During the EPA meeting to inform the community about the plan of action to remediate the Eagle Picher Superfund site, someone was puzzled as to why no City Council members were on hand.  The City already did their part as they had owned the property and paid a large amount to the EPA in 2011 to take care of the problem.  Most of the homes within the boundaries of the plume are in the County.  The question should be “Why is the County absent in representing the homeowners living within the Superfund zone?”

Most of the homeowners are not even aware that their home is in a Superfund Site since most of them were not directly notified.  Twelve homes were tested, twelve homeowners are aware.  This site encompasses approximately two miles south of the Escondida exit, right up Lopezville, nearly reaching thegolf course.  The COUNTY has completely dropped the ball as far as representing and assisting their constituents in the knowledge of this mess.  These homeowners are required by law to notify anyone purchasing a home within that area that it is in a Superfund zone and if they do not this leaves them vulnerable and exposed to a lawsuit when the purchaser realizes what they bought.  Someone in the COUNTY needs to step up and inform the people being directly affected by this.