Tamela Williams

Tamela Williams loves meeting people and currently is the head bookkeeper at Williams Windmill, Inc. in Lemitar

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Opened in 1976 by Matt Williams, the Williams Windmill Inc. is a local Socorro County staple. Located just off of I-25 at the Lemitar exit, their multiple windmills are hard to miss driving by. Tamela Williams married into the business and is currently the head bookkeeper. El Defensor Chieftain visited her office to learn more.

Question: What is your specific role here?

Answer: I handle all of the financial issues that come up. From bills to money coming in and out as well as help deal with clients.

Q: How long have have you been with the business?

A: I married in so I have been here for about two years. I had a job at the Co-Op in Socorro and left that when I started a family to come here.

Q: What does this business offer to customers?

A: The main thing is repairing wells, mainly pumps, which are typically the first thing to go. We replace those. We also do work repairing solar energy systems and repairing windmills. Any type of issues that involves water wells we can install or repair. Here in the shop we sell all things pertaining to water. We’ve got everything from fitting’s to troff’s to big storage tanks. It is geared towards local ranchers with multiple properties but also accommodates random customers who need a part for their plumbing at home. We also sell things like pressure tanks and do contracted service to people all over the state.

Q: Is the original owner still involved?

A: Oh yes Matt runs the show. He’s 78 years young and still goes out there on a rig almost every day. His son Kirt, my husband, is also out there everyday too.

Q: Why should somebody approach Williams Windmill as opposed to similar organizations?

A: Because we are the best. What I like most about this place is that it is family run. My father in law is the kindest and one of the most fair people you will ever meet. He will never overcharge anyone. Even if it is just ten dollars, you will get a credit in the mail.

Q: You said you married into the business, are you born and raised in Socorro?

A: No. I was born in Hamlin, New York. I was married to a man in the Air Force and he ended up being stationed at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque. The two of us went our separate ways and I stayed here because I had several horses, dogs, and cats that I was attached to. I was working at Western Trails Veterinary Hospital in Edgewood at the time, which I spent around ten years of my life at as a secretary. My mother’s twin sister also lived out there so it wasn’t as though I was all by myself.

Q: What brought you to your current situation?

A: I met my husband Kirt at a dance in Socorro, the cash party at the fairgrounds that raises money for the local 4-H kids. I just heard about it and wanted to go dancing. It was totally random and he was just the nicest man you could ever meet. And 4 years later we have two wonderful kids. We’re on the older side as far as standard parents are thought of starting a family so we went fairly quickly. I thought kids were not in the cards and then I met Kirt. He also didn’t think it was going to happen for himself either.

Q: How does it feel being a parent?

A: It’s amazing. Motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened. We will look at each other some days and think that we almost didn’t have this. It is the most incredible thing you will ever do.

Q: You went from living in New York to here in New Mexico. Were there stepping stones along the way, and how was that transition.

A: Nope, it was straight from there to here. I wasn’t married very long with my ex, and he’s a great guy. We were supposed to go to Virginia but that didn’t happen. I miss New York because it’s so green. But it’s another small town like this which is the lifestyle I love. Ultimately we want to raise our kids in Quemado. I don’t care much for big cities. But at this point in my life I am extremely happy with the place I am at and the people around me.

Q: A few random questions, what is your favorite movie?

A: “The Notebook”. I know, most guys are like oh geez. But it is so romantic and the most beautiful happy story. The movies I like are either love stories or Disney movies. I’m not a big horror or action or thrillers person. I’m a romantic at heart.

Q: What is your favorite type of music?

A: I’m big on country. My favorite band’s are The Zac Brown Band and Chris Stapleton. I grew up listening to country just like my mom did so I always loved it. I don’t mind other types of music but I always find myself drawn to country.

Q: If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

A: I would say either Colorado or Texas. Somewhere outside of the bigger cities though. They both have a lot of grass and I like having areas for horse and cattle to have an are that is centered towards grazing. That idea very much attracts me.

Q: Is there a moment in life that you are most proud of?

A: The birth of my children. That’s easy. It changed my life. You can’t imagine how much you can love a being until you have a child and it has just been amazing. Truly I cannot explain it.

Q: If there was something that you could change about Socorro County, what would it be?

A: It would definitely be the amount of drugs, particularly in Socorro. I feel like a lot of businesses have gone to the waste-side over the years and one of the main reasons is the drugs. It seems like that is what is keeping the town from thriving the most.

The Williams Windmill Inc main office is currently open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon. Special appointments and needs for local farmers can be taken care of by contacting their office at 575-835-1630. Ask for Tammy and she will be more than happy to help out a customer.