There was no grand plan for Steve Edmondson, owner of Mine Country 102.1 KYRN, to get back into coaching but that is exactly what he will be doing after accepting an offer to be the men’s basketball coach and athletic director at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, IA.

Edmondson flew to Dubuque on Easter weekend and interviewed on Monday with EBC officials. On Tuesday Edmondson met with EBC athletes before flying back to Socorro on Tuesday evening. Edmondson received a call on Thursday afternoon from EBC to let him know that a letter offering the positions was being sent for him to sign with his acceptance.

“One rule I try to keep is not to agree to anything until praying about it and sleeping on it overnight” Edmondson said. “After sleeping on it and praying about the offer I felt like this was direction the Lord was leading and I gladly accepted the position. I had dreamed of coaching college basketball in my younger days, but I really didn’t see this coming. It is a non-scholarship program in a Christian environment, which I think will be fantastic. The administration at Emmaus has really made a commitment to improving the athletic department and I am blessed to be a part of their program.”

Edmondson was taken by surprise by this opportunity, “just like coming to Socorro and owning a radio station came out of the blue, so did this. I have had a great time with the radio station and I am very proud of what has been done with it in my 3 1/2 years. My hope is to sell the station to someone local who sees the value the station has to the community.”

According to Edmondson he will keep the station running for as long as possible before leaving for Iowa. “I would love to see it stay open because I believe it is a great asset to the community. If I had not purchased it in January 2014 it would have gone off the air, which would have been a shame. I really hope someone will step up in 2017 to keep it on the air again.”

Edmondson said he will keep the station on its regular programming for as long as possible. All inquiries about purchasing the station should be directed to Steve Edmondson at 575-835-2382 or

Edmondson, along with his wife, Melissa, arrived in Socorro almost four years ago, in May of 2013. Melissa had taken a position as a home health care nurse and they moved with their family from Tennessee. Steve had a background in coaching and education in Tennessee.

On Oct. 1, Steve began working for Mine Country 102.1, At that time, it was not exactly locally owned, as the owner, Tammy Pace, lived out of the county, and commuted here part of the week to manage the station.

Even so, it was the only station in the community with an in-state owner.

Mine Country 102.1 was slated to close on December 31, 2013.

The owner at the time was a widow whose husband had owned and operated the station, and she just felt that she could not keep the station running profitably.