Socorro Police Department

April 10

A woman in the 1200 block of Main Street filed a complaint about being harassed by her tenant and told the officer she wants it to stop. The officer spoke to the tenant and advised her that the landlord wanted her to stop harassing her and if she continued she would be charged with harassment. The suspect said she didn’t think she was harassing the landlord. The officer again asked her to stop the harassment or she would be charged. The suspect said she would be charged with nothing. The officer took the suspect’s information.

• An officer made contact with a female on Calle Bonita who said her sister was involved in a fight with a juvenile female she identified. The juvenile victim said two juvenile females came to her house and started a fight with her over some boys. The officer spoke to the mother who advised the officer she did not want to pursue charges but does want the incident documented.

April 11

An officer met with a man on Mt. Carmel and saw he had marks on him as if he was in an altercation. The victim explained that he had stepped out of the house and was urinating, but before he was able to finish his girlfriend threw an empty box of Corona at him, then hit him with a rock. He said he tried to get away from her but she jumped on his back and began striking him several times. He was able to get away from her and went into the house and called 911. Officers were not able to locate the suspect at the residence. The officer spoke to the mother who stated she had witnessed the suspect standing over him and thought she was choking him and yelled for her to stop. The officer searched the area and found the female suspect walking down the street. She was arrested and taken to the police department, where she began spitting and saying she had Covid-19 and hoped the officers would get it and take it to their families. The suspect was placed a spit mask and taken for medical clearance and then incarcerated at the SCDC.

April 13

An officer was dispatched to Walmart where two individuals were not following the new safety conditions. The store security officer had informed the two male suspects they needed to follow the guidelines or they would not be allowed to be in the store. Both males refused and were escorted out of the store and trespassed from the business. The officer asked the males for their information and both refused to comply. The female suspect was placed into handcuffs until she was able to be identified. A male suspect was walked to a police unit and then gave the officer his name. All suspects were identified and advised they have now trespassed from the store. The suspects refused to sign the trespass sheets but were witnessed by an officer that they were served.

• An officer summoned to a residence in the 1000 block of Spring Street and met with the female victim of a reported aggravated battery. She explained that she had heard from a third party of a male friend’s live-in girlfriend having an affair on him, and texted him about the affair. The victim stated she had received a phone call via Snapchat from the girlfriend (the suspect) telling her to mind her own business and cursing her. The victim said this made her mad so she went to the residence to confront the female. The female was in her car and drove towards her, striking and pinning her between her car and the suspect’s car. She said she was able to get free, and the suspect backed up and drove forward, striking the victim’s car. The victim has told the officer that the suspect’s boyfriend was begging her not to call the police. The officer spotted the suspect’s boyfriend and when asked about the incident the boyfriend acted as if he knew nothing about any incident. The officer asked him again about the incident and again he knew nothing. Officer contacted the female suspect by phone and asked her if they could meet to talk about the incident at the boyfriend’s house. She claimed she didn’t know anything, but would “think about it.” And then she hung up on the officer. Charges to be filed.

April 14

An officer was called to the scene of a possible domestic on San Miguel where the complainant said his wife had kicked him in the face. He had been arguing with his wife because she wanted to leave the house and wanted a divorce. The officer met with the female who said they had been arguing because her husband has been talking to other girls on Facebook and she wanted a divorce. She said all she wanted to do was gather her things and leave, and he did not want to let her leave. The complainant asked the officer to arrest his wife, but the officer saw no sign of him being kicked in the face. The officer found no evidence suggesting a domestic occurred. The complainant was upset because his wife was not going to jail and that she was allowed to get her belongings and leave. No charges filed at this time.