was set up with pipes attached, and the pipes were still there but the pump was missing. The victim stated he asked some people who he thought might have borrowed it, but no one had the pump. There are no suspects at this time.

Sheriff’s deputies responded at 10:30 a.m. to a report of shots fired and a male with a knife at a residence in the 900 block of First Street in Magdalena. On arrival the Magdalena Marshal had one suspect in custody and had secured the firearm. The Marshal briefed the deputy on an issue at the residence concerning water running into the street, and the suspect had taken a pot shot at one of the subjects working in the yard on the sewer line. During questioning at the scene, the suspect told the deputy he saw two men working on the water line in the yard and that he went outside and told them that he had already finished fixing the line. The two men continued working on the line. A shoving match followed. The suspect said, fearing for his safety, he went inside and got a gun and fired a shot to keep the two men from breaking in his door, and he was just defending his home and his family and he was the one who called the police and should not be going to jail. On the scene officers were able to locate one spent casing on the ground outside of the back door. Where the casing was located in relation to the home indicates that the firearm was fired from outside the home, indicating that the suspect exited the home and fired. A witness stated that after the shoving match, the men went back to working on the line when the suspect came back outside with a gun and fired it. After consulting with the District Attorney, the suspect was arrested and charged with Assault With Intent to Commit a Violent Felony and incarcerated.