Recently Socorro County witnessed and experienced a great loss in the passing of Marcus Pino as he lost his battle with COVID19. Marcus Pino was first a kind and loving person and a leader in his community. He was a loving son, Father, grandfather, grandson, uncle, nephew and cousin/brother to many. Marcus was born to Apache and water Edge People on his Maternal grand parents’ side and Bitter Water on his Paternal side. He is survived by his parents, 5 children; Marcus Jr. Maile, Tay Shawn, Keyleen, Azalea and a grand daughter Mayleen, and his loving fiancé Delfina.

Marcus was a great basketball player in his youth with a sweet touch from three-point land and beyond. He took his skills and knowledge of the game and used it to coach the Alamo Boys’ Basketball team where success was unprecedented and young men also learned valuable life skills from Marcus such as courage, empathy, sportsmanship, honor and dedication.

Marcus’s passing comes as a shock and can be considered ironic; you see he was hired and worked for me with the Alamo Water System and was dedicated to Maintenance and Operation of the system. He loved his job because he knew the importance of water in his community. Marcus knew that without water his community could not survive, without water disease and contagion would be prevalent.

Marcus was leader not by title or prestige but by action and grit by standing for his people. He will be missed, but he will not be forgiven.

Always, more than a friend.

- Michael A. Hawkes