To the Editor,

It is election time once again and one of the greatest rights we have as American citizens is the right to vote and participate in the election process. That process includes posting campaign signs.

These signs not only identify candidates, but they are an opportunity for individuals to practice their freedom of speech by demonstrating support for their candidates.

However, over the last several weeks some people in our community are stomping on our rights and inhibiting our choices by destroying and tearing down these signs.

The destruction of these signs is illegal and wrong. It is a fourth degree felony to destroy campaign signs if prosecuted. In this day and age of social media someone videoed and posted himself in the act of destroying Republican yard signs so we are aware of who the person was that did some of the damage.

As Chairman of the Republican Party I am asking that people refrain from removing or destroying signs for any candidate, be they Republican or Democrat.

These signs are on private property and it is considered trespassing and candidates or parties have permission to put signs on that site.

Our political process is rooted in our freedom to choose. Please don’t limit anyone’s expression of choice or quell the freedom of speech we all enjoy. This should not be what our community is about. Instead, demonstrate your support for your particular candidates by sharing your opinion in a positive way.


Della Vega

Socorro County Republican

Party Chair