To my elected officials: Susanna Martinez, Tom Udall, Martin Heinrich, James Roger Madalena, Benny Shendo, Ben Lujan, Stephanie Garcia-Richards and Michelle Lujan Grisham

New Mexico-home of eternal sunshine, continual winds and perpetual drought. In the 70’s gasoline was rationed across the country. Now here, water is rationed. Lord help you if you water a lawn and it runs into the street-the water police will come! You could say New Mexico was a mover and shaker due to all the volcanic seismic activity. But, there’s no arguing that it is amazingly beautiful. From its alpine mountains to its fabulous, famous underground caverns in its desert valley floor, jaw-dropping beauty abounds. It is a Mecca for artists and photographers, or anyone seeking inspiration.

It makes no sense to me that it is being fracked. Each fracture increases seismic activity and can use MILLIONS of gallons of water, with sand and toxic chemicals added, to crack open underground rock formations, forcing deposits of gas and oil, trapped miles deep in the earth, to move up to the surface. The water is not reclaimable and the process can release arsenic and uranium into it. This gets into our ground and surface waters, causing our drinking water to be contaminated, and killing fish and wildlife in the process. There is little or no regulation, as the storage tanks leak like sieves and a cloud of methane gas over the 4 corners area is visible by satellite. In July, 36 storage tanks exploded and burned, forcing the evacuation of 56 local rural residents, and closing a major highway. On September 3, a 5.6 earthquake centered on the edge of a fracking field in Oklahoma, was felt in Nebraska and Texas. This cannot be good.

The temporary jobs created to have the trickle-down effect of keeping the medical industry busy. But I’m sure the state takes care of the outrageous costs, as it’s probably pretty hard to prove industrial disease as job related or caused from industrial tainted water. And someone is making the big bucks at the expense of all this devastation! I would think we would have learned how to finish an equation by now, so we wouldn’t have to deal with such disastrous side effects. But I guess that’s just silly on my part. Look at all that nuclear waste still being created-without a clue of what to do with it. Does every form of life have to suffer and/or die before we can figure anything out thoroughly? Or is the only thing that matters just making money NOW?

Why allow this to continue when we have such an abundance of sustainable, renewable solar and wind energy available to exploit. Please advise. The elections are coming right up and I don’t understand why anyone would support this sickening practice. It may sound good in theory and look good on paper, but it doesn’t work that great in reality. If you don’t believe me, go live under a methane cloud. If we allow fracking to continue, you probably won’t have to wait long for it to come to you. I would consider moving to another planet, but I do believe that just when I got settled, fracking would commence and you’d send me your nuclear waste.

Your constituent,

Jennifer Olson

Jemez Pueblo, NM