Dear editor:

Okay, I’m an old grouch. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, please hear me out.

I realize there are many views about events that are held on Socorro’s Historic Plaza; as a business owner I feel compelled to voice my own.

Some events are very community-friendly, well organized and obviously a benefit to all in the City and the surrounding area. The Annual Luminarias on the Plaza is an example of such an event. It has always seemed well managed, well attended and run with safety in mind. I’m not sure it is a boon for business, but as an activity that is very City-centric, we are pleased to offer it our support.

Now, about the recent car show. I love old cars and car shows, and have an immense respect for the money, time, and passion it takes to restore and maintain beautiful old cars. And I would love to see a large old car show be a regular Socorro event, even a multi-day event that could be grown to include other activities like a barbeque cook off or some such.

The car event this last Saturday is another matter altogether. There seemed to me to be little regard for safety and it was so very noisy that at least one potential customer left our Gallery because we could not hear each other talk. I was very put off when the announcer used language unfit for a family-friendly event.

I’ve had any number of town folk tell me what a pleasure it is, how good it is for Socorro to once again have a Gallery on the Plaza. We appreciate the kind words, and we appreciate all the patronage we receive from our friends and neighbors. But I can tell you that is not enough. We need the visitors that our advertising and the Plaza attract. I’m quite sure several other business owners around the Plaza agree with me: events such as the car show are very detrimental to business. Visitors that can’t get to us will leave with a negative impression of Socorro.

I have communicated those thoughts to City management. We’d like to stay in business, and we’d like the City to stop driving business away. Pro or con, please contact the City and communicate your thoughts. Perhaps there are solutions that can benefit us all.


Prescott C. Grey

Co-owner, Vertu Fine Art Gallery