Socorro Police Department

February 13

• A man reported the theft of a propane tank and hose from his food truck. He said he has cameras, but the theft was out of camera range. At this time there are no suspects.

• A man in the 600 block of Nicholas reported a window damaged by a BB gun. The officer was shown the window that appears to be shot with a BB gun. At this time there are no suspects.

• An officer was called to a residence in the 400 block of Second Street, where a man said he had been having trouble with people breaking into the house. The victim said he had driven around the neighborhood and found his four-wheeled trailer at a residence down the road. The officer met with the neighbor who said a female brought the trailer over to his house. The officer was also told that the same female had called the victim, telling him she had taken his air impact wrench and was taking it back to him. The officer waited down the street, and the victim said the suspect came through the ditch bank and brought back the air impact. Officer located the suspect and she admitted to taking items but was only borrowing them without permission. Officer advised the suspect he would be getting back with her after speaking with the owner. The officer later filed charges on the suspect.

• A caller reported his landlord’s son in law was entering his home in the 600 block of Blue Canyon without notifying him. He said he was noticing items moved around the house. The officer was shown the home and how the male is getting in by using a key at the back door. He also said pieces of glass and other small items are in being thrown in the back yard. The caller did not want the male contacted, but he was advised to contact the landlord himself to address the issue.

• An officer was called to a home in the 800 block of Caine for a landlord-tenant dispute. The officer met with the tenant, who said he had a meeting with the landlord over rent, and during the meeting, the landlord became aggressive and stood face-to-face with the tenant. The landlord left and slammed the door. The officer met with the landlord, who said he was meeting with the tenant, and during the meeting, the tenant began causing problems, so he stood face-to-face with the tenant before leaving. The officer documented the incident.

• A woman in the 600 block of Lucero told an officer she was having trouble with her sewer and called a plumber. The plumber told her she did not have any pipes leading from her trailer to the sewer line. She now believes her grandson removed the pipes and also a carpet from a room in her house. She said she never saw him take anything but believes it was him. No suspect at this time.

February 14

• An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 600 block of Reservoir Road for criminal damage to property. On arrival, the officer was shown where pickets were missing from the victim’s fence. He said he thinks his neighbor stole the pickets to use as firewood.

• An officer was called to Puerto Seguro, where a woman was refusing to leave the property. The officer arrived and was told by the caller that the female was intoxicated. She was asked to leave but said she had no place t go. The suspect was advised to go to a family member’s home. The officer transported her to several homes, none of which she was accepted at, or would agree to go to. She was arrested and booked into the SCDC.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 600 block of Grant for a disturbance involving a male trying to sell marijuana to another male. The suspect went at the victim who wanted to protect himself and struck the suspect. The suspect was treated by EMS and was arrested. He was then transported to Socorro County Detention Center, where he was incarcerated.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 1100 block of El Camino Real on the report of a man with a gun. Officer met with the caller, who advised she walked out to check her car and saw a male walking to her apartment. The officer was directed to the male who was standing outside of his own apartment. He told the officer the caller yells at the children in the complex to go to their own apartments and not play outside. He said she records him and others on her phone, accusing them of wrongdoing. The officer met with the caller who claimed she had a video of the suspect tampering with her car. The officer asked to see the video but she couldn’t find it. She later came to the police department and showed officers a video of the male on the sidewalk walking to his apartment. He makes a gesture with his hand in the form of a gun and is pointing at her. The incident was documented.

• An officer was dispatched to Valero gas station on a report that a man came ion and made threats toward her. She said he was on the side of the counter where customers are not supposed to be. The officer attempted to locate the male to trespass him but was unable to locate him.

February 16

• Police were called to El Camino Restaurant about a female who needed to be removed. An officer arrived and saw it was a female he had already dealt with earlier in the day. When told by the officer to leave she said she was not going to. She was then informed that if she didn't leave, she would be arrested for trespassing. She still refused to leave. As the officer went to remove her, she refused to let go of the cup of coffee she was holding and then spilled coffee on the officer. When the officer tried to remove the cup from her hand, she scratched his hand, causing it to bleed. The officer was able to get the mug away from her and place her under arrest. She was later incarcerated at the SCDC.

• An officer was summoned to KW Express on California Street because of a burglar alarm going off. The officer found the front door busted open and waited for the owner of the store. The security camera video showed a male kicking the window several times and then getting a rock and throwing it throw the door. The video also shows the male and a female go into the store and steal several packages of chips and leave in a northerly direction. Officers were able to identify the teenaged suspect who admitted to breaking into the building along with a juvenile female. The two took bags of Hot Cheetos valued at $10. Charges were filed on the suspect.

February 17

• A woman in the 500 block of Manzanares was robbed at gunpoint while cleaning her yard. She said as she was working outside, she turned around to see a man wearing a white bandana over his face, pointing a gun and demanding her wallet. The victim said she was wearing her fanny pack and gave it to the male. He also went through her vehicle and ended up taking her blood pressure pills and 80 Oxycodone tablets. The officer searched for footprints but found none in the area she said he was. She remembered he had tattoos.

• An officer was dispatched to Circle K for a male who shoplifted a 15-pack of Bud Light Seltzer. The suspect was identified by the officer on the security camera video. He was not found at his last known address. Charges were filed.

• An officer responded to a call of a dog bite in the 1100 block of Chaparral and asked for an ambulance to check on the victim. The victim said it happened as she was walking down the road to get a part for a car. The dog came running out of a carport and bit her, causing puncture wounds on her leg. The officer went to where the dog was to try and catch it for quarantining, but it came at the officer in an aggressive matter and was shot twice. The dog ran off, and officers chased after the dog and ended up having to put it down. The officer took the dog to the vet to see if they knew who owned the dog, but there was no record of the dog, nor did it have a chip.

• A man reported that an acquaintance of his stole his cell phone. He said he was parked at Walmart when the suspect got into his vehicle and began poking around the interior. After the suspect left, the victim looked for his cell phone and could not find it. He said he was sure the suspect took it. He went to his house the next morning, but the suspect would not talk to him because he had an appointment, and he was leaving. The victim said he stood at the residence until about 1 p.m., but the suspect never came back home. The officer located the suspect, who said he didn't take it.

• A complainant reported that she came out of Socorro Physical Therapy and found her car window smashed. On checking, she discovered that her workout bag had been stolen. Her jacket had covered the bag. Items missing from the bag were entered in the evidence log. No suspect at this time.

• An officer was called to the 400 block of Reservoir Street in reference to a man no longer wanted at the residence and refused to leave. The officer met with the suspect and told him he needed to leave. He said he would and turned around to walk away. The officer told him he needed to wait, as he was going to issue him a non-traffic citation. The suspect continued to walk away and had to be placed into handcuffs. He was issued a citation for trespassing and released.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 500 block of Calle Bonita for a report. A female reported she had diapers on her vehicle that were now gone. She also said there were several stray cats in the area. The officer told her he would contact animal control to try and catch the cats.

• An officer stopped a vehicle at Sixth and McCutcheon for a traffic violation. The driver admitted she did not have any documents for the car. Both she and the vehicle were run through NCIC, which showed the vehicle had been stolen out of Albuquerque. The officer noticed she was being fidgety and asked her if she had was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. She said she was not and agreed to take a field sobriety test. After the sobriety test, she was placed under arrest and read the New Mexico Implied Consent Act, and she agreed to a blood test. When the test was completed, she was booked into the SCDC for possession of a stolen vehicle.

February 18

• A woman known to police as having a warrant for her arrest was spotted in the Walmart parking lot with a male. The male was standing next to the vehicle, and the female suspect was seen trying to hide in the back seat. She was told she had a warrant for her arrest and needed to step out of the car. She got out and tried to hand her purse over to the male, who refused to take it. The officer took possession of the purse and searched it incident to the arrest. In the purse were a scale and suspected methamphetamine and heroin. The drugs were field-tested and gave a positive reaction to meth and heroin. The drugs were placed into evidence to get sent to the lab for further testing. The suspect was incarcerated at the SCDC on the warrant and new charges.

• An officer was called to the hospital to follow up on a domestic. The victim said her boyfriend had been acting strangely and accused her of seeing another man. She said he started yelling at her and grabbed her by the neck and held her against the wall. The officer observed red marks on the victim’s neck. The officer left and located the suspect. He was placed under arrest for a warrant he had and charged with domestic violence.

• An officer responded to an aggravated battery incident where the male suspect came into the female victim's place of work. The victim said the suspect began yelling at her and then picked up a fence post and struck her several times with it. A witness told the officer she saw him hit her with the fence post, which left visible marks on the victim. The officer was not able to locate the suspect at the time of the report. Charges were filed.

• An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 700 block of Neel Avenue for a report of harassment. The officer met with a man who said his daughter’s ex-boyfriend called him and was harassing him. The officer told him a report would be made.

• An officer called to an apartment on Otero for a medical alarm. The officer was advised the male living in the home has had several ambulance calls to the home in the past week. The officer arrived at the home and knocked but received no answer. The officer forced entry into the home and found the victim on the floor. He was taken by ambulance to Socorro General Hospital. The home was secured.

February 19

• Officers were sent to a home on Lemitar Lane for a domestic where a couple had argued. The female victim said she had told her boyfriend to get out, and she pushed him out, but he forced the door open and hit her. She pepper-sprayed him and then left to go to her grandmother's next door. The officer was able to speak with the male, who explained that she was upset after finding a text message from another female on his phone, and she told him to leave. The argument continued as he was getting his belongings together, and then her brother began to fight with him. He said that's when she pepper-sprayed him and pushed him out the door. He then forced the door open and told her to take their child out of the house. He said he was able to get in contact with his family to pick him up and take him to the hospital. The officer staffed the case with the District Attorney's office. At this time, no charges were approved for either subject.

• A complainant at the Public Library reported that someone had tampered with and damaged the electrical box. The officer checked the box and saw that it had already been repaired. There are no suspects at this time.

• An officer was called to John Brooks Supermart, where a child had been left unattended and was walking around the store alone. The caller said she saw the child enter the store with her two older siblings and then saw the older siblings leave without the child. The officer spoke with the child and was given the name of the parents. The officer transported the child home and met with the father. The father explained that his older children went to the store to buy groceries, and the younger child was supposed to stay home but must have followed the older siblings without them knowing. The child was returned to the parents, and the incident documented.

• An officer was called to Walmart, where two men in the parking lot were bothering customers. The officer arrived, and they said they were waiting for a ride out of town. The officer met with the caller, who said the two were bothering customers and wanted them off the property. The officer advised them to leave. One left, but the second male stayed on the property. The officer advised the other one once again to go, but he walked into the parking lot and was seen trying to open a vehicle door. The suspect was placed under arrest, taken to the police department, issued a citation, and released.

• Police were contacted by a concerned citizen about someone for driving recklessly. The officer was given a description and a license plate for the vehicle, which was found parked at Circle K. The driver had slurred speech and was asked to complete field sobriety tests. During the test, the suspect showed signs of being under the influence. He was arrested and advised of the implied consent warning. He did admit to consuming one beer with dinner. The officer completed a breath test with the results being .00. During an inventory, prescription medication was found in a paper sleeve along with marijuana. The suspect was asked about the pot, and he admitted he did smoke some at dinner but declined talk about the pills. He was advised of the implied consent for a blood draw, and he first asked for an attorney, then agreed to a blood test and an independent test. The suspect was allowed to make calls for an independent test but was unable to make arrangements for the test. He submitted to the officer's blood test and booked into the SCDC. A handgun that was found in his vehicle was logged at the police department for safekeeping.

February 20

• A victim in the 700 block of Liles reported that an unknown suspect entered her car and took the vehicle’s paperwork and a Social Security check belonging to a friend. She did not know who entered the vehicle. The officer checked the area for cameras. No suspect at the time of the report.

• Police were called to Circle K to remove a man who was asleep in the men's room. The suspect was removed from the bathroom, and a check with NCIC showed him to have two valid warrants. He was arrested and booked into the SCDC.

• A man reported being in an argument with another man parked on Doc Holiday, who struck him on the side of his face with something and attempted to punch him but missed. The victim did show signs of battery. The officer noted a small cut to the right side of the victim’s face. The officer was given a description of the suspect and that the suspect exited the vehicle and left walking. The officer attempted to locate the suspect in the area but was not able to do so.

• Officers were called to Subway on a report of a female suspect with a handgun robbing the store. The officers met with the caller who was working the register when a woman entered and handed him a note. The note said she had a gun or a bomb and she wanted money from the safe. The caller told her he did not have access to the safe, so she took the tip jar and left. The caller said he did not see a gun or weapon. The suspect got away with approximately $8 from the tip jar. The officer was shown a video of the suspect. She was not identified.

• An officer was called to the 600 block of Dolores, where the male victim said the suspect was arguing with him and caused him to fear of being hit. He said the suspect made a threatening comment and put his fist up to his face. The suspect was located walking in the area and denied any wrongdoing. He was arrested and booked into SCDC.

February 21

• An officer was called to El Camino Restaurant for a male that needed to be removed. The male was found to be sleeping in a booth across from other customers. He was removed from the restaurant and was found to have an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person. He was taken to the police department where he was trespassed from the restaurant and issued a citation for public nuisance and released.

• Officers were called to John Brooks Supermart for an attempted pickpocketing. The victim said he tried to take her wallet from her jacket pocket. When she stopped him, he left. A witness stated he tried to stop him from leaving the area, but the suspect continued to walk away. The witness added that the suspect has also been trespassed from the store. The officers were given his description, and he was located behind a business and detained. The suspect was arrested and booked into the SCDC.

• A man in the 800 block of Caine reported the male suspect entering his home without permission and attempting to have him sign paperwork on the lease of the home. The victim identified the suspect as the landlord of the home. He said the suspect has done this previously and asked that the incident be documented.