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I was all but astounded to run into what appeared to be a “puff piece” from Presbyterian public relations this week. Surely not on the Editorial page.

One thing did take my eye. Mrs. Pound described a team that “strives for continuous improvement in the quality of care we provide to the community.” My word, is that good news.

It has certainly not been the case in my family and a number of my closest friends. To jump to the most obvious bad call, my husband was sent home in the middle of a stroke, already showing some paralysis. Fortunately, my friends who had given him a ride to the ER, then home, recognized how serious his condition was and took him back.

Among other fumbles, they insisted it was from an old, surgically mended, stroke. Fi-nally recognized it wasn’t and noticed a blocked carotid artery. He had the same PCP there for years.

There are lots more events on the way to rehab which unfortunately went astray at Health South. Just one last note, when he had a cardiac arrest, the care facility had to call the Fire Dept. for resuscitation. That took a while. It didn’t work, he stayed dead.

I gathered all his years of paperwork and gave careful consideration to legal action. I decided not to pursue it for the wear and tear on me. That was a bad decision for the community. A real thorough shakeup would have been a blessing.

This is not a thorough report and I am available for more details. Other individuals have made productive stands and I should have.

A couple months ago (9/5/2019), El Defensor Chieftain published the most lucid letter on the electric rates issue. As a former publishing employee and a huge publishing “respecter”, I should have pitched in. This is the beginning of doing penance for not speaking up and of mending my behavior.


Skeeter Leard

(Ida Laura Leard)