Since I’ve been on such a semi-poignant and now traditionally rambling rah-rah Socorro bender for the past three months, there’s no reason not to keep the ball rolling downhill.

Here are a few observations I’ve already made, but I’m going to make them again because frankly, I think they’re important.

One: Socorro is absolutely nailing it when it comes to, or at the very least pretending to give a darn about the greater good.

I was in Truth or Consequences a couple weekends ago for Father’s Day and before we made it to Elephant Butte we popped into the local market (i.e. Walmart) for some last minute sundries. I was almost aghast at the amount if individuals, or lack thereof either wearing a mask or making the smallest effort not to breathe on my neck while standing in line. This is no reflection on that wonderful city, but it was a little alarming.

I just wanted a new pair of sunglasses and some oranges, not a potential stay at the local sanatorium. Perhaps I’m being judgmental because let’s face it, I am, but as my great aunt recently recalled, and I’ll paraphrase here for the sake of remaining PG, not many people were too fond of Nash and Ford when they introduced seatbelts in the late 1950s.

Of course they’re obnoxious and heaven forbid the thing gets stuck in that mysterious and seemingly random “lock” position while I’m driving, because those are some special temper tantrums.

But I don’t personally feel safe not wearing one and if anyone out there does hey, more power to you for making up your own American mind. That’s what it’s all about.

However – I’m also fairly certain there are consequences for not wearing one. Of course there’s the possibility of a ticket, which is really such a hassle dealing with (especially if you’re far away from home) and those things have the potential to get pricey.

Then of course there’s this little part of me that wants to stay whole if I do get into an accident, just like I want my friends, family members and my dog to stay whole and upright for as long as possible.

So in summary, we can hopefully all agree that not wearing seatbelts, much like not wearing say, a dang piece of cloth around your face could feasibly have unintended consequences to the point of negatively affecting the people around you.

And really, I don’t hear too many people claiming their constitutional freedoms are being infringed on because seatbelts are the law, but then again it gets ridiculously warm in Socorro and not many people have their window down.

Two: And I reiterate - Socorro has been pretty wonderful about this mask thing. We’ve all seen a few individuals here and there semi-abiding by the requirement and that’s fine. But please don’t look at me sideways when I make a full 6-foot semicircle around you. It’s not about me, it’s about you.

The important part here is this: when we walk into a Walmart or a John Brooks or a convenience store we’re not dealing with trained security officers who have the means (or at least more of them) to handle an individual who loses their temper over something as silly as a mask.

Quite the opposite, the men and women who greet you at Walmart and John Brooks are part of this city. They’re our friends and family members, and I’m assuming they just want to do their job and go home to those friends and family members.

A woman pulled a firearm on a retail employee in Albuquerque the other day for being asked to wear a mask. I’m extremely happy to know that I’m 99.999 percent sure that won’t happen here.

Three: We’re all bummed about Tech’s fireworks being rained out, but it was still a great 9 and something-odd minutes of fireworks. If we all keep wearing our dang PPE we have a good chance at actually watching it on campus next year.