Years ago the hilarious, sometimes obscene, yet acutely observant comedian George Carlin spoke of our nation being a drug culture. He said one sees drug stores with neon signs constantly blinking, “DRUGS, DRUGS...” What would he say about today’s out of control use of prescription and illicit drugs?

People twerking on meth, opiate zombies, red-eyed pot heads, heroin addicts, and then you have naive medical patients who have several doctors and too many prescriptions.

Television bombards us with all types of diseases like erectile dysfunction, diabetes, congestive heart failure, etc. It’s alarming as one drug has many serious and even deadly side effects! Pancreatitus, ruptured spleen, heart failure, breathing problems, liver problems, internal bleeding, and even death. Hey! Big Pharamacy! Might as well have MDs prescribe rat poison to their patients! Kill ‘em and the illness will be taken care of permanently. As The Three Stooges said during one of their great satirical skits, “We kill or cure!”

Whatever the substance you are going to take into your body, read and learn as much as you can about it. Be extremely cautious and use common sense. Stay with a good doctor who knows you and your health.

I became addicted to an opiate painkiller due to chronic pain. After a time the pill wasn’t easing the pain, and no longer was relaxing me. I was even doubling my dose. I was craving something stronger. Obviously I had a decision to make, get a stronger and more dangerous opiate, or quit. I quit cold-turkey.

I still have the chronic pain, which is extremely debilitating, but I deal with the discomfort with prayer, a healthy diet, meditation, self-hypnosis recordings, and moving as much as my body will allow. I take life day by day. As the old 80’s song by Howard Jones said, “Enjoy the here and now, the future will take care of itself somehow”.

I’ve seen too many people who’ve ruined their lives and died due to addictions.

And isn’t it odd how nicotine smoking is demonized, and marijuana is being pushed for legalization? Both aren’t good for you. Pot actually has more toxins.

I am for medicinal marijuana, especially a pill version, but that’s another story indeed...

Nobody can bare the onus of addiction but ourselves. Take up reading or chess, it’s much healthier.

Vivian McAlexander

Socorro, NM