This is an update on the lightning-caused Escondido Fire, located in a remote section of the Mount Taylor Ranger District, approximately 20 miles northeast of Grants, NM.  The fire is being actively managed to achieve optimal resource benefits and it has grown to 500 acres in size. 

Located within the Black Mesa Wildlife Improvement project site, the low intensity flames are improving forest health and wildlife habitat by consuming large amounts of dead woody debris from the forest floor, recycling nutrients back into the soil, and creating habitat diversity that will ultimately encourage the growth of new plants and improve foraging opportunities. 

Smoke may be visible as the fire progresses over the next few weeks, but the extended forecast indicates little to no risk of large fire potential.  As with all fire management activities, the primary objective of the Escondido Fire is public and fire fighter safety.  Cooperators include the U. S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and New Mexico State Forestry.  For additional information, please contact the Mount Taylor Ranger District at 505-287-8833.