Dear Editor,

It was absolutely amazing to see all of the RV renters at the new “City RV Park” southwest of Socorro last weekend. It would seem that the city has taken up renting RV spots to tourists and anyone else who would like to rent from the city’s new business endeavor. I am wondering though, why the city has gone into that type of business when there are already those type businesses struggle to get buy each month.

One can only surmise that the city is now in the business of closing struggling businesses by opening a business that is already here, thus making it harder for those taxpaying businesses running RV parks in Socorro? I can’t imagine how the elected city officials thought that it would be a good idea to go into business competition against the RV parks owners already in business. I talked with the people

at the park weekend before this and they said they paid the city to stay at the city park.

How on earth does this kind of thing happen when we know businesses are closing at an alarming rate in Socorro.

Way to go council and mayor. You’ve struck a new high in lows with your latest business deal. Shame on you, and I’d like to say to the other RV Park owners that I am so sorry that your elected city officials just don’t seem to care.

This latest act by them is disgusting. The city of Socorro has absolutely NO BUSINESS being in ANY BUSINESS that closes OTHER BUSINESS.

Gary Jaramillo