The Preschool Development Grant Birth – 5 (PDG B-5) Leadership Team has selected the New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership (NMECDP) to partner on a statewide Early Learning Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan. The award is the result of a competitive Request For Proposal (RFP) process that generated strong proposals from both New Mexico and national organizations.

NMECDP has a significant track record of engaging New Mexico’s diverse communities around early learning issues. With the support of the Native American Budget and Policy Institute (NABPI) and the Center for the Education and Study of Diverse Populations (CESDP), the contract team is well positioned to implement the State of New Mexico’s Early Learning Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan under a tight timeline (i.e. by December 2019).

As part of the statewide early learning needs assessment, the State of New Mexico and NMECDP will engage with families, early childhood providers and stakeholders through 11 community forums across the state. There will also be a statewide early learning survey around issues of: equitable access; workforce; state and local governance, and; financing options.

To build out the community engagement and reach diverse stakeholders, the NMECDP team will also host focused listening sessions with specific groups, including Native American communities, immigrant families, teen parents, families with children with developmental delays and disabilities, and more.

NMECDP will analyze the information and data gathered through the needs assessment for a 3-year, statewide, early learning strategic plan that will serve as a roadmap for the new Early Childhood Education and Care Department, which will be fully operational in July 2020.