County Sheriff's Office

Beginning in 2018, the Socorro County Sheriff's Office began operation New Day. The operation focuses on street-level narcotics traffickers in the Socorro County area.

As part of the operation, Sheriff's deputies have gathered information from confidential sources, concerned citizens members of the public along with investigation techniques to identify and target known narcotics traffickers in the County of Socorro.

According to a criminal complaint filed with Magistrate Court on Sept. 16 by Socorro Sheriff's Detective Richard Lopez , during an ongoing investigation, one male subject was identified as an alleged narcotics trafficker.

Lopez said in the complaint the individual, Ivan Jordison, was alleged by deputies as someone "who has sold narcotics for some time."

The interest in Jordison began in 2017 when Lopez witnessed the suspect meeting with known juveniles at Sonic Drive-In. "I would watch these subjects enter and exit Ivan's vehicle," Lopez wrote in the complaint. "Through my training and experience, I believed Ivan was selling narcotics to these juveniles."

Jordison was arrested and convicted in Magistrate Court on possession of marijuana. Charges of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, and Drug Paraphernalia were dismissed by the prosecutor, due to the minors not appearing in court.

Jump to 2019, when sources alleged that Jordison was selling narcotics out of his home and in the parking lots of local businesses.

"I was also receiving information that Ivan would often post pictures of himself with large amounts of cash, narcotics, and semiautomatic rifles and handguns on Snapchat," Lopez states in the criminal complaint.

"In August 2019, I was contacted by a concerned parent regarding text messages they found on their juvenile son's phone," the complaint continues. "The messages showed that Ivan was selling narcotics to the parent's 17-year-old son."

Lopez said in the complaint that in the messages, the suspect "even identified his own home as a place for the juvenile to go to pick up narcotics."

In late August and early September of this year, Lopez arranged controlled buys from the suspect. "The confidential source met with Ivan, whom I was able to view using binoculars," Lopez said.

The source then left and at a predetermined location, "the source placed into my hand the narcotic they were told to purchase," and stated for the record that they had purchased the narcotic from Jordison.

Lopez was authorized to conduct another controlled buy in the first half of September, again providing the source with a specific amount of money with instructions to purchase a particular type of narcotic. The buy was witnessed by Lopez, again using binoculars.

During the second week of September 2019, a third controlled buy was accomplished at Jordison's home at 912 Sunset and again witnessed by Lopez using binoculars.

Based on the accrued evidence, Jordison was arrested and charged with Distribution/Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Contributing to the delinquency of a Minor, and Abuse of a Child.

He is scheduled to answer to the charges in a preliminary hearing before Judge Alan J. Brown in Socorro Magistrate Court on Friday, Sept. 18. Brown is Magistrate Judge for Sierra County.

In a separate bust, Lopez conducted a months-long investigation into another suspected narcotics dealer, which resulted in the arrest of Teresa Gutierrez-Romero of Lemitar.

In a criminal complaint filed on September 26, Lopez states that "several individuals had mentioned Teresa's name, stating that she was selling both heroin and methamphetamine out of her house on Slayton Road in Lemitar."

Lopez began conducting surveillance on the residence, and "over the course of several months, I identified several people who frequented Teresa's home often times these individuals would arrive and leave a short time later," the complaint states.

In late summer 2019, a confidential source under Lopez's direction began making controlled buys from the suspect. The source had given Lopez information relating to Gutierrez-Romero's trafficking operation and, according to the criminal complaint, said she routinely keeps about an ounce of both heroin and methamphetamine at her home.

The controlled buys were observed by Lopez, again using binoculars. After three controlled purchases, on September 19 Lopez and deputies from Socorro County Sheriff's Office, along with officers of the New Mexico Tech Police Department, executed a search warrant at the home of Gutierrez- Romero. During the service of the search warrant, deputies located both methamphetamine and heroin. Small scales and cell phones were also found, along with a 9mm handgun and $22,000 in cash. All evidence was collected and seized.

Gutierrez-Romero was arrested and charged with two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance and Receiving Stolen Property. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 30 in Socorro Magistrate Court.