The Office of the State Engineer has denied the request filed by Augustin Plains Ranch, LLC for a Post-Evidentiary Hearing. On August 24, APR filed the request for a Post-decision Evidentiary Hearing.

The request stems from a hearing held Dec. 13, 2017, at the Catron County Court House in Reserve where arguments for and against the proposed project by the Italian-owned company were heard. APR’s application would give it permission to drill 37 wells to a depth of 2,000 feet to pump water from the aquifer beneath the Plains of San Agustin in Catron and Socorro counties and send it in bulk via a north-south pipeline to as yet unknown customers in Albuquerque and surrounding communities. APR now believes its arguments in favor of the permit have not been heard properly.

In a decision dated September 5, Hearing Examiner Uday V. Joshi wrote, “Having considered the matter and being fully briefed in the premises, the Hearing Officer finds that the Request should be denied.” State Engineer Tom Blaine signed off on the recommendation.