To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter with a heavy heart. Last night (2/13/17) the Magdalena School Board went into executive session, which means a private session.

In only 45 minutes the current superintendent resigned, as of June 30th, and the school board appointed someone new to the position. June 30th gives us plenty of time to communicate our opinions.

Why did the school board not involve the community? As a parent I feel completely dumbfounded and disappointed in the process. I feel like my opinion no longer matters. We were able to vote in an election, only to have the current school board make this decision in the last meeting before the newly elected members attend.

To me, it feels as though my vote, my opinion, and my child are merely part of a system of secrecy and deceit. I am voicing my opinion because I would like to be involved. I would like to see a hiring process that engages teachers, parents, and the community. Our school is such a major part of our society.

To hire someone as a superintendent, without any communication to the public seems very dishonest.

If you would like to get involved I suggest writing a letter to the superintendent and the school board members. Vanetta Perry Nancy Jaramillo Chad Perkins Sharon Harris Gail Armstrong Jeremiah (JJ) Apachito Kelby Stephens (new member) Lynn Major (new member)


Kelly Kern