It’s interesting that you think Socorro is still very much alive.

It’s hard to know that in your position from only living here for a short time. Lifelong residents of Socorro know (and can see) the completely different way our city looks and feels both aesthetically and emotionally.

Socorro’s long time residents have watched for 28 years the slow demise of what was once a bustling little University town where NMT was a huge part of city life.

Past mayors made it a priority to include our university in every aspect of Socorro growth and stability.

The only solid connection the City has had with NMT in the last 28 years is an exclusive contract agreed upon by President Lopez and Mayor Bhasker for First Responders and the Mayor’s two hotels.

None of the other hotels were asked to bid or given a chance to house First Responders — ever! I’m sorry Mr. Editor, but you are sadly mistaken in your assessment of Socorro’s current tailspin, (even though the Mayor’s only defense has always been “gross receipts are okay”).

Two stores fixing up old buildings while others close at an alarming rate — does not an upturn make! Socorro’s residents have given over 100 years combined time to the sitting administration and council to do something for us.

So far — in all those years — lip service is all they can seem to come up with.

It’s time for new blood!

Term Limits should be Socorroan,s main priority now!

Gary Jaramillo