Last Tuesday was the deadline for candidates filing for local and state primaries. 49th District Representative Gail Armstrong is seeking a third term and is opposed. State senator Gabe Ramos, who was chosen to fill out the remaining term of Howie Morales, is being challenged by a fellow Democrat. State Senator Clemente Sanchez, a Democrat, will be challenged by one of four Republicans.

Locally, three county commission seats will be decided this year; Districts 2, 4 and 5. County Clerk and County Treasurer incumbents are both unopposed.

Primary voting day is June 2, 2020.

District 49 State Representative

Gail "Missy" Armstrong (R)

District 28 State Senator

Gabriel Ramos (D)

Siah Correa Hemphill (D)

James S. Williams (R)

District 30 State Senator

Clemente Sanchez (D)

Pamela M. Cordova (R)

Joshua A. Sanchez (R)

Kelly K. Noble (R)

U.S. Representative, District 2

Xochitl Torres Small (D)

Claire Chase (R)

Yvette Herrell (R)

Chris Mathys (R)

U.S. Senator

Ben Ray Lujan (D)

Bob Walsh (L)

Gavin Clarkson (R)

Elisa Maria Martinez (R)

Richard T. Montoya, Sr (R)

Richard T. Montoya, Sr (R)

Mark V. Ronchetti (R)

Mick Rich (R)

Louie Sanchez (R)

Socorro County Commissioner

District 2

Craig D. Secatero (D)

Stanley Herrera (D)

Andrew E. Salas (R)

District 4

Manuel T. Vega (D)

Glen S. Duggins (R)

District 5

Gilbert Murillo, Sr (D)

Antonio Ray Martinez (R)

Socorro County Clerk

Betty L Saavedra (D)

Socorro County Treasurer

Rose Mary Rosas (D)

District Attorney, 7th Judicial District

Clint Wellborn (R)

Judge of the NM Court of Appeals

Position 1

Zach Ives (D)

Barbara V. Johnson (R)

Position 2

Shammara H. Henderson (D)

Kerry C. Kiernan (D)

Jane B. Yohalem (D)

Gertrude Lee (R)

Justice of the NM Supreme Court

Position 1

Shannon Bacon (D)

Ned S. Fuller (R)

Position 2

David K Thomson (D)

Kerry J Morris (R)

Catron County Commission

District 3

Haydn R. Forward (R)

Catron County Clerk

Sharon Armijo (R)

Catron County Treasurer

Jeannie L. Myers (R)

Joyce R. Laney (R)

Catron County Probate Judge

Beverly Denise Laude' (R)

Lucinda Mae Howell (R)