If you haven’t noticed, we’re already wrapping up the first week of September, and maybe, just maybe, high temps will be trailing out the door with August. In a little over two weeks is the autumnal equinox, and you can bet your sweet bippy things will be cooling down a bit, even if you don’t even know what a bippy is.

I guess I’m showing my age again, by using a turn of phrase that Millennials and Z-Gens have to look up on the internet for the meaning.

Personally, it doesn’t seem so long ago that people hip to the jive were tossing out phrases like, “can you dig it?” or “sock it to me” or “catch you on the flip side.” Frankly, I can’t remember socking anything to anybody, asking someone to dig a hole or showing anyone my flip side. Even when I tried being a hippie for a while.

You’ve probably heard that old drug culture joke that if you remember the sixties you weren’t there, but as Lou Reed admits in the Velvet Underground song Sweet Jane, “some people like to go out dancing, and other people (like us), they gotta’ work,” I was the latter. I confess to being a sorry excuse for a hippie, but at least I remember. My son actually told me one time that I’m his living history book for the 1960s. 

We’re in that season again when multiple activities and events are going on at the same time. Last weekend the county fair had the whole weekend to itself. That is, until it was upstaged by the weather. It was kind of a let-down, especially for those who worked so hard on it, but living in New Mexico…really…how much of an annoyance can rain be?

I mean, we live day-to-day with all sorts of annoyances.

You know, like when you finally make ends meet and they move the ends.

But I was thinking, some annoyances are not our choosing, like from certain people, some from television, and some from just…the world. On the other hand, some come as the result of the choices we make. Like me going on the internet and expecting to see that I’ve won Powerball. Dang.

Or going to the internet to find something quickly, but it’s running interminably slow. Like molasses, one of those annoyances that was unknown just a couple of decades ago.

The other day it was unbearably slow and there I was just fumbling around and frustrated. But then I said to myself, “Wait, this is just the internet.” It’s not real life.

There’s nothing you can do about it, like putting money into a vending machine and nothing comes out.

But the internet is a different sort of animal.

You could be working at your computer, writing or working on something and after about 20 or 30 minutes say to yourself, “I’ll take a break for a minute and see what's going on in the world.”

Check your email. Nothing new except junk mail.

Check your favorite news site, scan a few articles.

Check your bank account. Same as yesterday.

Check the weather forecast. Same as yesterday.

Check your email again.

Then you check in with your favorite addiction, Facebook. You've reached the point of no return. You won’t be getting anything done for the rest of the morning.

Oh my, the love/hate relationship we have with Facebook. This is where your friends – and friends of friends, and maybe even friends of friends of friends – post all those things they want to share and boy-oh-boy, there's a lot to look at…cats, dogs, kids, and even other peoples’ food. These days I half expect a server in a restaurant to come over and say something like, “Is everything OK? You’ve haven’t photographed your food yet.”

Back to reality. I’m looking at the calendar and we’ve got tons of stuff coming up. September and October is that period when you have to plan your weekends almost down to the hour.

This Saturday hordes of pie-loving folks will converge on Pie Town for its annual Pie Festival, but wait there’s more.

The M Mountain Fly-In is two weeks after that, and a week after that is San Miguel’s Fiestas, and the Saturday after that is Oktoberfest, SocorroFest and the Trinity Site open house. All on the same day, but not, mercifully, at the same time.

One more thing: Today, September 6, happens to be the day in 1916 the first ever supermarket opened its doors, and it was none other than Piggly Wiggly. It’s the first grocery store with checkout stands, refrigerated cases and prices marked on each item.

It was also the first to feature a full line of nationally advertised brands.

But that last one can make things confusing, at least for me. I mean, I’m the one standing in the chips aisle for a full five minutes trying to decide if I want Fritos…or BBQ Fritos.