Hurricane Dorian was ... for a couple of days ... the strongest hurricane since the 1930s.

While it is hard to trace particular events to climate change, the science of "climate change attribution" is improving, and stronger hurricanes based on warmer sea surfaces are one of the options discussed.

I am one of many who think that climate change is THE emergency of our time. I also believe in the rule of law, the constitution, and the democratic process. I am extremely dissappointed that our president chose to raid $3.6 billion in previously appropriated military funds because Congress failed to give him money to build a wall. That $3.6 billion is alleged to build out under 200 miles of "wall". Alternatively, it could add one to two Gigawatts of solar capacity to the national energy grid (or power 120,000 homes in New Mexico). In fact, when we elect a President who can tell a real emergency from a false one, I guess they can use the same emergency powers to confiscate half of the annual $700 billion Pentagon budget to fix the power grid. According to the Federal Energy Information Agency, we need about 800 GigaWatts of wind or solar to fully decarbonize the US electric grid.

At current prices, we could use half the Pentagon budget to decarbonize the grid in four years.

Currently, China owns most of the worlds solar manufacturing capacity ... because ... "free enterprise".

Imagine how many American jobs we could create if we actually fixed climate change!

Richard Sonnenfeld