There will be no $15 energy credit for Socorro Electric Cooperative members who make up the quorum at the 2020 annual membership meeting, but they will be eligible to win one of the co-op’s surplus pickup trucks. An estimated 250-255 people are needed for a quorum.

The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Apr. 18 at Macey Center on New Mexico Tech’s Olive Lane. The election for two trusteeships – one for District 2 and one for District 3 – that was to have taken place has been cancelled, due to the lack of candidates.

The trustees, Jim Nelson and Luis Aguilar, will automatically retain their positions for District 2 and District 3, respectively, for the next three years. General Manager Joseph Herrera said the foregoing of the voting process will save the cooperative several thousand dollars.

In addition to the fleet pickup, drawings for smaller prizes will be at the close of the business meeting.

The meeting begins with registration from 1-3 p.m., followed by the business meeting from 3-5 p.m.