February 3

Officers were dispatched at 9:10 a.m. to Veguita on a report that an unknown male was at the residence with a large knife and holding a shotgun. The reporting party described the man, who was threatening to shoot a dog with the shotgun. Prior to the officers’ arrival, the suspect fired a shot into the air and left the residence. The victim stated he did not know who the male was, but that he seemed confused and accusing people of stealing something from him. Witnesses in the neighborhood told the officers that the suspect had pointed the firearm at them and was shooting it into the air. After checking his license plate with State Police the officers went to the suspect’s home and found him sitting in his car. He was escorted to the ground and placed into handcuffs. The suspect said he had taken Fentanyl pills and couldn’t breathe and wanted to go to the hospital. He was transported to Socorro General Hospital to be medically cleared for incarceration and then booked into SCDC without further incident.

February 26

Officers were dispatched at 3:45 p.m. to a residence on Chambon Road in reference to a male who reported being harassed and that someone has taken explicit photographs of him. On arrival, the officers were shown footprints in the yard who he said were of his ex-girlfriend and his kids. He stated that they are the only ones who could have walked through his yard. He stated that his ex-girlfriend should not be at his residence because she has a restraining order against him, but believed that she and a neighbor were conspiring against him. The ex-girlfriend was contacted and denied the allegations, telling the officers that the kids are afraid of him and that’s the reason for the restraining order.

February 27

An officer met with a woman at 9 a.m. who had come to the Sheriff’s office to report a possible scam. Janet stated she had met a man on the internet who seemed to care for her wellbeing, and opened a joint account with him. She said he wanted to give her $500 to help with certain expenses. He sent her a check for $5,000 and gave her instructions to keep $500 for herself and then send back the balance of $4,500. She said she withdrew the money and sent it to another male. She found out the $5,000 check he sent her was not good and she owed the bank money. She said she told the male about the money she owed, but never heard back from him. Neither male could be contacted by the officer. No further information at this time.

February 29

An officer was dispatched at 10:30 p.m. to the 2300 block of Highway 1, in reference to a fight in progress. A female witness told the deputy that a fight broke out involving four males at the family party they were having. She then stated the individuals started taking out guns and that it was at a distance in the dark. She was unsure of what type of guns they had. She said three individuals that started the fight had left in a black pickup. A short time later State Police officers arrived on scene and took initial control of the investigation.

March 1

An officer spotted a driver at 10:20 p.m. known to have an active arrest warrant while patrolling on California Street. The suspect was pulled over on Bullock Avenue and two warrants were confirmed by dispatch to be out of Catron County. The suspect said he knew he had warrants and a friend was contacted to take care of his vehicle. He was booked into Socorro County Detention Center without incident.

March 3

A deputy responded to a call at 7 p.m. to take an assault report at the emergency room of Socorro General Hospital. The female in the ER stated she was assaulted by a woman she believed was sleeping with her husband. She stated she was homeless and doesn’t know Socorro very well, but was at the woman’s house to clean but did not know the location of the house. She said she was assaulted the night before but hadn’t reported it at the time because she was being held against her will and beaten all night and had to walk to the hospital. She also stated she was being held for a brain cyst from the assault. When asked where she was hit she pointed to her arms and face, but the officer could see no cuts or red marks where she said she was hit. The victim’s ER paperwork stated she was brought to the hospital by EMS because of chest pain and that she had no visible trauma.

• An officer took a report at 6 p.m. on a lamb that was killed inside its pen on Foster Lane. The victim said he found it when he came home from work, adding that another sheep had injuries to its neck area. He said a grey pit bull with a white stripe under its neck had tried to attack his animals before. The officer attempted to talk with owner of the pit bull, but no one was home at the time. The victim was told he could shoot the dog if he sees it attacking his livestock. A report was filed on the attack.

March 5

Officers responded at 7:30 a.m. to a resident in La Joya where the male suspect was having a mental health crisis and seemed not to understand her. The victim said he picked up a knife and held it against his chest, and doused himself with Raid pesticide. Law enforcement and EMTs were called. The deputy found the suspect in the kitchen holding a rock in one hand and in the other hand, a stick and an extension cord. He then threw the rock at the officer, who fired his Taser to no effect, and then used pepper spray. The suspect threw a footstool and fled outside, picking up a large kitchen knife and hammer on the way out. In the yard, the suspect began smashing windows on a travel trailer and slash at the sides with the hammer. When he ignored orders to drop the hammer and knife he was Tased again, to no effect. An assisting officer deployed less-lethal bean bag rounds and the suspect threw down the knife. He was tackled and placed in handcuffs.

March 8

A vehicle was pulled over for a traffic stop at 9:30 p.m. on Highway 380 for a possible intoxicated driver. The deputy observed an open container in the center console, a miniature shot of Crown Royal on the driver side floorboard, and a six-pack of IPA with four beers missing. The driver said he was coming from Albuquerque and was heading to Magdalena. When asked again where he was coming from he stated he was in Magdalena at a house party and was trying to get back to Albuquerque. He believed he was close to Magdalena, pointing to the lights of San Antonio and stating, “I can see Magdalena from here.” A passenger in the vehicle stated they were coming from Ruidoso heading back to Albuquerque. The driver failed field sobriety tests, and at the Socorro County Sheriff’s office blew a .18 on the IR8000 breathalyzer, but was not able to provide a second sample. He was booked into the SCDC on DUI.

March 9

An officer was dispatched at approximately 6:00 p.m., to the San Antonio Crane restaurant where a vending machine was broken into. The victim said she was unsure about the amount stolen but would check with Coca-Cola. A security camera video showed a person wearing a hoodie walk between the machine and the street three or four times in about three minutes. The victim supplied pictures of the suspect and the vehicle associated with the crime.

• A male high on methamphetamine at Magistrate Court was arrested for violating conditions. He was booked into SCDC.

• Officers received a call at the Sheriff’s office stating there was an attempted murder and an arson at a camper trailer in Riley. The reporting party, who was also the male victim, was met in Magdalena. He told deputies that he returned from the mountains at 8:30 p.m. yesterday and heard movement inside an abandoned trailer on the property. He called out to the people inside to come out, but when no one did he shotthrough the trailer three times with his .22. Two people exited the backside of the trailer and left the property southbound. He and his dog then went into the camper he was living in, to sleep. At approximately 5:30 a.m. today, he heard loud banging outside the camper. He then walked out of the back bedroom and saw that the camper was on fire. Because he had no way out due to the fire, he shot out the bedroom window so he and his dog could escape. He did not see anyone outside when he exited. He then ran to his nearest neighbor’s house and told him about the incident and had him call the fire department. He then went back to the property with the fire department and the fire was put out. After scouring the area for evidence, investigating officers could find no footprints or signs of anyone other than the victim.

March 11

A man came to the Sheriff’s office at 5 p.m. to report being victimized by a scam. The victim explained that a on Feb. 24 he had received a phone call from an unknown number and spoke to a male who told him he had won second place in a Sweepstakes which he entered and was supposed to receive several thousand dollars as a prize. The man told him that they were not able to contact the first place winner so he could claim the first-place prize of $1 million instead. The victim told the deputy he had entered a Sweepstakes six years ago, so when he got this call it was believable. He said the caller told him that in order to receive his million dollars, he had to pay taxes on the money, which amounted to $3,700. He was told to withdraw the money from his bank account in cash, and put the bills into a Manilla envelope and mail it to an address in Gainesville, Georgia. He said he mailed it using two-day shipping the next day. The following day he got another call from another person who said he worked for the same Sweepstakes organization. The voice stated that there was an issue processing the taxes and he needed to send an additional $5470.51 dollars in the same manner. The victim withdrew $5470.51 in cash from his bank account and sent it two-day shipping through the US mail to the same place as the previous day. Both packages were received by an unknown person. The day after that he was contacted by yet another person claiming to work for the same company who said that there was yet another problem with his taxes and he needed to wire $6,300 to a Wells Fargo bank account. The victim began to suspect that this might be a scam so instead of using his own bank account, he opened a new account and placed $6,300 in that new bank account. The money was received but the victim was not able to tell the deputy any information about the receiving account because his bank was not able to find anything out about it, presumably because it was an out of country bank account. The following day, Feb. 28, the victim was contacted by a new person who said that the tax issue had been sorted out and he needed to make a final tax payment of $16,000 in order to receive his prize money of a million dollars. Suspicious of the situation at this point the victim told that person he was not going to pay that much money to them. After a brief discussion, the person told him to pay half of the money and they would split the payment. The victim went to his bank and got a money order in the amount of $8,000 and sent the money order overnight shipping through the US Mail to an address in East Meadow, New York. On March 6, the victim received a phone call from East Meadow, New York informing him that he had won a car in another contest which he had entered. They said the vehicle was waiting to be sent to him but first he needed to pay the garage fees which amounted to $1,000. He was instructed to get the money in cash and send it to an address in East Meadow, New York. He withdrew the money in cash and sent it through the mail to that address. After this, the victim spoke to his financial advisor and realized that it was a scam. He said that he had given his Social Security number to several of these people and believes his identity may be stolen as well. The total amount of money the victim sent the scammers was $24,470.51, but he believed other money was taken from him as well. The deputy explained that based on the circumstances of his sending cash money through the mail that it would most likely not be recovered. There are no suspects at this time because all the names given were most likely fake and all addresses were most likely drop points.

March 15

An officer was dispatched at 7:10 a.m. to a residence on Highway 304 in Veguita for a burglary and vehicle theft. The victim stated that when he arrived home at 5 o’clock this morning he noticed his 2012 grey Nissan Rogue was gone, and then saw that someone had used a crowbar to pry open the backdoor to his house. Stolen were two televisions, speakers, propane space heater, brand new Nike shoes, and a new black jacket. A neighbor told the deputy that the vehicle was still there at 2:45 a.m. The crowbar was collected as evidence. Valencia County Sheriff’s deputies were notified to be on the lookout.